Muzei: have a museum in the palm of your hand

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Muzei is a live wallpaper that every day features a new famous work of art.


Changing the background image can be an addiction or something you do when you bought the device and never again. But regardless of your profile, the M is an application that you should at least know about. Created by Roman Nurik, a design advocate do Google: M is a live wallpaper that every day features a new famous work of art.

For ease of viewing, the M makes the frames more faded while you don't want to see them completely. You can easily configure how blurry, dark or grayish you want the image to be. (https://inboundrem.com)


The name of the app comes from the transliteration of the word museum into Russian. The images are curated every day by the team at M with the support of WikiArt.org and the collaborators. But if you don't want to see so much culture, the app also lets you choose your favorite photos from your gallery or from other apps to use as your background.

As if that wasn't cool enough, the M is still developer-friendly, that is, it has the open code and still offers a API for you to build your own version. Several extensions are already available for the application, which runs on tablets and smartphones with Android 4.2 or higher, and since the last update at the turn of the year, in A also!

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