TOP AI: the 30 best Artificial Intelligences of 2023

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For many, 2023 represents the year of the Artificial Intelligence boom; Check out the best AIs of 2023 here.

In 2023, we witness the tree of the best artificial intelligence ever seen, a period of surprising advances and widespread proliferation of this technology in different spheres of our lives. AI has gone from a futuristic promise to a reality, with applications ranging from more sophisticated virtual assistants to high-precision medical diagnostic systems, autonomous vehicles and large-scale data analysis. Companies and governments have invested massively in research and development of better AI, leading to remarkable advances in machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing.

How does Artificial Intelligence work?

Best ias of 2023.
All AI starts with data input. This can include text, images, audio, sensors or any other form of information. Photo: Pexels.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents a discipline of computer science dedicated to the creation of computational systems capable of emulating activities that, in human contexts, require intelligence. These activities range from pattern recognition to natural language understanding, decision making and problem solving. The functioning of AI is based on essential principles, starting with data collection, which serves as raw material and can be structured or unstructured. The subsequent step incorporates machine learning algorithms, which enable AI to process data, identify patterns and extract valuable information. Training, a critical stage, allows the AI ​​to adjust its parameters based on data, improving its performance for specific tasks.

The second part of the process involves the AI's ability to make decisions using the patterns identified during training. This can range from classifying objects in images to personalized recommendations based on user history. Feedback plays a crucial role in the continuous evolution of AI, allowing adjustments to algorithms to improve their future performance. Finally, implementing AI in real-world applications and systems requires integration into existing platforms to automate tasks, improve decisions, and provide assistance to users. Continuous monitoring and maintenance are essential to ensure consistent AI performance over time, requiring periodic model and algorithm updates to keep up with evolving demands. In short, AI represents a complex synergy of data collection, learning algorithms, training, decision-making, feedback and implementation, enabling computing systems to perform tasks autonomously based on patterns identified in the data, while continuing to drive technological advances in different domains.

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The best AIs of 2023

The best AIs of 2023 stood out in several aspects. Instead of presenting a ranked list, it would be more useful to mention certain notable AIs, based on criteria such as performance, innovation, social impact, safety and usefulness. We separate these AIs according to their specific capabilities, contributions to their respective areas and the technological advances that each AI offers.

Text generating AIs

Best ias of 2023.
Text-generating artificial intelligences (AIs) are AI systems designed to even create natural language conversations. Photo: Reproduction.

Text-generating AIs are artificial intelligence systems that have the ability to create textual content, such as articles, stories, summaries and even programming code. They use natural language processing techniques to understand and produce texts in a cohesive and relevant way. These AIs have a wide range of applications, from assisting with writing to automatically creating content.

GPT-4 Chat (OpenAI)

Best ias of 2023.
OpenAI GPT-4 Chat is a master of language, creating incredibly compelling and contextual text. Photo: Rokas Tenys / Shutterstock

O GPT chat 4, the latest iteration of the language model of OpenAI, represents a significant advance in natural language processing. Trained extensively on high-quality textual data, the GPT chat 4 is able to understand and generate text in a natural way, answering questions, generating original content and maintaining interactive dialogues. Its autonomous learning feature allows continuous improvement, adapting to users' needs.

Unlike its previous versions, the GPT chat 4 demonstrates a deeper understanding of context, resulting in more accurate responses and interactions closer to a human conversation. This new model demonstrates proficiency in verbal reasoning, being able to simplify complex concepts, and even explain the humor behind a joke.

Starting in September, the OpenAI began implementing features that enable interaction with the model through voice and the use of images as input.

AI Pi (Inflection)

Top there: the 30 best artificial intelligences of 2023. For many, 2023 represents the year of the artificial intelligence boom; Check out the best AIs of 2023 here.
Inflection's AI Pi is a powerful writing solution that enhances writing with precision and fluidity. Photo: Pi Disclosure

Pi is a personal AI developed by the startup Inflections, who stands out for being a kind and supportive companion. It delivers friendly conversation, advice, and concise information naturally and fluently, thanks to world-class proprietary AI technology. Users can simply send a message to Pi and talk to her about a wide range of topics, from everyday experiences to deeper reflections. A Inflections designs Pi to be a unique chatbot, always friendly and helpful.

The proposal for Pi is to offer a unique approach among personal AI, which is based on its ability to interpret complex situations. Its open presence across multiple platforms allows users to experience an authentic connection, enriching their experience with cutting-edge AI technology.

