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The event has been taking place since last Friday and runs until tomorrow, September 5th; check out all the ads with us!

When it comes to technology, usually the first acronym that comes to mind is that of CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, which takes place every year in Las Vegas, but this is not the only event worth noting; The IFA, which takes place in Europe, is also responsible for a good part of the news in this field, and we will summarize here everything that was announced there.

The traditional event has been held in Berlin since 1924 and always brings the latest cutting-edge technological innovations. This year was no different: the IFA 2023 opened its doors to the public on September 1st, but the press had the opportunity to see all the hot news in technology since last Wednesday. 

There's a little bit of everything there, from innovations in sound systems to vacuum cleaners, so hold on tight and we'll give you a rundown of everything that's being shown at this prestigious event. Remembering that much of what we will talk about was shown for the first time on IFA and that there is no date to reach the market.

Dolby Atmos Flex Connect

Ifa 2023
Dolby's big bet to revolutionize home audio is Atmos FlexConnect. (Image: Double)

Dolby, one of the giants in the domestic sound systems market, together with TCL, brought to IFA o Atmos FlexConnect, a new technology that will allow a wireless connection between external speakers compatible with your TV, creating a spatial audio environment consistent with the company's Atmos standard.

The big footprint of Atmos FlexConnect, by far, is that Dolby is promising a much less rigid system regarding the positioning of specialized speakers, as they do not necessarily need to be symmetrical, as shown in the photos that the manufacturer released at the event.

The idea with this new sound system is that you can place speakers compatible with the Atmos FlexConnect anywhere in the room of the house where the TV is located, being more flexible with its current environment, instead of forcing consumers to change the configuration of their furniture or even mount the speakers on the walls. 

The example used by Dolby is the suggestion of perhaps placing one of them on a shelf, while the other is on a small table next to the sofa; Regardless of the choice, the promise is that the system will work perfectly, according to TCL, whose space at the event provided a testing area for the new Dolby system.

Further details on the Atmos FlexConnect will be released soon, such as price and availability. The expectation is that we'll know more about it when TCL and Dolby announce their lineup for next year.

Bosch Eyes Outdoor Camera II

Ifa 2023
Orwell's surveillance eyes are on full swing at IFA 2023, with Bosch and other manufacturers. (Image: The Verge)

Bosch, a traditional manufacturer of domestic utensils such as drills and screwdrivers, has unveiled the new version of the Bosch Eyes Outdoor Camera, her second attempt at offering an ambient lighting system. In addition to having a distinctive design, it will bring colored light to any type of environment, and it won't be a little thing: around 1.100 lumens of power, not to mention the security camera, which can record the internal circuit at 1080p.

The entire security system will be controlled directly on the cell customer, who will have access to the camera application and its recordings. Another feature of the Bosch product is the intercom, which allows the device to be used as an electronic home intercom. Still without any release date outside European territory, the Bosch Eyes Outdoor Camera II it will cost around 320-350 euros and will be available in two colors, black and silver. 

NXTPAPER technology

Ifa 2023
TCL's new phone models featuring NXTPaper technology. (Image: TCL)

Manufacturer TCL is betting big on its new technology NXTPAPER for LCD and smartphone displays, which reduces the amount of blue light emitted by their screens, even though they still use the LCD system. 

With an anti-reflective coating and a matte finish, the new NXTAPPER 40 5G is sporting a 90Hz display that goes up to 500 nits of illumination during IFA 2023. Remembering that the technology, for the first time shown in the IFA 2020 in test format, will be available for purchase in Europe this month, in 4G format, for 199 euros. 

The alternative with 5G, in turn, will hit stores next month, and will cost around 246 euros. TCL revealed that the new models will eventually arrive in other regions of the world, such as the United States, in early 2024.

Roborock vacuum cleaners

Ifa 2023
The Roborock range of vacuum cleaners. (Image: Roborock)

If you've ever dreamed of having your own Rosie, the robot maid Jetsons, another step was taken by Roborock with its automated vacuum cleaners. Unprecedented on the market, the company brought new models of its products to the IFA 2023 in the form of Q5 Pro, Q8 Max and the Dyad Pro Combo, the latter a combination of dry and wet vacuuming.

