The best sites to watch free movies online (2023). You don't need to spend money to watch series and movies online for free. Get to know several free streaming options that will do your pocket good

The best sites to watch free movies online (2023)

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You don't need to spend money to watch series and movies online for free. Discover several free streaming options that will be good for your pocket

A Netflix has become one of the main ways to legally watch content on your computer, smartphone or TV, but there is a catch: its access is exclusively paid. In addition to it, there are several other streaming services that also offer content for a subscription fee. But did you know that there are to watch movies online for free? All you have to do is access them and grab the popcorn.

Many companies invest so that you can have good online movie options now, where profit happens through ads that are displayed on the platform. Thinking of taking you out of boredom and offering alternatives so you can watch movies and series online, we've put everything together in a complete list. Time to program yourself to have fun without paying anything for it! 


Being the second most accessed site in the world, being behind only Google itself (which by the way is its owner), there are several free online movies on YouTube. A negative point is that, unfortunately, it will not be possible to see such recent titles on the platform. But in case you are a lover of the classics, this is a great channel to watch movies online for free.

Youtube as an option to watch movies online for free
YouTube has a free option, but also rents recent releases

So forget about the concept that you have to be tied to a streaming service to be able to watch a good classic. O YouTube offers many online HD movie options, where the older the production, the higher the image quality. One downside is that as this is not organized, you can spend considerable time looking for that movie you love so much. But that's better than paying, right?

However, to get around this, there is the YouTube Movies, which allows you to watch feature films that have recently premiered. An interesting point is that here, despite the video platform also being one of the free streaming sites, it is also possible to rent films for a price that does not exceed R$ 30,00, as if you were in a large digital rental store. The most important part is that everything ends up being organized by themes, like the old establishments where we rented VHS tapes and DVDs did.


Despite being an option that is often overlooked by many people, the Vimeo can also be considered a great option to watch online and for free. as in YouTube, the older productions end up being the vast majority in this free streaming, but know that in Vimeo there are several free movies online in HD, where you just need to access the website or app and play without paying anything for it.

logo vimeo
Vimeo has free online movies and paid content

If you want to invest in the latest and highest quality options. you can also opt for the option On Demand do Vimeo. The coolest part is that 90% of the amount you pay goes directly to the team involved in the production. That way, all you have to do is make the payment, and it also encourages independent production in the audiovisual market.

Tubi TV

As a platform that has more than 10 free movies in its catalog, Pipes deserves to be mentioned in our list of free movie sites. The biggest attraction is that you just need to create an account and that's it, start watching in the browser and in the free movie app. Of course, the most famous titles are not in the Pipes, but this is constantly being updated and in a quick search we were able to find movies released in 2020. All for free.

Tubi tv on a smart tv
Tubi TV has films of different genres

To make the experience even more personal, you can also create lists with your favorite titles that are on the platform. But this option for free movies unfortunately does not offer subtitled content. This won't be a problem if you're familiar with the film's original language. It is possible to watch content through the browser, smartphone or tablet, as the developers have made available an application to watch movies for free.


Torrents are great ways to watch the movie you want so much and best of all, there is no need to download the files, as the application streams everything.

There is a wide range of public domain films to choose from and the latest theatrical releases can also be viewed within the Stremio.

Stream screenshot
Stremio is a good option for those who want to watch movies online for free (Screenshot: Alessandro Feitosa Jr./Showmetech)

The application is available for  Windows, MacOS, Linux, iPhones (iOS), smartphones and tablets Android and even to Android TV. although of having a good option to watch movies online for free, there are many series available in the Stremio catalog so you don't have to wait so long until everything is available on Netflix, Disney + or other official service.

O Showmetech has already done a complete article about the Stremio, be sure to check it out to learn how to use all the features.


Being more focused on people who are studying, the Kanopy gives you access to free movies. All you need to do is use your university or public library email to access the platform. It is worth remembering that here there are no ads between the movies and the experience is completely free. On the Kanopy website, it was explained that the zero cost is possible due to the partners (universities and public libraries) covering the amount necessary for the operation of the platform.

Kanopy as an option to watch movies online for free
Kanopy is free for students

A negative point of all this is that among all the options spread throughout Brazil, only the state University from Londrina is on our country's list of options. But this can be circumvented by submitting a form to the Kanopy, where your university just needs to join the platform. Productions like "Moonlight: Under the Moonlight“, winner of the 2017 Best Picture Oscar, are available on Kanopy.