Formula Bot

Best ias of 2023.
Formula Bot is the smart tool for creating high-quality mathematical and technical content. Photo: Formula Bot

O Formula Bot is a revolutionary platform that uses AI to simplify the automation of repetitive tasks, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their programming experience. With features like custom bot creation, user-friendly interface, and customer support, Formula Bot aims to increase productivity, reduce manual errors, save time and resources, and provide customized solutions for various needs.

Setup time is quick, allowing users to start automating their tasks in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, the Formula Bot offers different subscription plans, from a free one with limited features to a premium plan that offers unlimited formula generations and AI data automations in spreadsheets in Excel & Google Sheets per month for an affordable price of $6,99 per month or $84 per year. AI is mainly known for providing commands for Excel.

Kick Resume

Best ias of 2023.
Kick Resume specializes in creating exceptional resumes that stand out. Photo: Kick Resume

In today's competitive job market, a standout resume plays a crucial role in finding your dream job. Recruiters face a flood of applications, making CV writing and organization an essential task to stand out. In this context, the Kick Resume, an AI-powered resume builder, emerges as a valuable solution. It offers a variety of resume-building features and provides a wide collection of resume examples from successful candidates at top companies such as Amazon and the Google.

Furthermore, the Kick Resume uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze and optimize resume content, ensuring it meets recruiters' specific criteria and stands out among the competition. With the ability to adapt to different sectors and professions, the Kick Resume offers personalized suggestions for improving your resume, from formatting to using relevant keywords.

Bard (Google)

Best ias of 2023.
Bard is the creative mind at Google, generating engaging and inspiring texts. Photo: Reproduction.

O Bard, known as “Google’s ChatGPT”, represents a direct competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Still in the experimental phase, this artificial intelligence (AI) tool uses the PaLM 2 language model, similar to that of the OpenAI chatbot, and is now available for use by Brazilians, in addition to being available in 39 other languages.

O Bard do Google It has a wide range of uses, being able to generate text in different styles and formats. This includes the ability to produce texts ranging from poems and codes to scripts, musical pieces, emails and letters. Therefore, the Bard is a versatile tool that can be employed in various situations to generate personalized textual content, saving time and effort when creating documents or creative expression.

Image and video generating AIs

Best ias of 2023.
Artificial intelligence (AIs) that generate images and videos are systems that use advanced algorithms, neural networks and image processing techniques. Photo: Reproduction.

The best AIs for generating images are systems that can create high-quality visual content such as images, animations, and even full-length videos. They use deep learning algorithms to creatively generate and manipulate images. These AIs have applications in graphic design, animation, digital content creation, and more.

Generative expansion (Adobe Photoshop)

Best ias of 2023.
Adobe Photoshop's generative expansion transforms your images with touches of creativity and magic. Photo: Adobe

In May, the Photoshop launched the function "Generative Fill“, which allowed users to create images from text commands and edit or fill images with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Now, the new “Generative Expand” feature goes a step further, allowing images to be resized and expanded in any desired direction, further expanding the platform’s capabilities.

O Photoshop Generative Expand offers the flexibility to be used with or without a text prompt. To generate content with the help of AI, users can simply use the cropping tool and expand the frame beyond the boundaries of the original image. When you click on “Generate”, artificial intelligence will create content that harmonizes and complements the original image. When text instructions are provided, AI takes these commands into account when generating images, making the creation process even more personalized and controllable.

Gen-2 (Runway)

Runway's Gen-2 generates unique and stylish images and videos.

O Runway Gen-2 Text to Video has the incredible power to create spectacular scenes based on simple descriptions. You can visualize a beautiful lake at sunset, snow-capped mountains in Switzerland, a futuristic geometric glass dome in the heart of an enchanted forest, or even an exciting scene from a Star Wars movie, or even relive a music video from your favorite song. While the technology is still in development and has some kinks, it promises to become a powerful tool for filmmakers, content creators, and anyone interested in creating visually stunning videos without the need for footage. The evolution is close, perhaps in a matter of months.

Dall-E 3 (OpenAI)

Best ias of 2023.
OpenAI's Dall-E 3 is one of the best AIs for creating content. Photo: DALL-E 3

O DALL-E3 da OpenAI represents a notable advance in AI's ability to create illustrations from textual descriptions. With a simple text request, users can specify the desired artistic style, content details, color scheme, and other elements, and wait for a corresponding illustration to be generated. This AI is especially effective with detailed commands, as it has been trained on extensive data and illustrations, delivering increasingly accurate and impressive results.

