Microsoft 365 brings more security and connectivity to the home office

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Microsoft 365 solutions are designed to meet the new demands of the job market

During the Microsoft Ignite, event for IT professionals (Information Technology) and developers of Microsoft, the company announced some news in the Microsoft 365. The purpose of the changes is to ensure more connectivity and security during remote or hybrid work.

According to the company, the COVID-19 pandemic ended up accelerating the digitalization process within corporations, increasing the demand for cloud solutions, in order to maintain activities and, at the same time, guarantee the safety of employees. 

But Microsoft believes that changes in the job market are here to stay. according to Microsoft's Work Trends Index, more than 80% of leaders intend to maintain flexible policies after the end of the pandemic, while 70% of employees were inclined to accept the new work routine. In other words, it seems that hybrid work routines could become a reality in the coming years. 

In fact, Microsoft had already announced some solutions aimed at improving the work routine and productivity of employees during the home office, such as Microsoft Viva, a platform aimed at improving the employee experience

Microsoft Live
The Microsoft Viva platform also integrates Microsoft 365 solutions to improve the hybrid work experience

Thinking about offering even more solutions capable of improving the experience of companies and employees, Microsoft decided to reformulate Microsoft 365 to meet this new market demand. "To thrive in this new world of hybrid work, people and organizations need fluid, dynamic, cloud-based solutions," Microsoft said in a statement. Next, check out the main news of Microsoft 365.

Solutions that promise to improve team management and collaboration

One of the main novelties of Microsoft Teams is the increase in the limit of participants in webinars interactive events, allowing companies to organize internal and external online events with up to 1.000 participants. But until June 30, 2021, Microsoft will allow up to 20 people to follow the broadcast of events online. In this case, interaction between participants will not be allowed, just follow the transmission. According to the company, after that date, the participation of a maximum of 10 thousand participants will be released. 

Microsoft 365
Microsoft Teams Connect offers more collaboration and interaction features between teams

Microsoft informed that it intends to adopt, soon, the solution Dynamics 365 Marketing, which allows you to manage information about participants of online events. already the Microsoft Teams Connect promises to improve team collaboration and offers features such as chat, document sharing and co-creation, and project collaborations. Microsoft Teams Connect is expected to be available by the end of 2021.

Solutions to improve the quality of meetings

Some new features in Microsoft Teams promise to improve the team experience during meetings and project presentations, such as the Microsoft PowerPoint Live. The solution allows the person responsible for conducting the presentation to customize the display of content, thus creating a more dynamic meeting. The audience can also follow the presentation anonymously, going back through the slides whenever they want, without interfering with the presentation. 

Microsoft 365 brings microsoft powerpoint live
Microsoft PowerPoint Live, in addition to improving the look of presentations, offers more dynamic presentations

If the meeting is being streamed through Microsoft Teams, you can share the presentation screen via QR Code. Participants only need to scan the code to participate in the event, and can even choose the desired caption, in case of global events. There are more than 60 languages ​​available. Microsoft also announced the way dynamic view. With the dynamic view, all the content of the presentations will be automatically organized in order to improve the visual experience of the participants. 

Microsoft Teams Solutions for the Hybrid Workday

In order to improve meetings during the home office, Microsoft announced that it will adopt a new preview mode for the Team Rooms, including Together mode, allowing all participants in a meeting to be able to see each other more easily. 

The company also announced during Microsoft Ignite, the launch of new smart speaker which promises to identify and recognize the voices of up to 10 people in a meeting held by the Microsoft Teams Room. That way, it's easier to know who said what during meetings. 

microsoft speaker
During the Microsoft Ignite event, the company announced the launch of new devices such as the smart speaker

The company launched a Dell monitor and the Poly 21, which have built-in speakers, light, camera and microphone, and promise to improve the experience for Microsoft Teams users. And finally, the new webcam with integrated light, which has integrated light, the Aver's Cam 130, which can help improve image quality during video conferences. 

More security in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365

In order to improve the security of Microsoft Teams, new security requirements will be adopted for commercial customers throughout this year, such as support for edge encryption. e2ee for 1:1 connections. Ensuring more protection and confidentiality in online conversations between teams. 

Microsoft will also adopt the security architecture Zero Trust. Basically, Zero Trust assumes that no enterprise user or equipment is 100% trusted, which can expose the network to internal or external intrusion. To improve security, Microsoft announced some new features such as threat analysis in Microsoft 365 Defender, which can help mitigate and prevent threats.

Passwordless authentication, both for cloud and hybrid environments, ensuring more security as it is no longer necessary to enter passwords to login. As Azure AD it will be possible to access data by biometrics, through the app Microsoft Authenticator, Windows Hello for Business or with a FIDO2 security key from Microsoft partners. In addition to Temporary Access Pass which allows retrieving or configuring user credentials through temporary code.

Other news for 2021

Another feature arriving this year is the UniversalPrint. Microsoft's universal printing system will allow employees to print documents from different places, as long as they are connected to the internet and authenticated to Azure AD. O Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo will also be available for Brazil. From now on, customers can store information from the OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online e Exchange Online in one of the available geographic regions.

Source: Microsoft

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