Another option that should be mentioned in our list of sites to watch movies online for free is the plex, which has an interface completely in Portuguese. All you need to do to access the catalog with several movies is to sign up and that's it, you can watch without having to pay anything. And know that Plex is not just a site with feature films, where the platform also offers its own channels on various subjects.

Plex as an option to watch movies online for free
Plex has movies and live channels

O plex also offers a paid plan that brings some benefits, including the possibility to watch movies online for free in 4K, download content to watch without the need for internet and even HDR mapping, as well as access to trailers and extras. There is a monthly (R$ 14,99), annual (R$ 165,99) and lifetime option (R$ 499,99). This online movie site option is now available on both the web and PC (Windows and Linux) and Android and iOS phones.

SPcine Play

As another option that has an interface in Portuguese, the SPcine Play is a free platform developed by the Government of the State of São Paulo, which unifies films from the main shows and film festivals in this region of Brazil. Completely easy to use and with updates that happen at the same time as the premieres in special events, this platform has content for adults and children, where national culture is directly encouraged. Here, you can watch free movies.

Sp cine play as a website option to watch movies online free
Platform of the State of SP provides national content for free

Playback is done by the platform Looke and if you don't have an account yet, just create it quickly. For now, there is only the option to access the SPcine Play by browser, no dedicated app to watch free movies online

movies that fly

Flying movies as free movie option
Brazilian portal has content with audio description

Despite all the success, there are still many national productions that go unnoticed by the general public due to not appearing in the spotlight. One way to end this is to Films That Fly, which in addition to having feature films, also offers free online series and documentaries. Accessibility is a matter taken seriously by the free streaming platform, so there are also options for those who need content in pounds and audio description. Everything can be watched directly from the browser and there is no need to create an account on the site.

short at school

Like at school as an option to watch movies online
Website gathers educational content for free

If you came to this article looking for free movies with educational content, short at school and to you. Developed with a focus on offering pedagogical material for educators, there are several contents and indications on how to use them in the classroom. O short at school was developed within the short door, another site that allows everyone to watch movies online for free easily. Everything you need to do to get access to the short at school is to create an account and that's it, start earning content.

short door 

The best sites to watch free movies online (2023). You don't need to spend money to watch series and movies online for free. Get to know several free streaming options that will do your pocket good
The best sites to watch free movies online (2023)

As the first short-film portal in all of Brazil, another interesting option for those who would like to encourage national production is the short doors, focused on offering access to culture with nothing in return.

legally free

This one is an option for anyone who is looking for HD movies online in Spanish. With an interface and movies in this language, the Legally Free is a platform that organizes content that is already in the public domain or under the Creative Commons license.

Legally Free as an Option to Watch Free Movies Online
Prefer classics? Legally Free offers productions in Spanish for free

That way, all you have to do is go to the platform and watch movies online now, without paying anything for it. An interesting feature is that the contents use the YouTube playback player, so you just need to go to the title page and watch. There is no subtitle option, but if you're in the mood to learn Spanish, this might be an interesting option.

Argentine Cinema

Argentine cinema as an option to watch movies online for free
Site is focused on promoting productions that have already been through awards and festivals

Going deeper into films in Spanish, the site Argentine Cinema should be mentioned in our list. As you can imagine, here are unified contents produced by filmmakers from Argentina, who have already gone through their entire promotional tour at film festivals in the country. The website Argentine Cinema focuses on promoting the “life” of a production and putting it on a website so that it stays on the internet forever. There are three categories: Fiction, Documentaries and Shorts (small productions). To watch, just access your browser and prepare the popcorn.


Lgbtflix as an option to watch movies online free
Films, series and documentaries about LGBTQI+ audiences are the focus of this option

Representativeness will never be enough and one of the ways to encourage and allow everyone to have access to productions idealized by the LGBTQI+ public is to LGBTFLIX. With movies, series, short films and much more, all you need to do is access the platform and play the content you prefer. It is not necessary to create an account, as the platform does not have its own mobile application. But the browser operation is extremely assertive.


Another option that also focuses on the LGBTQ+ public is the revry, which despite having content that needs to be paid, also offers options for free. For those looking for a site to watch movies online for free, there are series, movies, documentaries, live programs and even musical concerts. One point that can be cited as a negative is that there are ads between everything that is displayed, in exchange for access to free streaming.

