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The Nun 2, the seventh season of Rick and Morty and Twisted Metal are just some of Max's many releases in October 2023. Check out the full list!

October arrived bringing a series of exciting news for subscribers of Max (HBO Max). This month promises to please film and series aficionados with the arrival of major titles.

Among the highlights, we have The Nun 2Directed by Michael chaves, known for his experience in the genre. The long-awaited seventh season of Rick and Morty, which promises even more dangerous and hilarious adventures through time-space. In addition to Twisted Metal, a series inspired by Sony's popular game franchise, which features a stellar cast led by Anthony Mackie, known for his roles in Marvel films and series.

Posters for the nun 2, rick and morty and twisted metal, some of the main releases from max (hbo max) for the month of October / image: gabriel princesval/showmetech
Posters for A Nun 2, Rick and Morty and Twisted Metal, some of Max's (HBO Max) main releases for the month of October / Image: Gabriel Princesval/Showmetech

Interested? Check out the complete list of these and many more releases below. Max (HBO Max) in October of 2023!


The Nun 2

The Nun 2 Trailer / Source: Warner Bros. Pictures Brazil via YouTube

The Nun 2 it's a movie terror starring Bonnie AaronsTaissa farmiga e Storm reid. The story takes place in 1956 France, where the murder of a priest appears to have unleashed a sense of evil throughout the region. Follow Sister Irene as she once again finds herself confronted by a terrifying demonic presence.

The Nun 2 debut on the day October 27, on HBO Max.

The Golden Age – Season 2

Trailer for The Golden Age / Source: HBO Max Brasil via YouTube

The Golden Age accumulators is a period series starring Carrie Coon e Morgan spector. Set in New York in the 1880s, the plot tells the journey of an heir to a conservative family who sets out on an audacious mission: to infiltrate the wealthy neighboring clan.

A second season de The Golden Age debut on the day October 29, on HBO and HBO Max.

Our Flag Is Death – Season 2

Trailer for Our Flag Is Death / Source: HBO Max Brasil via YouTube

Our Flag Is Death accumulators is a comedy series e adventure starring Rhys Darby, who plays Stede Bonnet, an XNUMXth-century aristocrat who renounced his privileged life to become the Gentleman Pirate.

Our Flag premieres on October 5th on HBO Max.

Rick and Morty – Season 7

Trailer for Rick and Morty – Season 7 / Source: HBO Max Brasil via YouTube

Rick and Morty accumulators is a animation series aimed at an adult audience, which combines comedy e Science fiction in sitcom format. The plot revolves around the adventures of Rick, a genius scientist with an alcoholism problem, and his grandson Morty, a 14-year-old teenager who is far from being as brilliant as his grandfather. Together, they embark on dangerous and hilarious journeys through time-space and parallel universes.

A seventh season de Rick and Morty debut on the day October 15, on HBO Max.

Twisted Metal – Season 1

Twisted Metal Trailer – Season 1 / Source: Rotten Tomatoes TV via YouTube

Twisted Metal is a series of post-apocalyptic fiction inspired by the popular Sony game franchise of the same name. Starring Anthony Mackie, Stephanie Beatriz, Thomas HadenChurch e Neve Campbell, the plot follows the journey of a chatty outsider who, with no memories of his past, is given the opportunity to start life over again by accepting the task of delivering a mysterious package to a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

UEFA Champions League (23/24) – Group Stage

Promotional image from the uefa champions league / source: uefa
UEFA Champions League promotional image / Source: UEFA

Follow the exciting group stage games of UEFA Champions League, Europe's premier football club competition.


Legacy Peak Adventure

Legacy Peak Adventure Trailer / Source: Sony Pictures at Home UK via YouTube

Legacy Peak Adventure is an adventure movies starring Luke Black. The plot follows Jason's journey as he seeks to win the hearts of Noelle's children before their planned wedding. However, when their plan fails, they find themselves in a fight for survival, testing their faith before they can even begin a life together.

Evil Encounter

Evil Encounter Trailer / Source: Magnolia Pictures & Magnet Releasing via YouTube

Evil Encounter It's a film that mixes mystery e drama, starring Luke Wilson e Samuel L. Jackson. The story unfolds when a stranger enters John Felton's life, offering him an escape from his bleak existence and leading him down a path filled with temptation. As John begins to lose almost everything, he finds himself consumed by worry for his family's safety, determined to protect them from whatever harm comes his way.

