New Beatles song made with AI is now available

New Beatles song made with AI is now available

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New Beatles song began to be created in the last century and was completed by AI

This Thursday (02), a new song from the British rock group The Beatles was produced and made available using technology AI (Artificial Intelligence). Titled now and then, the song received a music video through the band's official YouTube channel.

After 53 years, the song was played for the first time on BBC radio at 14pm (local time) and simultaneously released on digital streaming platforms to the world. In addition to the song, the mini documentary Now and Then – The Last Beatles Song was made available on YouTube, presenting relevant information about the demo developed in 1970 by John Lennon. It is important to highlight that thanks to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to “revive” the voices of influential singers who have passed away.

The History of The Beatles' AI Music

The song's moving story began in late 1970, where John Lennon had recorded the first demo version using piano and vocals. 14 years passed after his death and Yoko Ono, the singer's widow, handed the recording to members Rico Starr, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. Only in 1994 did the group come together to launch the project Anthology with new songs Real Love e Free as Bird.

During an interview with Q Magazine in 1997, Paul McCartney revealed that George Harrison did not approve of the song now and then, being excluded by the team on their release album.

With the help of software developed by filmmaker Peter Jackson and his team, John Lennon's voice was generated by Artificial Intelligence and used in the series Get Back, now available on the streaming platform Disney +.

New Beatles song made with AI is now available. New Beatles song began to be created in the last century and was completed by ia
The Beatles in historic photo. Reproduction/Wikimedia Commons

The history of the group The Beatles

The British rock band Beatles was formed in 1960 by members Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison in the city of Liverpool. Using classical elements with different musical genres, the band became one of the most successful groups in rock with a list of awards and nominations received by the Grammy Award for best album of the year, best video and best new artist. In just a decade of creation, the band became a global trend and a symbol of pop culture with impressive results and invaluable sales.

On December 8, 1980, lead singer and member of the group, John Lennon, was murdered outside his building at the age of 40. The gunman is known as Mark David Chapman and was arrested shortly after committing the crime and surrendering to the authorities. The news of his death became one of the most talked about topics of the decade and his loss shocked members and fans around the world.

On November 29, 2001, guitarist and member of the group, George Harrison, died at the age of 58, a victim of lung cancer. Two years before his death, a man with schizophrenia attacked the musician with a kitchen knife and stabbed one of his lungs.

New Beatles song made with AI is now available. New Beatles song began to be created in the last century and was completed by ia
The new AI-powered song is a big step into the future. Reproduction/YouTube

In addition to the release of the new song, the single love me do was made available with a new mix on digital platforms. On November 10, 2023, the records The Beatles 1962-1966 and the The Beatles 1967-1970 will be re-released with the biggest hits from the band's entire career. The release of the song now and then It's a big step towards producing new songs using Artificial Intelligence and a gift for long-time fans and newbies passionate about the group!

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