Revry as an option to watch movies online free
Site is focused on offering content to queer audiences

This can be easily circumvented by becoming an official subscriber to the platform, paying US$ 7 (approximately R$ 38,00) monthly, and there is also an annual option, which costs US$ 60 (approximately R$ 329,00). As with other options on our list of sites to watch movies online for free, it is not necessary to create an account to watch the contents of revry, but if you want to have everything saved, this is encouraged by the platform. There is an option to watch movies in the browser, as well as on Android and iPhone smartphones.


Libreflix as an option for websites to watch movies online
How about having access to Brazilian content without paying anything for it?

A free Netflix? This is the purpose of the site created by the Brazilian Guilmour Rossi, which unifies independent audiovisual productions. Best of all, anyone can collaborate so that the catalog gets bigger and bigger, always indicating a national production that has its exhibition rights released. The development code is also released so that market professionals can collaborate with the Libreflex.

In addition to working very well through the browser, there is also the option of using the Libreflex on a cell phone Android. There is also an application developed for Windows. It is true that you do not need to create an account in this option of our list of free online movie sites, but in the case of submitting a suggestion, you will need to create an account on the platform.

Archive. org
Classic movies are available for free

Working like a real time machine, the it's like a big server that manages to provide content that has gone offline. The options are great for those who love classics, where you can find movie content for free without difficulty. The themes are varied, where we can cite examples of movies without audio, animation and much more. All you need to do is log in and play, no need to create an account.

Classic cinema online

Another option for those who appreciate old productions, the Classic Cinema Online has a large archive that characterizes it as a free online movie channel/channels. Unfortunately, most of the films on this site are in English, where it is necessary to understand a little of this language to watch without problems.

Classic cinema online as an option to watch free movies online
Classic Cinema Online has options for those who prefer old movies (Screenshot: Victor Pacheco/Showmetech)

If you prefer, you can also buy the work on DVD through the website itself. The good news is that at this HD online movie site, you don't have to pay anything to watch free movies online either.


Another alternative of free online movie sites is contv. Being made available by Comic Con San Diego, there is a lot of content geared towards pop culture where you don't have to pay anything to watch movies online now. Just register with your own username and password to have access to everything. In addition to movies, comics, animated series and even anime are also available.

soon contain
Anime and comics are available on CONtv

Despite making content available for free, some platform options contv can only be accessed by paying a subscription that costs US$ 7,99 (R$ 42,88 in direct conversion). To do this, you need to download the application to Android ou iOS, not being possible to buy one of the plans through the browser.


Formerly a competitor of Netflix, but now as an option for those looking for that movie online, the NetMovies is an interesting alternative that has more than 3000 titles, ranging from national and international productions, the proposal is interesting and can get you out of boredom without the need to spend.

Screenshot of netmovies website
Previously, NetMovies was a paid option (Screenshot: Victor Pacheco/Showmetech)

A NetMovies also works on smartphones with Android e iOS, as well as an application for Windows. The same goes for Smart TVs, media player — like Rokuchromecast e Fire TV Stick — in addition to smartphones, with access via its own app. The company also guarantees that video games, such as Xbox e PlayStation, support content playback.

Screenshot of netmovies website
NetMovies has several movies that can be watched for free (Screenshot: Victor Pacheco/Showmetech)

This option, which is part of the list of free online movie sites, can pay itself only with the ads that are displayed while you watch a title that was on the platform. Remember that we mentioned that the NetMovies was paid? Previously, a monthly fee of R$ 18,90 was charged to have access to everything that is available, but this was left aside so that online HD movies were made available for free. It is possible to register up to three devices in one account, as well as this is also necessary for you to enjoy everything that is on NetMovies.

Pluto TV

being developed by ViacomCBS (owner of Nickelodeon, MTV, Paramount and Comedy Central productions), the Pluto TV stands out by offering content from these brands, and can be easily included in the list of free online movie channels/channels, also featuring series that were part of our childhood.

O Pluto TV It also has options for content being broadcast live, where you don't need to have an account to be able to enjoy everything on offer. But it will be necessary to go back to the beginning whenever you stop watching some production that is offered On Demand.

pluto tv channels
ViacomCBS option has movies, series and even animations

Among the options in Pluto TV, there are animes like super eleven e chaotic, as well as complete online movies and series only with audio dubbed in Portuguese. Making it even better, this option also works as a free movie app on smartphones, just like the browser version works great, also getting support for Picture-in-Picture. The same platform also works on devices Apple TV e Roku. O Pluto TV is Best site to watch free movies online dubbed in Portuguese.