Gray matter

Gray Matter trailer / Source: Max via YouTube

Gray matter is the youngest science fiction thriller HBO, with standout performances from Jessica Francis Dukes, Mia Isaac e Garrett Dillahunt. The story revolves around Ayla and her daughter Aurora, both endowed with superhuman abilities. As Ayla struggles to train Aurora to control these abilities, a tragic incident puts the young girl in charge of her own destiny, leading her mother to confront the truth about her past.

Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo!

Trailer for Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo! / Source: Warner Bros. Entertainment via YouTube

To celebrate Halloween, HBO brought an animated film from one of the most famous cartoon franchises in the world, Scooby-Doo. In the plot, Scooby and his gang join forces with their friends Bill Nye, the Scientist, and Elvira, the Queen of Darkness, to unravel a great mystery and save Crystal Bay.

Jonah Hex: Bounty Hunter

Jonah Hex: Bounty Hunter trailer / Source: DC via YouTube

Jonah Hex: Bounty Hunter is an western film e action starring Josh Brolin, John Malkovich e Megan Fox. The story revolves around Jonah Hex, an antihero and bounty hunter driven by a personal tragedy following the murder of his family. Now, the American government asks Jonah to stop a terrorist who plans to turn the planet into a true hell.

Justice League: Warworld

Justice League: Warworld trailer / Source: Warner Bros. Entertainment via YouTube

Justice League: Warworld is an animated movie based on DC Comics superheroes. In the plot, the Justice League is transported to the War World, a place marked by brutal and endless combats between gladiators. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the other members of the team must join forces to create an unbeatable resistance and free the entire planet from this cruel fate.

MIB: Men in Black 2

MIB Trailer: Men in Black 2 / Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment via YouTube

MIB: Men in Black 2 is an comedy movie e Science fiction starring Will Smith e Tommy Lee Jones. In the second part of this successful franchise, Agent J decides to seek the help of his former partner, Agent K, to face the terrible Serleena, a cruel and monstrous Kylothian. However, there's a hitch: K's memory has been erased, and now J will need to figure out some way to restore it if he wants to save the planet.

MIB: Men in Black 3

MIB Trailer: Men in Black 3 / Source: Sony Pictures Brasil via YouTube

MIB: Men in Black 3 is an comedy movie e Science fiction starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin e Alice eve. In this thrilling conclusion to the trilogy, an alien plans to go back in time and assassinate Agent K, which could irrevocably alter history and threaten the existence of humanity. To save not only his partner's life, but also the future of the world, Agent J embarks on an adventure through time to stop the terrible crime. During his journey, he comes across young Agents K and O, who reveal secrets that could change their lives forever.

Night of Goosebumps

Shivering Night Trailer / Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment via YouTube

In a night of goosebumps, a film that combines elements of terror e comedy, Johnny and his girlfriend, Palm, are surprised by a mysterious light. As they investigate, Johnny discovers that it is an alien experiment and ends up being infected. His body is frozen, but years later, two bumbling nerds hoping to join a fraternity accidentally thaw Johnny's body, unleashing a wave of parasites on campus that turn people into murderous zombies.

Return to Seoul

Return to Seoul Trailer / Source:Sony Pictures Classics via YouTube

Return to Seoul is an drama film starring Park ji-min. In the plot, we meet Freddie, a young Korean woman adopted by a French couple and raised in France. For the first time since her adoption, she decides to return to South Korea. On this journey, Freddie embarks on a search for her biological parents, but her journey ends up taking unexpected turns.


Scarygirl Trailer / Source: Madman Films via YouTube

scarygirl accumulators is a fantasy animation which tells the story of a young woman determined to overcome her fears and embark on a journey to a mysterious city of light. Her mission is to save her world, which is being enveloped by darkness. To achieve this goal, she must rescue her father from the clutches of a dangerous scientist and thus prevent the destruction of her planet.

Land of Opportunities

A Beautiful Morning

Trailer for A Beautiful Morning / Source: Les Films Pelléas via YouTube

A Beautiful Morning is an french romance film e drama, with performances by Léa Seydoux, Melvil Poupaud e Pascal greggory. The plot revolves around Sandra, a woman who frequently visits her father, Georg, who suffers from a neurodegenerative disease. While the family faces challenges finding a safe place for Georg, taking them through hospitals and nursing homes, Sandra unexpectedly meets Clément, a friend who sparks an affair despite being married.