It is important to highlight that the OpenAI implemented security measures, ensuring that the DALL-E3 do not create violent images, adults or that promote hate speech. This filter is applied both during the analysis of input prompts and when verifying the final result, demonstrating a solid commitment to ethics and responsibility in the use of artificial intelligence.

Bing Image Creator (Microsoft)

Best ias of 2023.
Microsoft's Bing Image Creator brings you captivating images. Photo: Microsoft

O Bing Image Creator, a platform for Microsoft, is an innovative image creation tool that is based on technology DALL-E by OpenAI. This tool is particularly useful for those who want to generate creative and original images from text descriptions.

the use of Bing Image Creator It's simple and intuitive. Users can enter details of a scene, including additional information such as location or activity, and choose an art style they want (such as digital art, realism, pop art, and more). Based on these inputs, the bot is able to generate four unique and personalized images that represent the described scenario, offering a valuable tool for creating creative and personalized visual content.


Best ias of 2023.
Dreamlike.art creates abstract and imaginative images. Photo: Dreamlike.art

O Dreamlike.art is a powerful artificial intelligence-based image creation tool that offers the ability to produce original images in a matter of seconds. With this platform, users can bring abstract art, landscapes, portraits, and more to life. Furthermore, the Dreamlike.art provides a set of tools that allow you to customize the colors, brightness, contrast and other aspects of images.

Users can even insert text into images and adjust fonts, sizes and colors, making it a versatile tool for enhancing and personalizing visual creations. Regardless of design skill level, the Dreamlike.art It is easy to use.

Magic Studio (Canva)

Best ias of 2023.
Canva Magic Studio is a sophisticated platform that simplifies the creation of visual content, Photo: Canva.

A Magic Edition is a versatile tool, capable of removing, adding and editing elements in an image based on text commands, transforming the content in an impressive way. This includes the ability to eliminate people, modify the background, insert objects, and even create a completely new image, all with the AI assistance. The feature is available to all users, both on the web and in apps for Android and iPhone (iOS) devices, offering a powerful and affordable way to enhance and personalize your images.

A Canva Magic Edition represents a significant advance in the ease of editing images, making the process more intuitive and efficient, especially for those who do not have advanced experience in graphic design. This makes the Magic Edition a valuable addition to Canva's feature set, expanding creative possibilities.

Decktopus AI

Best ias of 2023.
Decktopus AI is an intelligent presentation tool that streamlines the presentation creation process. Photo: Decktopus AI

O Decktopus AI is an online presentation platform that uses artificial intelligence to facilitate the creation of professional presentations quickly and easily. The platform offers a variety of ready-made presentation templates and intuitive editing tools, meeting the needs of students, teachers and business professionals.

Ease of use is one of the main advantages of decktopus, with a user-friendly interface that allows even those with no design experience to create impactful presentations in just a few minutes. Additionally, the platform offers a wide selection of highly customizable presentation templates, ranging from startup pitch decks to educational presentations, enabling users to add their own visuals and text.

Stockimg AI

Best ias of 2023.
Stockimg AI is an innovation that revolutionizes image search by automating the search for high-quality images. Photo: Stockimg.ai

Stockimg.ai is a web-based tool that uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate a wide range of images. With simple text input, you can create book covers, wallpapers, posters, logos, icons, illustrations, stock images, and even user interfaces for web and mobile devices.

Additionally, the tool offers a variety of image types to meet diverse needs, making it flexible and versatile. O Stockimg.ai It's easy to use even for those unfamiliar with AI image generation, making it an affordable and effective option for creating visual content.


Best ias of 2023.
Synthesys is an AI that produces realistic human voices. Photo: Synthesys.

A Synthesist is an advanced video generation platform powered by artificial intelligence designed to produce realistic voiceovers with real human voices. When simply entering text, the Synthesist uses its Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology to turn it into high-quality voiceovers.

This powerful tool offers an extensive library of more than 300 voices in 140 languages, with customization options that allow you to adjust the voice according to preferences, including choosing emotions such as joy, anger or sadness, as well as adjustments to tone, emphasis and pauses. In addition Synthesist uses Text-to-Video (TTV) technology to synchronize audio with more than 80 available avatars, and offers more than 50 templates for visual customization, such as captions, images, text and shapes. In addition to voice generation, the platform also has an AI-powered image generator that creates visual representations based on text.

Sound generating AIs

Best ias of 2023.
Sound-generating artificial intelligences (AIs) are systems that use audio processing algorithms and sound synthesis techniques to create and manipulate sounds in various ways. Photo: Reproduction.