Only available to US residents, Brazilians can even choose to use this option to watch free movies online, but it will be necessary to use a VPN, as the service is not available in Brazil. O showmetech already made a post teaching you how to use these tools, be sure to check it out.

The best sites to watch free movies online (2023). You don't need to spend money to watch series and movies online for free. Get to know several free streaming options that will do your pocket good
The best sites to watch free movies online (2023)

Back to Voodoo, the site offers the possibility for everyone who has internet to watch great classics of cinema, such as “Deu a Louca na Chapeuzinho”, “Vovó Zona” and much more. It is important to remember that despite providing free titles, there are ads in some parts of the content.

If desired, users of free accounts can choose to rent movies for prices ranging from US$0,99 to US$5,99. If you prefer to have the production saved to your account to watch whenever you want, investments cost between $4,99 to $24,99. Complete series can also be purchased on the platform, check out more information at official support page


Another site that can only be accessed by use via VPN due to not being available in Brazil is Popcornflix. Despite being confused with the popcorntime, which can be considered a piracy platform, the Popcornflix offers free movies that have ads in the middle of their showing as a way to pay the servers and generate profit for the developers. The website belongs to  Screen Media Ventures, distributor of independent films.

The best sites to watch free movies online (2023). You don't need to spend money to watch series and movies online for free. Get to know several free streaming options that will do your pocket good
Site belongs to the independent film distributor (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

It is not necessary to create an account to use the service and watch the content, but if you want to have a list of favorite movies on the platform, you can do so by creating an account with your own username and password. 

The platform is also a channel for those looking for classic series and here, it is important to have expectations aligned. like the Popcornflix is free, you will hardly find titles that have been released in recent years. But the good news is that the Popeye animated series is available, as are productions from Martin Scorsese e Stephen King can also be assisted at Popcornflix. Access right now: 

Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films
Productions are less than an hour long.

As the name implies, this option is more focused on international documentary fans. the best of all Top Documentary Films is that you don't need to create an account and provide information to the site once the content is released. Another positive point is that it is also possible to have access to the evaluation of the production before you even start watching. Finally, the player used is from YouTube, where loading does not depend on a secondary site. Your only job is to choose a good documentary (most of which are in English), where many of them don't last more than an hour.


Developed by the portal of the same name, the vix enter our list of online movie sites with several titles to please all types of tastes. Comedy feature films, thrillers, Latin (and non-Latin) romance, science fiction, and more. There are more than 1.500 hours of content for you to be entertained, where you don't need to create an account to keep up with everything on the platform.

How about having access to more than 1.500 hours of movies?

One of the negative points is that, due to the platform's requirement, you cannot select the type of audio and subtitles for the films that are in the catalog of vix. It also has platform compatibility. Fire TV, from Amazon, and Roku. If you are using any plugins or programs that block ads, you are asked to disable this in order for playback to take place. Remembering that you can watch everything that is on the platform can also be accessed by a cell phone with Android ou iOS through the applications for these devices.


Ending our list of options to watch movies online for free, we have the volelix. With an interface that resembles the Netflix, but that doesn't require creating an account or paying, all you need to do is choose a movie and watch it without any hassle. Here, the same goes for the other options that we mentioned in the list of online HD movie sites: most of the options are old content that has free distribution.

Interface has similarity with Netflix

You can add what you've watched to a favorites list, similar to what happens with Netflix, without having to create an account. Another point that we need to mention is that it doesn't have an app for smartphones, but you can watch everything through the browser without any problems. Examples are the 1941 Superman cartoon, Jack and the Beanstalk and other works that are foundations of the visual industry today.


Now it's time to offer a service that is offered to a specific target audience: otakus. As Crunchyroll it is possible to have access to a variety of anime – but not only that, through it you can also check out manga and dramas. Continuing our focus, which is video streaming - in this case, anime - Crunchyroll works through two modes, free and paid, for R$ 24,90 monthly.

chrunchyroll's logo
Chrunchyroll has a free option with many movies (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

If you choose the free account, you can access resolutions up to 480p, as well as advertising during the episodes and there is also a limit on access to the website's catalog. The paid account – which also has a 14-day trial – has full access to the catalog, provides up to 1080p quality for smartphones and also removes ads. The animes here are subtitled in Portuguese and are released almost instantly, with a delay of about an hour from the original version to the subtitled one.

