What is 8k tv? Understand high resolution technology

What is 8K TV? Understand high resolution technology

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We explain how this new technology that offers more resolution works and we also present some 8K smart TV models. Check out!

Possibly you have heard of smart TV 8K, but do you know what this new technology means? In short, 8K offers the best image resolution available today, offering a more realistic experience than the previous quality, 4K. () Today we will show you a little more about this technology and we will also comment on some models of smart 8K TVs for you to check out.

The technology of 8K

When we say that a smart TV has 8K resolution we are referring to the amount of pixels that she owns. In this case, the smart 8K TVs have 7.680 pixels horizontally and 4.320 pixels vertically, totaling about 33 million pixels on the screen. 8K resolution came to replace another technology that also delivered a lot of competence — and still does today — 4K, and before 4K there were screens with resolution in FHD (Full High-Definition, something like “Completely High Definition”, in free translation).

8k is sixteen times bigger than full hd (play: pcmag)
Comparison between Full HD, 4K and 8K (Playback: PCMag)

8K TVs are classified as UHD, that is, these being in “ultra-high definition” containing 4 times more pixels than one smart 4K TV. This means that the image will be reproduced clearer, more detailed and sharper. This is possible because the pixels of these screens are so small that it's hard to tell them apart even when they're very close to the device, and the more condensed, the more realistic the immersion experience. And compared to the FHD, 8K resolution is 16 times higher.

8k is sixteen times bigger than full hd
8K is sixteen times bigger than Full HD (Playback: Samsung)

Another curiosity is about the PPI (pixels per inch), since the more pixels there is in an area, there will be even more density of pixels. When the PPI number reaches around 50, the user will be able to enjoy different types of content reproduced by these screens. Having this base, let's check how many PPI there are in each of the following resolutions: FHD, 29 PPI; 4K, 59 PPI and 8K, 117 PPI — assuming these screens are at least 75 inches. The indicator for 75-inch screens is because the larger the screen and the more condensed the pixels, the better you will see the images in 8K.

Should I buy an 8K TV?

Despite the more timid arrival of 8K technology in Brazil, the smart 4K TVs are still a good alternative. In terms of values, for example, the smart 8K TVs are currently priced very similarly to 4K TVs when they first came out. Obviously, some aspects must be taken into account, especially around the technologies offered, that is, the more current the device you intend to buy, the more expensive it will be.

Reproduction: Robb Report

Some things can weigh on your choice, besides the value, of course: your need of having an 8K TV or if you are a adept of new technologies and insists on trying out a smart TV with the latest technologies released. If you want to buy one smart 8K TV or if you're just curious to know what they can offer — in addition to the best resolution currently —, let's take a look at models that are sold in Brazil:

LG NanoCell 8K 55NANO95 55″

Our list is sorted in ascending order of value, that is, the first 8K TV suggestion, the LG NanoCell 8K 55NANO95 it is the cheapest of them. That LG invests heavily in offering technologies in its devices, including in smart TVs are nothing new, and it wouldn't be surprising to see the company have an "entry" 8K TV model. The technology Nanocell exclusive to LG it is composed of several nanoparticles that serve to refine and filter the color, offering more real and vibrant colors.

Playback: LG

Discreet, this smart tv com 55 inches it can still serve as a piece of art on the living room wall, also acting as a painting, even with the help of its thin edges. Various apps from streaming are available on this device, including Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV e Amazon Prime Video. In addition to serving 8K resolution, this smart TV still has DolbyVisionIQ, artificial intelligence that can calibrate the reproduced image according to the environment and content.

Model has thin edges (Reproduction: LG)

Os Gamers can also enjoy the best of 8K! THE smart TV LG NanoCell 8K 55NANO95 also has the feature Game Optimizer which is able to adjust game settings so that they are optimized in the best possible way. Among other resources we can also mention the commands of the voice assistants, being possible to connect with the Alexa, Google Assistant and the voice assistant of the LG.

You can find the smart TV 8K LG NanoCell 8K 55 NANO95 by R$ 8.240 at Ponto Frio.

Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN700A 65″

Following our list, let's check out another smart 8K TV made by another tech giant, the Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN700A. With 65 inches the screen of this smart TV is from Neo qled samsung on a panel of Mini LEDs, all resulting in a thinner device with such precision of illumination that it is possible to see dark reproductions with a certain clarity of detail.

Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN700A (Image: Samsung)

Burn in, also called ghosting, a problem that affects many televisions around the world, is not a problem in this model — at least not in a decade — as the Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN700A has a 10-year warranty against this effect. Different from other screens widescreen, in a 16:9 ratio, this smart TV is ultra wide, being in 32:9 aspect ratio, granting more vision on both sides.

