Microsoft and linkedin launch 350 free training courses. Free training courses will be offered online, and can also be downloaded so that learning can be done whenever and wherever the student wants

Microsoft and LinkedIn launch 350 free training courses

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Free training courses will be offered online, and can also be downloaded so that learning can be done whenever and wherever the student wants

The arrival of a new year can be a good time to start free training courses and to help those who cannot pay for it, but still want to grow in the professional market, Microsoft e LinkedIn expanded the “Pathways to learn skills on the job” program, which, in addition to courses, will provide 50 LinkedIn Premium subscriptions worldwide.

In Brazil, there are 63 contents completely in Portuguese, but those who have knowledge in English can access the courses completely free of charge. The certification of another 48 courses will be available directly via the LinkedIn🇧🇷 Check out all the details and how to apply right now.

Jobs with high demand

With data from LinkedIn e Burning Glass Institute, Microsoft managed to identify that there are six positions that most need people:

  • Administrative assistant;
  • Project Manager;
  • business analyst;
  • System administrator;
  • Software developer;
  • data analyst.

To help put an end to this demand and also provide training for people of all ages to get the vacancy they so desire, the creator of Windows offered courses and certificates that can be issued in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.

Continuous learning is a necessary skill in this scenario of constant changes in which there is a greater demand for workforce qualification to deal with emerging technologies. to keep themselves
competitive in their industries, professionals should focus on adding in-demand skills that will serve both in their current jobs and in the pursuit of new opportunities. In this sense, the partnership
with Microsoft is a practical example of how we are committed to contributing to this learning journey within the platform.

Milton Beck, General Manager of LinkedIn for Latin America.

All content is available online and can be considered introductory, but at the same time, they are the first step for those who have never worked in the digital field. Here's how it works: Once students complete learning paths, they'll receive LinkedIn digital certificates that indicate the candidate's knowledge of the skill set.

Accessing free training courses

Those who live in Brazil have access to 63 courses that provide work knowledge in the Microsoft 365, Work Optimization, Project Management, Data Analytics, Business Analytics Fundamentals, Digital Literacy and more. Courses are available at LinkedIn and Microsoft own page and registration can be done according to the user's interest.

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Courses can be downloaded so that learning can be done whenever and wherever the student wants (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

The courses developed specifically by Microsoft can be downloaded for free through the platform E-Learning (LMS) e Microsoft Community Training🇧🇷 Just click on the one you are most interested in and make the content to study whenever you want, as the download will start right away:

Digital Literature

Microsoft 365


Available since July 2020, the courses offered have already trained more than 1,3 million Brazilians and many students have gone further through education. The main learning paths were: Digital Literacy and Productivity, Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals, PowerApps, Power BI, Azure Fundamentals, Introduction to C# (C Sharp), Power Platform Fundamentals, Team Collaboration Management with Microsoft 365, and Security Threat Protection with Microsoft 365.

I am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Information Management Technology thanks to Centro POETA DigiSpark, which helped secure my entry into the industry and helped me expand my professional network. Today, I am developing my career in Computer Science, and I hope to become a Full Stack Developer and learn more about systems analysis.

Matheus Chaves, Front-End programmer and intern at IBM.

In addition to courses focused on specialization, the Microsoft will offer 50 Premium subscriptions to users worldwide. This will allow people to access LinkedIn Learning's 18+ courses and the goal is that by 2025, 10 million people will have been helped globally.

Which course do you intend to enroll? Tell us us Comment!

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