Samsung TVPlus

Native to Samsung smart TVs, the Samsung TVPlus is an option for those who want to watch some channels via streaming. Through this feature, you can check out different types of channels, with different content, such as cooking shows, sports shows, gaming videos, news in general, travel shows and many others.

samsung tv plus logo
Samsung TV Plus also has free movie channels (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

It is completely free and all you need is a Samsung smart TV to enjoy the channels on offer. In addition to programs, you can also watch movies that are available on channels like Rakuten TV, which offers comedy films or the Pluto TV Movies, focusing on action movies. In the channel Planet Knowledge it is possible to check several documentaries and in the Engine vision, it is possible to check contents related to motor vehicles.

lg channels

Another suggestion to watch free content is the lg channels. It is native to some LG smart TVs and, through the partnership with the company Xumo, offers more than twenty options in television programming. Through the internet, and completely for free, you can check movie channels, news, sports, comedy, documentaries and many others.

Lg channels installed on an lg smart tv
LG Channels is the IPTV service that also features movies (Screenshot: Victor Pacheco/Showmetech)

All LG smart TVs that have the operating system WebOS 4.5 or higher already have this feature. Just have access to the internet and that's it, click on the LG Channel option, on your smart TV's menu, to browse the various channel options available. If it is still not showing, click on the gear, go to All settings, click on the Channel tab and then activate the LG Channels option, now you will be able to enjoy the catalog.


Funimation is another free streaming service aimed at viewing anime. It offers over 720 features, split between well-known classics and newly created content. You can browse the streaming platform and select according to genre and other filters that are available. The free service offers subtitled or dubbed titles – in English – and allows you to mess with the fonts and background, proving to be quite interesting for lovers of interface customization.

funimation website logo
Do you like animes? Funimation is a good option for those who can't afford it (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

Funimation is free, with no subscription required, but with ads that appear during episodes. Depending on the length of what you're watching, you can sometimes get caught up in three to five ads in a single episode. Similar to Crunchyroll, you can also subscribe to Premium Plus by R$ 24,90 to improve your experience, including the possibility of watching episodes dubbed in Portuguese, if the anime in question has this option.

Movies Found Online

O Movies Found Online does not host your content – ​​instead, the site displays free movies and videos from other sites in one place. Almost every catalog on this site is made independently, and the variety ranges from films, documentaries and even amateur short films that border on professionalism – and some are actually very well produced.

Screenshot of the website movies found online
Options that did not go to theaters are available for free (Screenshot: Victor Pacheco/Showmetech)

The site has a somewhat limited library compared to other suggestions already seen here, but if you are looking for something out of the ordinary, you will definitely find this content on this site. And like most free options – not just movies, but in general – here the ads are distributed all over the place, so it's worth a reminder.


With more than 8 million active users worldwide, Runtime is another one of those platforms that doesn't require any account so you can watch movies without needing to login. But you can have an account to record everything you watch.

Runtime home page
Runtime has several free movie options (Screenshot: Victor Pacheco/Showmetech)

The good news is that in addition to being a free online movie site, Runtime can also be considered an online TV channel site. To increase its presence in Brazil, there is the release of the full signal of Record News and other channels of comedy, action, romance and more. Go to the official website or download the apps:


The best sites to watch free movies online (2023). You don't need to spend money to watch series and movies online for free. Get to know several free streaming options that will do your pocket good
The best sites to watch free movies online (2023)

O Watch TV a Brazilian streaming service, to watch movies and series without having to download them. It has free option as well as subscription plans with a wide selection of content from different genres including comedy, drama, action, horror, fiction, romance, kids and much more.

You can save favorite movies and receive personalized suggestions for your taste, all in a practical and easy to use way.

Paid options for watching movies online

Most sites to watch movies online for free are focused on offering older content or content that was developed by small producers that do not have the support of large distributors. With that in mind, if you want access to the latest productions, many sites work with the rental service. For a price that fits in your pocket, you get access to movies that have recently hit the screens. Are they: sky cinema, Google Play MoviesPlay globeiTunes, Fox Films, YouTube Movies, Microsoft Movies and even Hail.

youtube movies
Paid options let you watch great productions without leaving your home

At the same time, with the interruption of feature film releases in theaters, many streaming services are anticipating the arrival of content so that profit also happens in the digital world. An example is the HBO Max e Disney +, which a while after the movie premiere, makes unreleased films available to its subscribers.

Known market options such as Netflix e Amazon Prime Video, they also have options that can be interesting and help you save on the price of movie tickets. The experience is similar to what we see on the big screens, where these companies are putting movies with immersive audio technologies.

Among the options to watch movies online for free that we mentioned in this article, which one would you use the most in your daily life? Comment below!

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