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ASUS Zenfone line must be closed | TRIO

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End of Zenfone may be near; Mythic I, the wooden computer; and the new flying vehicle, Airscooter. This is your Showmetech TRIO!

O Showmetech TRIO is a compilation of the most interesting news of the week. Today we are going to talk about an ASUS restructuring that has the supposed closure of the smartphone line Zenfone; we also brought some of the work of Keegan McNamara, a professional who built a wooden pc and now runs his own business; and we will comment on Franky Zapata, the inventor of flyboard, who built another flying vehicle that anyone can drive.

This is the Showmetech TRIO, your weekly news trio.

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End of Zenfone?

The zenfone 10 may be the last of the brand. Image: smt
The Zenfone 10 may be the brand's last. Image: SMT

As reported by the publication Tech News Taiwan, ASUS is undergoing an internal restructuring process which resulted in the reduction of certain departments. The source states that the division of Zenfone, a smartphone well known for its versatility, was one of the areas affected by this restructuring and was closed. As a result, employees who were previously on the Zenfone division team were reassigned to the team responsible for ROG Phone — the ASUS gaming smartphone — and other areas.

According to the released report, there is an additional statement that the Zenfone 10 will mark the end of the series. The report also mentions other events related to Zenfone. Recently ASUS temporarily suspended the bootloader unlock option for Smartphone owners. Bootloader is a boot program that acts as an intermediary between the operating system and a device's hardware. The company explained that it is not ruling out the possibility of unlocking, but at the moment the tool is not available.

The rog phone, asus' gamer smartphone, will remain in development. Image: engadget
The ROG Phone, ASUS' gaming smartphone, will remain in development. Image: Engadget

A few weeks ago, users also noticed that the company had withdrawn older versions of firmwares on your website. Community moderators responded by stating that ASUS is no longer making older firmware versions or downgrade packages available in order to encourage users to stay up-to-date with the latest versions. Although these events do not indicate a direct confirmation about the Zenfone division shutdown, they bring evidence of this possibility.

If this information is confirmed, the elimination of the line will represent a significant impact on the smartphone ecosystem. While we can anticipate the release of more ROG-branded devices, the absence of Zenfone line will leave a gap, especially for smartphone enthusiasts who appreciate the purest Android experience.

computer made of wood

The concept is to combine style with technology. Image: reddit
The concept is to combine style with technology. Image: Reddit

A tendency in several areas is to bring some concept vintage in contrast to what we live today, and that's what Keegan McNamara he did. He built a unique and custom computer called “Mythic I“. Made of wood, the computer features a curved, handcrafted design with an 8-inch screen, custom mechanical keyboard, and interior parts selected for specific needs. McNamara created Mythic I to show that computers can have more unique and artistic designs, as opposed to the metallic rectangles we've known for decades.

The construction process involved months of researching materials, hand-carving the wood, and carefully selecting interior components such as processor, RAM memory e storage. The goal was to create a functional computer that was also a work of art, highlighting the connection between craftsmanship and technology. It is primarily designed for writing and productivity tasks, avoiding other aspects like gaming or web browsing.

Keegan mcnamara carving the wood mythic i will be built from. Image: the verge
Keegan McNamara carving the wood Mythic I will be built from. Image: The Verge

For McNamara, Mythic I is not just a computer; it's a statement that computer design can be more human and emotional. He is considered acomputer luthier“, inspired by custom musical instrument builders. The boy founded Mythic Computer, a so-called “one-man” company that is dedicated to creating handmade computers for people who appreciate craftsmanship.

While his approach may seem out of the ordinary in a world of mass tech products, McNamara believes there's room for users who prioritize craftsmanship, individuality and enduring aesthetics. It seeks to demonstrate that computers do not need to be the same, but they can be unique expressions of personality and needs of each user.

Airscooter, the new flying vehicle

Airscooter, the easy-to-ride egg-shaped flying vehicle. Image: the next web
Airscooter, the easy-to-ride egg-shaped flying vehicle. Image: The Next Web

Franky Zapata, the French inventor famous for crossing the English Channel on a hoverboard, a kind of “flying board”, presented a curious new feat. His company, Zapata, revealed during the conference Viva Technology, in Paris, a prototype of a vertical take-off and landing vehicle, better known by the acronym VTOL, with hybrid-electric propulsion, oval-shaped.

This new device, recognized for now as “air scooter“, was developed to follow Zapata's previous innovations, such as the iconic jet board and even a flying lounger. The event in Paris served as the stage for the introduction of this prototype that represents another step in Franky Zapata's ongoing effort to push the boundaries of personal and creative air mobility.

Franky Zapata (next to the woman) and his team. Image: the next web
Franky Zapata (next to woman) and his team. Image: The Next Web

This “personal aircraft” apparently complies with the rules of the Federal Aviation Authority, allowing it to be flown in the United States without the need for a pilot's license, being classified as a “aircraft ultralight“. Equipped with a control system fly-by-wire, which replaces traditional mechanical systems with electronic signals, and a series of advanced safety sensors, the operation of the airscooter is designed to be as simple as flying a drone. The date for its market launch is still was not revealed.

With a set of 12 propellers, the aircraft is equipped with eight electric motors and four gasoline engines, allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 100 km/h at altitudes ranging from 3.000 and 4.000 meters. Opting for a hybrid configuration with gasoline engines certainly leaves the airscooter in a less sustainable category when compared to the growing range of all-electric VTOLs, or eVTOLs, which are currently being developed in various parts of the world.

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Source: Android Authority, The Verge e The Next Web

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  1. The ASUS manufacturer has issued a Public Note DISCLAIMERING this news. The ZEN Smartphone Line will continue and with improvements.

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