Roborock robot vacuums feature a new LiDAR-powered system that increases the devices' capacity by more than double that of previous models, giving them more suction power, not to mention the most advanced feature called DuoRoller, which has powerful brushes to assist in the cleaning process.

This is all accompanied by a new application to control domestic cleaners at a price, Roborock promises, to be lower than the other models currently on the market. O DyadPro, in turn, is a vertical and multifunctional vacuum cleaner that has the ability to transform itself, taking the more traditional stick shape. A true transform, by the way!

Anyone who wants to invest in these new features can now prepare their pockets: the Q line, that is, the most accessible from Roborock, will be launched in October this year, with its Q5 Pro coming out at around 429,99 dollars without the support base, while with it the so-called Q5 Pro Plus will cost $699,99. 

Already Q8 Max will cost around 599,99 dollars in its version without the charger, or as the Q8 Pro Plus, around $819,99. O Dyad Pro Combo will retail for $659,99.

Mophie Qi2 magnetic cell phone chargers

Ifa 2023
New line of chargers from Mophie. (Image: Mophie)

Mophie is bringing three new models of magnetic chargers for mobile phones, all compatible with 2W Qi15 technology: the Snap Plus Powerstation Mini Stand, which will cost $69,95, the Snap Plus 3-in-1 Stand, with the tag of $129,95 and the Snap Plus Wireless Charging Vent Mount, at $69,95. All without a specific release date, but confirmed to come out later this year.

The question remained whether these new chargers will work with Apple devices, but rumor has it that the manufacturer will enable support for 15W, without the system MagSafe wireless charging with the arrival of iPhone 15, as the second generation of Qi technology includes Apple's pin and magnetic positioning similar to the devices in the little apple.

Update Yeelight Cube Smart Lamp

Ifa 2023
Make your streams more colorful with this update. (Image: The Verge)

If your passion is to tune your computer case, we have good news: Yeelights will bring a new update to the Cube Smart Lamp, which currently costs $76, for the modular light system to show real-time counts of your fans during live streams on YouTube and Twitch.

O setup Luminous already displays a clock on the four light cubes inside the case that can now be synced with both live streaming sites to display the number of people watching your live video while you are broadcasting. 

Streamers Brazilians can buy Cube Smart Lamp for the trifle of 384 reais directly through the website manufacturer, remembering that the product is already available and that this update will be implemented very soon.

Solar-charged Bluetooth speaker

Ifa 2023
The new Malibu, rechargeable by sunlight. (Image: Urbanist)

Urbanista brought to IFA 2023 your new speaker with solar charging technology. Following the lead of its two headphone models, the Malibu will be available for purchase later this month for $149.

According to the manufacturer's product director, Marten Sahlen, and marketing director, Tuomas Lonka, making Urbanista's launches the most energy efficient, not to mention their entire ecological aspect, is extremely important for the company, which has been developing equipment powered by solar energy.

With that in mind, the Malibu brings to market a speaker alternative that loses nothing in terms of capacity and efficiency, which Sahlen says is almost equal to the headphones released by them previously.

SwitchBot 10

Ifa 2023
The new vacuum cleaners in the cleaning line. (Image: Disclosure)

If robots in the form of vacuum cleaners didn't impress you much, well, SwitchBot is bringing an alternative to working from home when it comes to heavy cleaning. O SwitchBot S10 it is not a pickup truck, but a little robot with the ability not only to suck up dirt, but also to wipe the house with a damp cloth without the need for any intervention on the part of the user.

The device has a built-in system that sucks dirt out of the water, replacing it as needed in isolated tanks inside the robot itself and using a battery-powered water station, it connects directly to your home's plumbing system to work on its own and efficiently.

It leaves anyone impressed, as in addition to its facilities for replacing water, the device also has a However, that dries the cloth, completing the cycle of autonomy of the SwitchBot S10, without the need for any action on the part of the consumer. Well, not so much: every 70 days, the robot's owner will have to empty its dust container, but that's it.

Honor's V Purse

Ifa 2023
Cell phone as a fashion item. (Image: Disclosure)

The premise of V Purse is to make the foldable cell phone a fashion statement for its users. Honor brought this idea to IFA 2023 alongside the Honor Magic V2, the new smartphone that folds, introduced this year in China.

