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What is eryspella? Understand the illness of Jair Bolsonaro

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Message from Carlos Bolsonaro via Telegram scared supporters of the current president; understand causes, symptoms and treatment of eryspela

Jair Bolsonaro was commented on social networks again after his son, Carlos Bolsonaro, confirm what the vice president Hamilton Mourao had said on November 16, 2022: the head of state is absent from public commitments due to an infection that bears the name of eryspella.

Mainly caused by bacteria beta-hemolytic streptococcus from group A, but also originating from other bacteria of the same group, the main symptom is inflammation in the lower limbs, preventing the patient's locomotion. Understand all the details about this disease and how the following treatment is done:

Jair Bolsonaro's problem

Those who follow political news have noticed that, after the result of the second round of the presidential elections was announced, the current president Jair Bolsonaro he withdrew from the media and his public commitments “from one moment to the next”.

We had more recent news about this removal on November 16, 2022, when Hamilton Mourão openly confirmed that Bolsonaro was diagnosed with eryspella, an infection that not only prevents you from wearing pants, but also makes everyday life more difficult.

Blurred photo of jair bolsonaro's leg with eryspela
Photo posted by Carlos Bolsonaro showed the problem of the current president of Brazil (Photo: Reproduction / Carlos Bolsonaro via Telegram)

At the ceremony to receive letters of credentials from foreign ambassadors, Mourão, who represented the state leader at the time, confirmed that Jair was only wearing shorts and could not move around due to the infection — making him unable to attend public events.

On December 04, 2022, an update on Bolsonaro's case was released by his son, Carlos Bolsonaro, via Telegram🇧🇷 He confirmed that his father was still being treated for eryspellas and that despite the severity of the disease, everything was going "very well". O Planalto Palace did not respond to press inquiries about the case.

How does a person get eryspella?

According to information from Brazilian Society of Dermatology, erispela is an infection that reaches the human body through a “gateway”, which can be:

  • Chronic venous ulcer;
  • Fungal infection;
  • Insect bite;
  • Skin injury;
  • Improper handling of nails;
  • Chilblains between the toes;
  • Untreated ringworm.

It is always necessary for there to be a form of the bacteria that causes eryspellas to come into contact with the skin and anyone is subject to this, as the microorganisms are in the environment and do not necessarily require contact with an infected person or animal to be transmitted.

Photo of a person diagnosed with eryspella
There are many ways to catch eryspella (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

Eryspella mainly affects the lower limbs, but there are recorded cases of people who have had infections on the hands and even on the face. It is worth being aware of any changes in your body so that treatment begins at the same time as the diagnosis.


In addition to a large inflammation in the leg that can be quite apparent, the initial phase of erispela may cause general malaise, fatigue, fever and chills. When it passes to the second stage, in which inflammations begin to appear, the lower limbs may experience pain, swelling and redness and an increase in temperature at the site.

Photo of jair bolsonaro next to an animation with symptoms of eryspella
Problem makes locomotion difficult and requires rest (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

There are records of people diagnosed with eryspella who have already experienced fatigue, vomiting, nausea, weakness and headache. We can say that this is a very serious disease: if it is not treated, the eryspella it can cause the formation of blisters, darkening of the skin and even a generalized infection in the body, causing the death of the diagnosed person.

The disease is generally seen in elderly people, but men and women with cases of varicose veins and circulation difficulties are at a higher risk, as well as those who have had or have kidney or heart failure. Obese people with low immunity are also more susceptible to eryspella.

eryspellas treatment

Because it is a well-known disease in medicine, treatment is done with the use of antibiotics, rest and elevation of the elevated limb so that the infection is treated gradually. More severe cases may require doctors to intervene through surgery to remove pus and drain necrotic areas.

Leg of person diagnosed with eryspellas
Treatment done in the early stages reduces inflammation and brings healing in a short time (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

Treatment will vary greatly according to the resistance profile of the bacterial group that caused the disease, but the Ministry of Health does not rule out bandaging the area while the problem is treated. Other ways to cure eryspellas is to avoid standing still for a long time and to use elastic stockings that stimulate circulation and fight swelling.

In addition to all the care, it is important that the inflamed area is regularly cleaned to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and having a good diet and maintaining weight also helps. Experts point out that full recovery can happen if all recommendations are followed, but it is very important to treat the “gateway” so that a new infection does not occur. (

How to prevent it?

Because it is a disease caused by a “gateway”, Brazilian Society of Dermatology indicates cleaning any affected area (mainly the lower limbs) so that the bacteria does not come into contact with the human body. People with Diabetes also need to be twice as careful, as slow healing can cause necrosis and amputation of the affected limb.

Trauma, insect bites, infections known as athlete's foot and any other skin disease should be treated first and the affected areas should be cleaned for several parts of the day. Another way to avoid erysipelas is to have attitudes that reduce lymphatic and venous insufficiency.

Person stretching feet outdoors
It is important to treat and especially clean areas that may be "access" of bacteria to the human body (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

There is a possibility that the disease returns to the body after a while and in these cases, intramuscular benzathine penicillin is applied every 21 days. When noticing any change in your body, seek a doctor so that treatment begins as soon as possible. The SUS offers diagnostic tests and free medication for all Brazilians diagnosed with eryspella.

Do you know someone who had this disease? How was this person treated? Tell us us Comment!

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