Sound-generating AIs are capable of creating and synthesizing high-quality audio, such as music, speech and sound effects. They use advanced audio processing and machine learning techniques to produce realistic sounds. These AIs are widely used in music production, the entertainment industry and even for therapeutic purposes.

SeamlessM4T (Meta)

Best ias of 2023.
Meta's SeamlessM4T is an advanced audio processing solution that creates cohesive, immersive sounds. Photo: Meta.

O Seamless M4T, developed by Meta, offers a wide range of natural language processing capabilities. It ranges from speech recognition for nearly 100 languages ​​to speech-to-text translation, speech-to-speech translation, text-to-text translation, and text-to-speech translation in nearly 100 input and output languages. This AI tool was trained on a vast set of data, including tens of billions of written sentences and 4 million hours of speech available on the web, making it especially effective in tasks related to language and communication.

O Seamless M4T offers versatility and precision in its language processing capabilities, providing a comprehensive solution to handle a variety of tasks from translation to speech recognition, opening up opportunities for multilingual interactions and effective communications in diverse contexts.


Best ias of 2023.
So-VITS-SVC is an innovation in audio generation that provides superior sound quality. Photo: GitHub.

O So-VITS-SVC is an open source project that provides a deep learning model for modifying voices. While basic machine learning may be suitable for simpler tasks such as converting voice to musical instruments, deep learning is employed in complex tasks for which creating individual rules would be impractical. Deep learning enables the computer to develop these rules autonomously, providing a more flexible and effective approach to modifying voices and other related tasks.

This technology is playing a pivotal role in innovating music creation and audio modification, enabling an unprecedented degree of personalization and creativity. This AI became well known when an anonymous producer known as Ghostwriter caused a stir with the track “Heart on My Sleeve”, which featured convincing vocals generated by artificial intelligence, imitating artists such as Drake and The Weeknd.

Stable Audio (AI stability)

Stable Audio offers consistent and reliable sound quality, meeting the demands of high-end audiovisual projects.

A AI stability is excelling in the field of generative AI with its newest innovation, the Stable Audio. This tool uses artificial intelligence to create high-quality music and sound effects. The AI ​​model behind Stable Audio was trained based on AudioSparx's extensive library of commercial and creative audio.

The functionality of Stable Audio It's quite similar to image generation, where users can enter text commands, known as prompts, to customize the desired song. These commands can cover musical styles, instruments, rhythm (beats per minute), sound effects and even adjectives to create the desired atmosphere in the song. The tool offers a range of creative possibilities, such as creating calming music for a spa lobby, and is also compatible with generating individual sound effects, such as birdsong or the sound of a car driving down the street.

Open Audiobook Collection (Project Gutenberg)

Best ias of 2023.
Project Gutenberg's Open Audiobook Collection provides a vast library of books in audio format, making literature more accessible. Photo: Project Gutenberg.

O Project Gutenberg, famous for its open repository of public domain books, has made a remarkable transformation by making thousands of its titles available as audiobooks, all thanks to synthetic speech. These audiobooks can now be downloaded or streamed on multiple audio service platforms, representing a significant demonstration of accessibility in literature.

Creating traditional audiobooks is a time-consuming process that involves narration, editing and publishing, as well as paying readers for their time invested. This makes it financially unfeasible to produce audiobooks for many older and more obscure titles, making access to this form of literature difficult for those who prefer audiobooks. O Project Gutenberg, committed to promoting public domain literature in various formats, has finally overcome this challenge by joining the MIT and Microsoft to employ the magic of artificial intelligence in speech generation and thus bring a wide selection of books to life in a more accessible way.

AudioShake AI

Best ias of 2023.
AudioShake AI is a cutting-edge innovation in the field of audio synthesis, providing an advanced and versatile sound generation platform. Photo: AudioShake

The music AI startup, AudioShake, is making a significant impact on the music industry with its on-demand platform and API that makes high-quality dubbing and content finding easy for creators at all levels. The company's AI audio separation technology enables musicians, audio engineers, producers, publishers, record labels and other creators to explore new applications for their audio content, such as karaoke, sync licensing, remixes, spatial audio, VR/AR , games, voice acting and social applications.

The company's patented lane separation technology AudioShake is used by major record labels, music publishers and film production studios, and enables clean disaggregation of audio into elements such as music, dialogue and sound effects, making them useful for a wide variety of applications such as music, film, dubbing, transcription and even synthetic voice.