With V Purse, Honor hopes to show that there are many possibilities for foldable devices, even if it does not reach the market as a product. On the other hand, the Honor Magic V2 from the manufacturer will hit stores in the first quarter of 2024, with no announced prices, according to CNBC

Even more home security from Yale

Ifa 2023
More security with Yale products. (Image: Disclosure)

No, we are not talking about the famous and prestigious college, but rather Yale, a manufacturer of security systems exclusively for the European market. Along with a doorbell and camera, a new intelligent alarm system was also announced, along with new models of internal and external cameras, all part of a single automatic locking system and, of course, intelligent.

With Yale Smart Video Doorbell, Europeans who purchase it will be able to keep surveillance on the doors of their homes with video recordings in 1080p quality and 154 degrees of camera view. There are wired and wireless options for the device, not to mention the intercom system similar to that seen on the Bosch product, a live circuit of the images and night vision. There is also a notification system for movement on your doorstep and for anyone ringing your doorbell. 

O Yale Smart Video Doorbell hits the market later this year for a price of 219,99 or 159,99 euros, depending on the option chosen for wired or wireless communication.

Legions 9i

Ifa 2023
The new Legion is expensive but powerful. (Image: Disclosure)

Among the novelties brought by the manufacturer Lenovo to the IFA 2023 is the Legions 9i, the largest and most powerful notebook to come out in the Legion product line. It will arrive in October and cost an exasperating $4.399; To compensate for the high price, Lenovo is sparing no effort, throwing a lot of power into its new notebook.

To start the conversation, the 9i It will be the first note to have a 16-inch screen and an integrated liquid cooling system, unlike the normal one, which has air cooling, which conducts heat through pipes to a radiator. The new product will feature a system that uses water and a pump, which apparently is capable of leaving the new Legion much cooler than the competition.

Gamers around the world can be excited about Lenovo's new feature, as the new Legions 9i promises up to 230W of power, which is a really mind-boggling amount, especially for a laptop. It remains to be seen how everything will act outside the test environment, but if it depends on Lenovo, the 9i will leave your most demanding hair consumers standing on end.

Legion Go, Lenovo's portable bet

Ifa 2023
Yet another portable gaming device, now from Lenovo. (Image: Disclosure)

Speaking of gamers and portability, there is one more gaming option for the palm of your hand, also presented by Lenovo. This is the Legion Go, the first device of its kind compatible with Windows launched by the manufacturer. 

It will hit the market next month and will feature an 8,8-inch QHD Plus screen, an AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor and a 49,2Wh battery, somewhat larger than those of the ROG Ally and Steam Deck, its main competitors . And in a very similar footprint to the Nintendo Switch, its controls can be detached and used separately from the handheld.

With these advantages and its format that combines the capabilities of a ROG Ally with those of a Switch, the Legion Go, with its price of 699 dollars is Lenovo's bet to compete with the Asus alternative, both with Windows support, which gives them a lot of flexibility when it comes to program compatibility and of course games.

Samsung brings the kitchen to the palm of your hand

With the Samsung Food app, the South Korean company hopes to make life easier for its consumers when it comes to cooking. This has been the manufacturer's objective since 2016, when it launched a refrigerator with smart, relying on an Android tablet to control their systems.

Now, with the application, which has an updated version of Whisk, which since 2013 has been bringing innovations in the field of automating culinary activities, bringing more facilities to those who are looking for help when it comes to getting organized and getting their hands on dough, with recipes, choice of ingredients and even kitchen appliances.   

Robot lawn mower

Ifa 2023
Eat eat eat grass! (Image: Disclosure)

O Dreame Roboticmower A1 is the big news for those who don't have time to mow the lawn and need a little help. For the US market in particular, it seems to be a good choice, as it is capable of accommodating spaces of up to one acre.

The great advantage of the new device, which should hit the market in the near future with a price tag of around 2 dollars, is the independence of separate wires or sensors, as it has a LiDAR mapping system, which gives great autonomy.