Women Are Losers

Women Is Losers Trailer / Source: Look At The Moon Pictures via YouTube

Women Are Losers is an drama film starring Lorenza Izo. The story unfolds in the 1960s and follows Celina Guerrera, a former Catholic student who seeks to overcome the oppression of poverty and create a future that defies the conventions of the time.


Project Greenlight

Project Greenlight trailer / Source: Max via YouTube

Project Greenlight is a series produced by Ben Affleck e Matt Damon that combines elements of documentary e reality show. In this program, budding filmmakers have the opportunity of a lifetime to direct their first feature film.


Blip Wonders

Promotional image of blippi wonders / reproduction: internet
Promotional image of Blippi Wonders / Reproduction: Internet

The curious Blippi and his faithful companions get involved in fun adventures to answer the question of the day.

Ella, the Star Girl – New episodes

Promotional image of ella, the girl from the stars / reproduction: internet
Promotional image for Ella, the Star Girl / Reproduction: Internet

In the year 3021, on a space station somewhere between Mars and Jupiter, eight-year-old Ella Ryder goes on exciting adventures and discoveries with her friends.

Meka Builders – New episodes

Meka Builders Trailer / Source: Max Family via YouTube

Meka Builders accumulators is a children's superhero animation which narrates the exciting adventures of Meka Elmo, Meka Come-Come and Meka Abby Cadabby, robots with special abilities that together can solve any challenge.

Mundo Bita Imagine Yourself – Season 2

Trailer for Mundo Bita Imagine yourself / Source: Mundo Bita

Live exciting adventures full of learning and incredible songs alongside Bita, Lila, Dan, Tito, Flora, Pipa, Pepe and many other characters.

Teen Titans Go! – New episodes

Promotional image of Teen Titans in Action! / reproduction: internet
Promotional image for Teen Titans Go! / Reproduction: Internet

Teen Titans in Action! accumulators is a animated series which is inspired by the superheroes from DC Comics, known as the Titans. In this series, Robin and Starfire, along with other superheroes, share a living space without adult supervision, while facing everyday situations typical of the young universe, when they are not busy saving the world.

Summer and Todd: The Farmers – New episodes

Promotional image for summer and todd: the farmers / reproduction: internet
Promotional image for Summer and Todd: The Farmers / Reproduction: Internet

Summer and Todd, friends who share a farm, are happy to introduce children to the charms of nature and the importance of environmental sustainability.

Tiny Toons Looniversity

Promotional image for tiny toons looniversity / reproduction: internet
Promotional image for Tiny Toons Looniversity / Reproduction: Internet

Tiny Toons Looniversity is a Tiny Toon reboot that follows the Tiny Toons characters in more mature versions. Now enrolled at Acme Looniversity, the region's leading higher education institution, they will embark on exciting adventures as they dream of becoming the next generation of Looney Tunes characters.

Perninha em Obras: Hands on the Works – New episodes

Promotional image of leg under construction: hands on / reproduction: internet
Promotional image for Perninha em Obras: Mãos à Obra / Reproduction: Internet

Perninha in the Works: Hands on accumulators is a animation series produced by Warner Bros., inspired by Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies characters. In the series, Bugs Bunny and Lola lead a team of somewhat clumsy builders. Working together as a team, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Tweety and others use their whimsical tools and vehicles to perform some of the craziest construction tasks ever seen.


The Bling Ring Leader: The Hollywood Hills Robberies

Trailer for The Leader of the Bling Ring: The Hollywood Hills Robberies / Source: HBO via YouTube

The Bling Ring Leader: The Hollywood Hills Robberies is an documentary HBO original directed by the filmmaker Erin Lee Carr, nominated for an Emmy. The production seeks to understand the motives behind the mentor of the group of teenage criminals who, in 2009, carried out robberies at celebrities' homes.

Cartoon Network: Animation Through the Years

No information released so far.

La Hija de Dios: Dalma Maradona

Image of Diego Maradona and his daughter - illustrative image / reproduction: internet
Image of Diego Maradona and his daughter – Illustrative image / Reproduction: Internet

in the documentary the daughter of god, Dalma Maradona explores the life of his father, Diego Maradona, world football idol and shares stories of illustrious personalities who were part of the global idol's trajectory.

It wasn't an accident

No information released so far.


Chef Jack – The Adventurous Cook

Trailer for Chef Jack – The Adventurous Cook / Source: Sony Pictures Brasil via YouTube

Chef Jack – The Adventurous Cook accumulators is a adventure animation which follows the journey of Jack, a fearless cook who travels the world in search of the most exotic spices to improve his dishes. Determined to become the greatest chef of all time, he decides to participate in the Convergence of Flavors, a prestigious global gastronomic competition. To achieve their goal, Jack and his faithful assistant, Leonard, embark on an exciting journey to the Culinary Islands, where they face a series of challenges that test their courage and culinary skills.