Best ias of 2023.
Lovo.AI is an advanced speech synthesis platform powered by artificial intelligence, designed to produce audio with remarkable realism and expressiveness. Photo: Lovo.AI.

O Lovo.ai is a professional content creation platform that relies on artificial intelligence and text-to-speech technology to generate realistic human voices. With a growing library of over 400 emotional voices in over 140 languages, the Lovo.ai offers detailed control over audio and a user-friendly interface. The main objective of the platform is to enable both individuals and companies to produce content without the need for professional design knowledge or the use of complex software.

The highlight of Lovo.ai is its extensive voice library, which includes over 100 realistic global voices, allowing users a variety of options. These voices are capable of expressing more than 25 different emotions, providing a range of possibilities for creating personalized and engaging content.


Best ias of 2023.
Speechify is a powerful artificial intelligence-based application that offers innovative solutions to make information accessible to a diverse audience. Photo: Speechify Text.

O Speechify Text initially focused on helping people with ADHD, dyslexia and vision problems when reading texts, offering a virtual assistant that would read them aloud. However, over time, this tool gained popularity among students around the world. Given this, the Speechify Text, available as an extension for Google Chrome and an app for Android and iOS devices, offers a reading assistant that helps overcome this hurdle.

The tool is versatile, supporting multiple languages ​​and allowing users to adjust the reading speed according to their preferences. This flexibility makes the Speechify Text an affordable and effective solution to improve the reading experience and make content more accessible to a diverse audience.

Best AIs linked to health and the environment

Artificial intelligence (AIs) linked to health and the environment play a crucial role in improving healthcare, environmental monitoring and decision-making related to health and sustainability. Photo: Reproduction. 

AIs linked to health and the environment are systems designed to improve people's quality of life and well-being, as well as promoting environmental sustainability. They are used for medical diagnosis, predicting disease outbreaks, analyzing environmental data, and more. These AIs play a crucial role in improving healthcare and protecting our planet's environment.

Wildfire Detector (AlertCalifornia and Cal Fire AI)

Best ias of 2023.
AlertCalifornia and Cal Fire AI's Wildfire Detector is a crucial technology that helps prevent and combat wildfires through advanced monitoring. Photo: Ariana Drehsler—The New York Times/Redux.

O California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) and the program ALERTCalifornia from the University of California San Diego are joining forces in an initiative aimed at improving fire monitoring, detection and response capabilities.

The core of this partnership is enhancing firefighting capabilities and reducing response times, addressing the ongoing challenges posed by wildfires to California's communities and ecosystems. Combining the specialist knowledge of CAL FIRE with the program's advanced technologies ALERTCalifornia, it is expected to achieve significant progress in the prevention and containment of destructive fires.

TrailGuard AI (Resolve)

Best ias of 2023.
Resolve's TrailGuard AI is an innovative solution that protects wildlife by detecting and preventing illegal activities. Photo: Resolve.

The non-profit organization Resolve introduced a new version of its camera TrailGuard, which plays a crucial role in the fight against illegal hunting across the African continent. Until now, monitoring of conservation areas has faced efficiency challenges, often resulting in poachers fleeing before authorities arrive. Traditional cameras remained in constant operation, consuming battery power and generating many false positives due to detecting any movement.

The camera TrailGuard The updated version incorporates Intel's Movidius Myriad 2 chip, equipped with artificial intelligence. This chip is capable of processing images in real time and distinguishing between animals, humans and vehicles. From now on, the camera is only activated when it detects movement, sending alerts only when humans are identified in the scene.


Youper is an AI-based mental health platform that offers personalized support for users' emotional health and well-being.

O Eat is an initiative with a noble mission, seeking to make mental health care accessible to everyone. Its team is made up of dedicated professionals, including doctors, therapists and engineers, who are committed to providing mental health support regardless of the location or circumstances of the people who need it.

The CEO, Dr. Jose Hamilton, is a psychiatrist with extensive experience and more than 15 years of practice in the field of mental health. Their work and dedication aim to effectively make mental health care an accessible reality for everyone. O Eat uses clinically validated artificial intelligence to provide mental health support, having helped more than two million people to date.

Analytical AIs

Top there: the 30 best artificial intelligences of 2023. For many, 2023 represents the year of the artificial intelligence boom; Check out the best AIs of 2023 here.
Analytical artificial intelligences (AIs) are systems that focus on analyzing data, providing valuable insights and making decisions based on collected information. Photo: Alitheon.

