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Nintendo and TAG Heuer Create Mario Watch

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TAG Heuer and Nintendo team up to create the Mario watch, a smartwatch integrated into the company's Connect system, derived from Wear OS

In an unusual union of forces, the Nintendo and the Swiss luxury watch brand TAG Heuer created the clock Mario, inspired by the most famous mustachioed plumber in video games. The luxury watch, in addition to the design referring to the character, also brings the TAG Heuer Connected, the line of smartwatches of the brand, which brings countless digital functions to the user.

Super Mario Limited Edition

officially called Super Mario Limited Edition, Mario's new watch has an interesting inspiration. The CEO himself Tag Heuer, Frederic arnault, comments that the Nintendo character evokes action and perseverance, as he is very active and never gives up on his quest for the princess Peach, from the first Super Mario Bros.., 1985. In his own words:

“The inspiration for this collaboration came from our desire to play and bring excitement to our new wellness app and Super Mario instantly came to mind. And it wasn't just its international and intergenerational appeal that ensured this. Mario is the ultimate super-active character whose perseverance and tenacity get him out of every situation. The new hero watch face brings this iconic character to life and encourages users to team up with Mario to get out and be more active.”

Frédéric Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer

The design, then, was inspired by chronographs, in addition to the Nintendo character. The idea, after all, is to encourage user activity, so the functions and appearance of the watch are designed to perform while being functional in sports. The integration of the video game theme with the TAG Heuer Connected, therefore, it was quite crafted. It is worth remembering that the company's system provides its connected services through the Wear OS, from Google, using it for sports services, such as the application TAG Heuer Sport, and health, such as the function Wellness:, which helps users keep fit. For those who practice golf, there is also the TAG Heuer golf, which lends itself to improving game strategies.

The Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch, with its super mario-inspired exterior design and display
O SmartWatch TAG Heuer Connected, with its Super Mario-inspired exterior and display design

interactive screen

The digital incentive to play sports is an essential part of the partnership between Super Mario and TAG Heuer Connected, culminating in the digital creation of the character on the screen of the smart watches. Here's how it works: in the morning, Mario appears on the clock screen, waving to you as a “good morning”. As the day goes on and you increase your step count, new character animations are unlocked, at every 25% of the daily step target specifically.

O boost Mario's super mushroom increases the plumber's stature in the second stage; in the third, Mario comes out of one of the game's pipes; in the fourth, the star power-up makes him invincible, and in the last stage, Mario climbs the finish post, like at the end of the game's levels. Interesting way to encourage the user, isn't it?

Unlockable mario clock stages show the character doing activities from his games
Unlockable Mario watch stages show the character doing activities from his games


The limited edition of TAG Heuer Connected Super Mario includes other elements inspired by the character: the clock screen, called "Timekeeping", got a reworked version in pixels inspired by the first game, from 1985. Two versions of the Heuer 02 screen also received inspired remodels - one of them bringing red and classic blue and a more discreet one, with details of Mario's red cap. The neural network, present in the Orbital screen of the SmartWatch, also received game elements, such as the stars, which rotate around the time dial.

Orbital screen of mario's clock, with the stars of the game orbiting the dial
Orbital screen of Mario's watch, with the game's stars orbiting the dial

On the physical outer part of the clock of the Mario, design elements were also included, to make the piece unmistakable to fans of the series. The bezel graduation, snaps and crown logo have been coated in the plumber's red cap color. The steel case comes with two interchangeable straps, one being in black leather over red rubber and the sportier alternative being in perforated rubber, in the same classic red color as Mario.

The "M" of the character's name, straight from the games, is engraved on both the buckles of the bracelet and the crown of the watch. The threaded caseback bears the special inscription “TAG Heuer x Super Mario Limited Edition”, leaving no doubt about the model of the smart watches.

The luxury limited edition TAG Heuer Connected Super Mario will hit the brand's physical and digital stores on July 15, at the price of $2,1 thousand (about R$10.650 at the current quote).

Technical specifications

ModelTAG Heuer Connected x Super Mario Limited Edition
Reference SBG8A13.BT6247
Diameter45 mm
Thickness13,5 mm
Water resistanceUp to 5 ATM
Battery430 mAh, duration of about 20h (with 1 hour of activity)
and 6h with sports use (GPS, heart rate and music)
charging time Full charge in 1h 30min at temperatures between 15°C and 45°C
EmbeddedHeart rate monitor, compass, accelerometer, metrics and recorded activities
Caixasteel box
Screw-down caseback with “TAG Heuer x Super Mario Limited Edition” inscription
Super Mario red lacquer applied to bezel graduations
Red lacquered push buttons
Mario M symbol engraved on the crown, in red lacquer
Braceletquick change system
Black leather strap on red rubber
Additional perforated rubber strap, in Mario red
Steel buckle clasp, engraved with Mario's M symbol
Price$2,1 thousand (about R$10.650)

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Source: TAG Heuer

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