Neo Quantum 8K processor creates images with a high level of detail (Image: Samsung)

O Ambient Mode 4.0 turn this smart TV in a frame, and can become a work of art in any environment in which it is placed. Among the voice assistants available are the Google Assistant, Alexa (from Amazon) and the Bixby. As multiscreen you can also reproduce your screen smartphone directly in smart TV, viewing both screens at the same time.

You can find the 8K smart TV Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN700A by R$ 9.025 in the American Stores.

Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN800A 65″

The next model on our list is also from Samsung, let's take a look at smart TV Neo qled 8k qn800a. As with the previous model, this is an 8K TV that combines the technologies NeoQLED e Mini LEDs to offer an even more realistic result to what is being reproduced. This model also has a 10-year warranty against the effect Burn in on the screen.

Neo QLED 8K QN800A (Image: Samsung)

A large screen also on the sides: this smart TV is ultra wide, with a 32:9 aspect ratio that gives you even more vision of what is being displayed. This feature is considered a great advantage for Gamers, for example. And speaking of games, the Neo qled 8k qn800a still has 120 Hz in refresh rate and FreeSync Premium Pro, which improve the timing in which games are played, offering a more fluid experience.

Sound in Motion: Audio that accompanies the movement of objects (Image: Samsung)

Your speakers have dynamic audio, that is, the emitted sound can be perceived by where it is reproduced, as a moving audio or 3D audio, are 4.2.2 channels with 70 Watts of power. In this smart TV it is also possible to use voice assistants such as Alexa (from Amazon), Google Assistant and the Bixby. Many features that we have already seen, such as the multiscreen, are also present.

You can find the 8K smart TV Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN800A by R$ 10.355 in the American Stores.

TCL X915 75″

Now let's check a model of smart 8K TV from TCL, X915. The screen 75 inches is ideal for 8K content and that's exactly what this model offers, having in its composition the technology QLED. O Dolby Vision is also present here, capable of bringing even more vivid colors to what is being displayed. The present voice assistant is the Google Assistant, which can be accessed by talking directly to the remote.

TCL X915 (Image: TCL)

O Google Assistant can still be used to connect the whole house, offering connection also with the Google Nest. And speaking of connection, via Bluetooth it is possible to mirror screens of smartphones ou laptops directly on the TV screen, as long as this other device is nearby. At the top of this smart TV there is a camera that can be used, for example, for video conferences.

You can find the 8K smart TV TCL-X915 by R$ 17.999 at FastShop.

LG QNED Miniled 8K 75 ″

Our latest 8K TV suggestion from LG is the model QNED MiniLED 8K. The screen is the junction of technologies Quantum Dot, NanoCell e Mini LEDs, this being a smart TV with the best of the LCD panels that the LG can offer. All these gimmicks are specific technologies that improve brightness, black color density and overall color brilliance.

QNED MiniLED 8K (Image: LG)

O DolbyVisionIQ It's the built-in artificial intelligence that is able to calibrate the reproduced images to deliver even more clarity and richness of detail. Another technology, this time linked to audio, is also part of this model, the Dolby Atmos. with him the smart TV can play three-dimensional sounds, so you'll hear the audio emitted in all possible directions.

The voice assistants that can be used are the Google Assistant and Alexa, there is still the possibility of connecting with devices Apple from the AirPlay and HomeKit. When approaching your smartphone remote control, it is also possible to follow the content of your device on the television.

You can find the 8K smart TV LG QNED MiniLED 8K by R$ 22.000 at FastShop.

Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN900A 75″

And finally, let's take a look at the model Neo qled 8k qn900a da Samsung. Because it is a smart 8K TV, nothing better than a screen 75 inches to take advantage of every detail that we will be able to see in what is being displayed, and in this case, we have 40 Mini LEDs that work to provide the best reproduction of this content.

Neo qled 8k qn900a (Image: Samsung)

The 10 years against Burn in are also included in this model, as well as their size ultra wide in 32:9 ratio. Resources Gamers such as the refresh rate at 120 Hz and the FreeSync Premium Pro are also present here. Known as "Infinite Screen" this smart TV has very thin edges that give the impression of having almost no apparent edges. The voice assistants available are the Alexa, Google Assistant and the Bixby.

You can find the smart TV 8K Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN900A by R$ 41.000 at FastShop.

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Source: PCMag e Lasik MD.

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  1. Without native 8K content via Blu-ray or streaming, the use of this very expensive technology, in very large sizes, is no longer attractive at the moment. If they at least offered a passive 3D FullHD image in 8K, it would be very interesting to purchase for those who have an extensive film library in this format. As for the image quality in 8K, there are no demerits to comment on, it's all really magnificent.

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