Belkin Chargers

Ifa 2023
The new Belkind range of wireless chargers. (Image: Disclosure)

Another manufacturer betting big on battery charging technology for cell phones is Belkin, which brought to the event the new BoostCharge Convertible Qi2 Wireless Pad to Stand – big name, without a doubt – which will work both like a traditional Qi charger and without there being direct contact between the device and the cell phone, just holding its smartphone near him, which, according to the Verge, is excellent news due to the standby of the new iPhone 15.

Already BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad Qi2 features two recharging surfaces, one with 15W and the other with 5W, plus a port USB-C to charge a third device, such as an Apple Watch, via an optional dock.

Belkin announced that both chargers will be released later this year; O BoostCharge Pro Universal Easy Align Wireless Charging Pad 15W costs $39,99 and can be reserved now, while the BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad Qi2 will retail for $129,99, along with a USB-C dock for the Apple Watch. There will be a version without the accessory, and it will cost $79,99.

Launching in 2024 is the BoostCharge Convertible Qi2 Wireless Pad to Stand and will be priced at $59,99 on its label. 

Withings' new smart watch

Ifa 2023
Monitor your health with the new ScanWatch watch. (Image: Disclosure)

After three years without news, Withings brought not just one, but two new models of smart wristwatches to the market. IFA 2023. the first is the ScanWatch 2, which will cost $359,95. It is a hybrid product from the manufacturer that features a module with a thermometer that uses four sensors, a thermistor, a heat flow, a meter with green LEDs designed to measure the user's heart rate and an accelerometer.

Data from the four sensors is taken to an algorithm that uses them and data such as movement and skin temperature to provide important health information to whoever is wearing the watch. For those looking for a simpler option, there will also be the model ScanWatch Light, with fewer features, but not uglier for that reason, for $249,99.

Withings' projection is that both options will be available in stores from next month.

Xgimi's New 4K Project Is Brilliant, Literally

Ifa 2023
High-resolution projections arrived? It will be? (Image: Disclosure)

Newcomer to the home projector category, Xgimi, announced at the event the new model of its home projector, the Horizon Ultra, featuring the “world's first 4K projector with Dolby Vision”. Though the Verge reporter didn't make much of an impression, the projector showed bright, vivid images during its demonstration at IFA 2023

The new device uses hybrid Dual Light laser and LED technology as a light source to produce lumens of up to 2.300 ISO, a 27% increase in brightness compared to the previous version of the product. It is worth noting that all this capacity is measured directly on the lamp, and that when you move away from the device, the value decreases, especially when projecting the promised 200 inches, the maximum that the projector can support.

Not to mention the lack of a way to turn off individual pixels to achieve absolute black, which experts point out to be a reason to still not believe in the idea that projectors will be able to bring an image with noticeable HDR, even more so in this range. the price at which the new horizon ultra is now available for purchase at $1.699.

Jabra premium headphones

Ifa 2023
The more competition among headphones, the better for us, the consumer. (Image: Disclosure)

For those who are headphone fanatics, manufacturer Jabra must be a familiar name, despite its position as a traditional manufacturer of the product being under constant threat from Apple and Samsung. 

Despite the competition, the Danish company is making its presence felt in IFA this year, with two new high-end headphone options, each with a specific audience in mind. The main model, called Elite 10, will cost 249 dollars, and is about to become, Jabra estimates, the brand's best seller, bringing a comfortable headset with high sound quality. The second product, the Elite 8 Active Buds ($199), targets users looking for more durable headphones for use during physical activities. Both options, according to Jabra, are certified and classified, which guarantees the spatial sound quality of both models.

LG's suitcase

Ifa 2023
Anyone looking for portability, is this the solution? (Image: Disclosure)

What can probably be considered one of the most different products, so to speak, at this year's event in Berlin is the LG briefcase whose name is StandbyME Go. Costing the low price of 999,99 dollars, it is a suitcase capable, at least according to LG itself, of providing a complete experience of games.

A monitor can be rotated inside the suitcase and placed upright, with an HDMI and USB input, as well as a power outlet for the built-in battery, which has a three-hour charge. There's even a little space for the TV remote control for when the screen is stored for transport.

