Microsoft and intel are already "preparing the ground" for windows 12. Completely based on AI, companies like intel and amd are already developing new processors to run the new features of windows 12 without problems

Microsoft and Intel already "prepare the ground" for Windows 12

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Completely based on AI, companies like Intel and AMD are already developing new processors to run Windows 12 without any problems

With no set release date, the Windows 12 already started to be developed by Microsoft and ready to run on processors from Intel and AMD. The challenge for companies is: the developer needs to work so that the AI capabilities function in a complete and most important, very functional way. On the other hand, the companies that develop the processors need to have technologies to deliver these AI advances to all users.

A Intel e Microsoft already working to make this desire a reality in a short time. Both companies have already given small previews that this work began a considerable time ago and the result should be announced in the not so distant future. See what is already known.

Windows 12 will be based on AI

Some details show us what to expect from Windows 12. starting with Windows 11 update to be released in March 2023, which takes the Bing with AI, announced for browsers in early February of the same year, to be a native part of the operating system. And that's just the beginning, as Microsoft's own head of consumer marketing, Yusuf Mehdi, mentioned that new versions are already being developed.

As we begin to develop future versions of Windows, we'll be thinking about other places where AI should play a natural role in terms of the experience.

Yusuf Mehdi, Head of Consumer Marketing at Microsoft

Other information that reinforces the rumors that the Windows 12 will be based on AI is that, Pyears Panay, during his passage through CES 2023, also assumed that artificial intelligence will reinvent the way of everything you do in Windows.

Windows logo generated by an artificial intelligence
Microsoft representatives have already mentioned that the company is investing heavily in AI (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

But for this to work, it is necessary that the next processors have the performance power to run AI resources without difficulty. It is for this reason that companies like AMD e Intel are investing a lot in processors with an area dedicated only to AI.

Meteor Lake is Intel's platform to improve AI

According to insider @leaf_hobby, known for leaking full specs on the company's new processors, the new family processors meteor lake will support Windows 12.

Intel logo next to windows 12 name
The company has its own platform to run a new version of the operating system (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

Other first information points out that this new generation of processors have 20 lanes of PCIe Gen5 and then support for the new version of the operating system Microsoft. The companies decline to comment on the leaks, but there's no denying they're moving towards delivering an AI-powered experience.

Forecast of launch in the family market meteor lakeand it's for late 2023 or early 2024. Little is known about performance power, but it will be built into the node Intel 4, with seven nanometers and this will also be its first “chiplet” with separate sections for CPU cores, integrated graphics and sections for input and output.

AMD has processor with dedicated NPU

A série Ryzen 7000 da AMD was announced in November 2022 and was one of the first to deliver AI capabilities in practice to its users. The first one was the possibility of changing filters and voice prioritization in the Windows Studio Effects, which enhances video calls through background blurring, external noise reduction, and more. For this to work, the processor must have a specific area for processing artificial intelligence tasks, also called NPU.

amd ryzen 7000 series chip
AMD is also working to have the power to run new Windows (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

The models of series Ryze 7000 da AMD are the first processors with x86 architecture with this dedicated AI engine, which further reinforces that Windows 12, which will also have AI capabilities, is already a reality and companies are already working on resources for the new operating system to work without problems.

Both AMD, as for Intel, still running to reach the Apple with its M2 chips. These chipsets have an area dedicated only to AI processing that does not need the CPU or GPU to work, which not only saves energy, but also allows the processing of 15,8 trillion operations per second.

When does the new operating system arrive?

A Microsoft went back to the pattern of releasing a new version of Windows every 3 years. like the Windows 11 was released in October 2021, it is expected that we will see possible news in 2024. It is important to remember that the current version continues to receive serious news and should not be discontinued anytime soon.

Possible logo of windows 12
New should be launched in mid-2024 (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

At the same time, as investments in artificial intelligence are happening at a rate never seen before in the technology industry, it is not surprising that Microsoft is starting to prepare the ground with CPU companies so that the resources based on artificial intelligence work smoothly. . It is certain that the Windows it will have AI-based innovations and we are just at the beginning of a new era.

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