Analytical AIs are responsible for collecting, processing and analyzing large sets of data. They use machine learning algorithms and advanced statistical techniques to identify patterns, trends and insights hidden in data. These AIs (such as IAS for investment analysts) are widely used in fields such as finance, marketing, market research, and strategic decision-making, helping organizations make more informed decisions based on data.

FeaturePrint (Alitheon)

Best ias of 2023.
Alitheon's FeaturePrint is a data analysis technology that accurately and effectively identifies and extracts valuable information. Photo: Alitheon.

Identifying counterfeit and pirated products is often a challenging task that requires in-depth knowledge of the characteristics and appearance of the original items. A new artificial intelligence-based app claims to be able to authenticate products based on a single photo taken with a smartphone. The app uses optical AI to identify an object, eliminating the need for barcodes, holograms, RFID tags, stickers or engraved markings. It is important to note that this application can only authenticate products that are already registered with its service.

Developed by the company Alitheon, based in Washington, the application FeaturePrint can be installed on smartphones and has the ability to be used to identify, authenticate and track products. Without the need for special scanners or cameras, users can point their smartphones at a product and verify its authenticity, which is especially valuable for high-value items like gold bars and luxury goods. Furthermore, the application can be used to track supply chains and detect counterfeit products, contributing to protecting the integrity of authentic products.

City-Wide Drone Detection (Dedrone)

Best ias of 2023.
Dedrone's City-Wide Drone Detection is an advanced solution that identifies drones in urban areas, ensuring security and privacy. Photo: Dedrone

A dedrones offers the solution City-Wide Drone Detection, which is the largest global network of urban drone detection services. This solution is designed to be easily accessible with simple login credentials for law enforcement and security professionals. O City-Wide Drone Detection is a completely cloud-based platform, available on the web, the App Store and Google Play, allowing monitoring in fixed locations and on the move. The system features a comprehensive database spanning three years and more than 240 million drone behavior detections, including FAA violations.

An important feature of City-Wide Drone Detection is its ability to detect drones throughout the city without the need for additional equipment or facilities. Instead, the system leverages existing infrastructure to monitor multiple drones and geographic areas simultaneously. It offers a simplified alert system that notifies users with pilot location and drone data the moment a warning zone is breached.

Ai Pin (Human)

Best ias of 2023.
Ai Pin by Humane is an analytics platform that unlocks deep insights from data, enabling informed decision making. Photo: LUCA TOMBOLINI FOR COPERNI, Humane.

O AI Pin is a standalone device driven by artificial intelligence (AI), which resembles a wearable version of the virtual assistant Alexa. Designed with a compact design, the device's purpose is to integrate perfectly into users' daily lives, eliminating the need for pairing with smartphones or other devices. Furthermore, the digital assistant is equipped with several sensors that allow intuitive interactions.

The differential of the AI Pin lies in the fact that it does not require a keyword to be activated, unlike assistants such as Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri, which constantly operate in listening mode. Additionally, the device uses an AI-driven eye recognition system, which represents an innovative approach to interacting with virtual assistants.

Codewhisperer (Amazon)

Best ias of 2023.
Amazon Codewhisperer is a specialized software development tool, simplifying coding and increasing efficiency. Photo: Amazon AWS.

codewhisperer, from Amazon, is a general-purpose code generation tool that uses machine learning to provide real-time code recommendations. As you write code, the codewhisperer Automatically generates suggestions based on the code in use and existing comments.

These recommendations can vary in length and scope, ranging from single-line comment suggestions to full feature recommendations. This tool seeks to improve the efficiency and quality of software development by offering intelligent assistance during the coding process.


Best ias of 2023.
Cortex is a data analysis solution that transforms raw information into meaningful insights, driving informed and strategic decision making. Photo: Cortex Intelligence.

The platform Cortex demonstrates its intelligence from the ability to collect data from multiple sources in different formats. Its robots have the ability to extract information from public sources and structure data from text, tables, images, videos and audio, integrating them with your company's information. With this solid foundation, the tool offers ease in building analyzes and dashboards, simplifying the process of monitoring information, making decisions and executing actions at the appropriate time. This enables more effective data management and an agile response to the company's needs.

The solution of Cortex specializes in mapping critical market-related information, identifying trends, purchasing patterns and business opportunities. This market analysis provides sales teams with actionable insights that enable data-driven strategic decision-making, resulting in greater success in customer acquisition and closing deals. This data-driven approach is fundamental to improving the performance and competitiveness of companies in the B2B market.

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Sources: Times, eWeek e Total.

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