The image shows the home screen of the nvidia app, with the "discover", "game library" and menu.

NVIDIA App Launches to Optimize GPU Settings and Update Drivers

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New NVIDIA application replaces GeForce Experience and Control Panel, simplifying GP customization. See the details!

A NVIDIA launched this Thursday (22) the NVIDIA App, an application aimed at unifying your entire ecosystem. The application, classified by the platform as an “essential companion for creators and PC gamers”, promises to modernize and unify software such as NVIDIA Control Panel: GeForce Experience and the RTX Experience.

Furthermore, the company promises to simplify the process of updating the latest drivers, as well as facilitating the installation and discovery of new applications, such as GeForce NOW: NVIDIA broadcast and the NVIDIA OMNIVERSE, taking the user out of the search for drivers on the internet. 

Improve gaming and GPU settings in one place

The image shows the settings screen, unifying gpu and gaming settings in one place.
Unified game and GPU settings screen (Photo: Disclosure)

With a unified graphics card control center, the beta version of the new NVIDIA promises to integrate the GeForce Experience and the NVIDIA Control Panel, allowing you to centralize adjustments to game settings and drivers based on the GPU, CPU and system monitor. 

Furthermore, NVIDIA, at the request of players and content creators, created an easy way, with related topics and articles, for users to find the latest updates and relevant content.

Capture your best shots effortlessly 

The image shows the nvidia shadowplay screen, which aims to simplify video and screen capture.
NVIDIA ShadowPlay screen, simplifying screen capture and videos (Photo: Disclosure)

With NVIDIA highlights You can capture your biggest in-game moments effortlessly, ensuring your kill and victories are saved automatically and in the best quality, allowing videos, GIFs and screenshots in up to 8K HDR at 30 fps or 4K HDR at 120 fps with minimal reduction in the performance of your machine. 

Furthermore, the NVIDIA Shadow Play simplifies recording and sharing videos and screenshots, allowing users to instantly save the last 30 seconds of gameplay with the DVR-style Instant Replay

A new In-Game Overlay 

The image shows the overlay statistics screen, unifying features such as shadowplay, freestyle and highlights in one place.
Overlay statistics screen (Photo: Disclosure)

It does not stop there! O In-Game Overlay has also been redesigned, allowing users to access the Shadow Play, Freestyle, Highlights and other applications in a quick and uncomplicated way, all while playing or using other applications. 

In addition, it is possible to view performance and FPS statistics in real time, allowing the player to customize which statistics they want to view during the game with the shortcut Alt + R

Enhance the look of your game with AI 

The image shows the screen of a game with RTX HDR image enhancement, showing the comparison between the SDR image (original) and the HDR image (made by AI filters).
Game screen with RTX HDR enhancement (Photo: Disclosure)

And for those who have a video card GeForceRTX, you can customize the appearance of games with AI filters, allowing you to improve the brightness and image quality of games with the RTX Dynamic Vibrance, in addition to transforming SDR games into HDR with the RTX HDR, allowing better visual clarity and avoiding the lack of clarity of objects and colors in games. 

Game Ready news and updates 

Improved and redesigned drivers page containing related articles and easy-to-view topics, allowing users to find the latest updates quickly and easily.
Improved and redesigned driver screen (Photo: Disclosure)

And finally, the NVIDIA It also brings news and updates to Game Ready Drivers and Drivers Studio, bringing improvements to the page, with easy-to-view topics and related subjects, allowing users to more easily find the latest updates, as well as improving performance and gaming experience. 4 new games, Granblue Fantasy: Relink, Nightingale, Pacific Drive and Skull and Bones. 

To take advantage of the beta version of NVIDIA app and all its news just click here.

reviewed by Glaucon Vital in 22 / 2 / 24.

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