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ASUS' New Global Ambassador Is Wonder Woman

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A booster with superpowers.

ASUS decided to ask for help Justice League, summoning none other than the Wonder WomanGal Gadot, to be their new global ambassador/poster girl.

The video released today by the Taiwanese company is very short. Basically, we see a notebook da ASUS being closed by the actress, who looks at the camera with a mischievous smile. After that, the words "unleash your creative ” (unleash your power creative, in good Portuguese) appear on the screen, followed by Computex Taipei and the date June 5, 2018. Check on the ASUS Facebook page.

Computex Taipei is the affectionate name of Taipei International Information Technology Show, a computer exhibition held annually in Taipei, Taiwan. It is one of the biggest events in the area in the world. (https://www.solidstonefabrics.com/) You don't need to be a great expert in the area to speculate that the ASUS  will launch a new line of its family of laptops Zenbook. After all, every year new models are shown on the Computex. More interesting than that is to imagine if the Gal Gadot will attend the event, and if she goes there with her invisible plane.
wonder woman at asus
We will know on June 5, 2018.


the movie of Wonder Woman so far the only film in the cinematic universe of DC to be well received by critics and the public. He managed to please the spectators more than the blockbusters Batman vs. Super manJustice League, which led the lady Gadot to stardom and even encouraged DC to change the mood of the film Justice League for something more poppy and less dark.
Gal Gadot She was also a poster girl for the Huawei, which shows that she likes technology. Or, more likely, that companies in the sector are taking advantage of the girl's popularity in the community. geek to invest in it. They are right and we are grateful. By the way, how much is a ticket to Taipei?

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