Supernatural: The Red Door

Trailer for Supernatural: The Red Door / Source: Sony Pictures Brasil via YouTube

Supernatural: The Red Door is an Horror Movie e mystery starring the actor and singer Patrick Wilson. The film is the fifth film in the franchise and takes place 10 years after the events of Insidious: Chapter 2. The plot follows Josh Lambert, who heads east to leave his son, Dalton, at college. However, repressed demons from the past suddenly return to haunt them.


The Unit – Season 3

Trailer for The Unit / Source: HBO Brasil via YouTube

The unity accumulators is a spanish series starring Nathalie Pozas. The story unfolds after Spanish police capture the world's most wanted terrorist, which places the country as a prime target for global terrorism. Now, members of the Special Unit to Combat Jihadist Terrorism, under the command of Commissioner Carla Torres, embark on a secret mission to stop them before the worst happens.

Doom Patrol – Season 4

Doom Patrol Trailer – Season 4 / Source: HBO Max Brasil via YouTube

Doom Patrol accumulators is a action series e adventure which is based on the superhero team of the same name from DC Comics. The plot follows the Doom Patrol, a group that is part support team and part superhero team, made up of misfit individuals who have obtained supernatural powers. Now, accompanied by new skills, they strive to protect a world that excludes and rejects them.

Forget Me If You Can

Promotional image of forget me if you can / reproduction: internet
Promotional image for Forget Me If You Can / Reproduction: Internet

Forget Me If You Can accumulators is a drama series starring Burcu Özberk. The plot tells the story of Esra and Ozan, a couple who meet unexpectedly after the end of their marriage. Esra starts a job at Ozan's company and what started as a revenge plan ends up turning into a second chance at true love.

Greg News with Gregorio Duvivier

Promotional image by greg news with gregório duvivier / reproduction: internet
Promotional image by Greg News with Gregório Duvivier / Reproduction: Internet

Follow the comedian Gregório Duvivier in a critical and humorous approach to national and global issues. In this program, relevant topics will be explored in an accessible and fun way, going beyond immediate issues.

Masterchef Professionals – Season 5

Professional masterchef promotional image - season 5 / reproduction: internet
Promotional image for Masterchef Profissionais – Season 5 / Reproduction: Internet

Renowned chefs Henrique Fogaça, Érick Jacquin e Helena Rizzo evaluate haute cuisine dishes prepared by professional chefs in a culinary talent show full of individual and group challenges. The competition is marked by intense tension as participants strive to please their demanding bosses.

Eyes of the Law

Eyes of the Law Trailer / Source: HBO Max Brasil via YouTube

The production focuses on COCOM, the São Paulo Military Police Operations Center, recognized as the largest police operations center in the southern hemisphere. The series offers a detailed look at police operations, following a police officer using a micro camera. It shows the challenges faced from the moment they receive a call to the outcome of the case, while working in one of the most complex metropolises in the world.

Brazil Border Operation

Trailer for Operation Border Brazil / Source: Discovery Brasil via YouTube

Follow the tireless work of Federal Highway Police in the fight against smuggling and organized crime.

Yargi: Family Secrets

Promotional image for yargi: family secrets / reproduction: internet
Promotional image for Yargi: Family Secrets / Reproduction: Internet

Yargi: Family Secrets accumulators is a turkish drama series which tells the story of a defense lawyer and a prosecutor who have opposing views on justice. Despite their differences, they come together to investigate a murder case and end up unraveling an intricate puzzle that involves their own families.


FLCL – Season 5

FLCL Trailer / Source: Adult Swim via YouTube

FLCL accumulators is a anime series in OVA format which revolves around 14-year-old Hidomi, her classmate Ide, and two otherworldly beings named “Jinyu” and “Haruha Raharu” who are determined to unlock their full hidden potential.


Those Who Kill – Season 3

Promotional image of those who kill / reproduction: internet
Promotional image for Those Who Kill / Reproduction: Internet

Those Who Kill accumulators is a police series starring Kenneth M. Christensen e Natalie Madueño. The story follows detective Jan Michelsen and criminal profiler Louise Bergstein as they investigate the connection between two kidnappings that occurred ten years apart. As the investigation progresses, they begin to suspect they are dealing with a serial killer.

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