The total weight of the LG suitcase is around 14 kilos and the LCD screen has an image quality of up to 1080p, which falls well short of other monitor options from the same manufacturer that easily reach 4K and are OLEDs. A StandbyME Go is now available for reservations on the manufacturer and will hit the market officially on October 16th.

Eve Play

Ifa 2023
Pair multiple smart gadgets at once with Eve Play. (Image: Disclosure)

Eve's new AirPlay 2 receiver, the Eve Play, the manufacturer's debut in the audio business, will hit the market on November 14, costing US$150. The product's focus is on sound fanatics, who despite the product's high price, will find plenty to enjoy among both analog and digital connection options.

Not to mention the 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi frequencies, an internet cable input and a DAC, which is nothing more than a digital audio converter for analogue format. You can also adjust the latency between speakers automatically or manually using the application, in order to leave your environment perfectly balanced.

If one headphone wasn't enough, there's another one from JLab

Ifa 2023
And give him more fluff! (Image: Disclosure)

The competition for the best headphones remains fierce, and JLab enters the fray to make things even hotter with its Jbuds Mini, at an extremely competitive cost price of $39,99.

The manufacturer's bet is on 5,5 hours of uninterrupted audio, which can be automatically connected to your computer or cell phone via bluetooth. Runtime increases to 20 hours after a full charge within its However,. You Jbuds Mini they are waterproof and sweatproof, and have audio functionality that lets you better hear your surroundings; on the other hand, they do not have any anti-noise function. 

New JBL speaker

Ifa 2023
The beautiful soundbox of the new JBL line speaks many languages. (Image: Disclosure)

JBL brought to the Berlin event a new line of speakers, Authentics. Clearly inspired by classic L-100 designs from the 1970s, they bring great sound quality and broad support to the range of audio services. streaming and technologies derived from sound.

The great promise of this new line is the simultaneous integration of both Alexa voice services and the Google Assistant, which during tests carried out by Verge at IFA, did not pass so much confidence, which JBL itself made clear that it was a test of a feature that may or may not be present in future products.

Box models vary in price and features. A Authentics 200, the cheapest option in the line, will cost $329,99, while the largest and most powerful Authentics 500, with a larger, more powerful subwoofer and Dolby Atmos support, will retail for $699,99. 

Already Authentics 300, a mid-range option, with capacities between the previous two, and the only one to have a rechargeable battery lasting up to 8 hours, will be priced at 429,99. All models are available from the 15th of September on the market.  

Anker wireless charger

Ifa 2023
Anker and another wireless device charger. (Image: Disclosure)

It's not just automated vacuum cleaners and headphones that are vying for consumers' attention in IFA 2023. Anker brought a new Qi2 charger to the event called MayGo, whose promise is to support the new iPhone 15, which, as already mentioned, will possibly use technology to charge its battery.

For the enlightened on duty, Aqara's lights will make them even more excited. With a diameter of 50 cm, the Ceiling Light TIM brings a ring of RGB light on the outside, which can be programmed independently of the rest of the device.

Aqara revealed that the product's light ring can be paired with other smart devices in your home to serve as a type of indicator, changing color according to the configuration used, for example to indicate a leak or open door in your home. home.

The product will be available later this year in stores around the world, but there is still no indication of values.

Another choice of ambient sound boxes

Ifa 2023
A stylish but expensive box. (Image: Disclosure)

The German company Sennheiser brought its new Ambeo Soundbar Mini to the event. At $799, it offers a less expensive option for those who found the $2.499,95 and $1.499,95 tags on the maker's previous products a bit over the top.

Even with a lower price, the Ambeo Soundbar Mini proved to be very dynamic during the IFA 2023. It has many of the basic features of other products from the manufacturer, such as sound surround 3D from Dolby Atmos, DTS: X, 360 Reality Audio e MPEG-H, not to mention the ability to pair with an over-the-top four Sennheiser Ambeo Subs, giving your sound some serious power.

Other product compatibilities are bluetooth, Spotify Connect, chromecast e AirPlay 2. It is already available for sale from the 1st. already the PartyBox Ultimate, the maker's colorful Dolby Atmos party speaker, will retail for $1.699,95 and launch in October.

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Text proofread by: Pedro Bomfim (04 / 09 / 23)

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