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Microsoft 365 Copilot: Release Date, Features, and Pricing

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See how much it will cost to use artificial intelligence Microsoft 365 Copilot and its resources

In recent months, the Microsoft has shown several news about its artificial intelligence (AI) tool for work, the Microsoft 365 Copilot. It will soon be integrated into products like Word, Excel e Power point and will work as an assistant to create documents, presentations and spreadsheets more easily. Understand when this news will reach users and what to expect from it:

What are the features of Microsoft 365 Copilot?

Copilot for the job can be t alt
Want to create a SWOT matrix? The co-pilot for the Microsoft 365 job does it for you (Image: Microsoft/Disclosure).

The great advantage of Copilot is to help with common office tasks with support from IA, whether in the administrative part, creating a matrix SWOT (as in the picture), or other common work activities, such as preparing documents, putting together presentations and organizing spreadsheets.

The operation is similar to that found in Chat GPT. That is, you can explain in a few words what you want to produce, and the assistant takes care of searching and answering.

But it will also feature the integration of data and functions with other services from MicrosoftAs Outlook, teams and files saved in folders of OneDrive. See some examples:

  • Outlook: it will be possible to write and answer emails, with commands given to the personal assistant. You can ask the AI ​​to respond sternly, calmly, concisely or in detail, for example using data extracted from the message string. And it is possible to transform data from received emails into documents, summaries and presentations for the team.
T alt ai tool in outlook: the copilot helps to manage your emails (image: microsoft/disclosure).
AI tool in Outlook: the co-pilot helps you manage your emails (Image: Microsoft/Disclosure).
  • Word: the user can ask the assistant to summarize documents, extract data from other files and spreadsheets, insert images and even correct the way of writing to sound more formal, communicative or cheerful. When typing a command in the personal assistant dialog box, it already provides formats, topics, quick searches, indications, among other models that can reduce the time spent to produce texts in the program.
ai tool in word t alt
Helping to make your text more complete and facilitating production, the AI ​​tool in Word stands out for its wide assistance, in many possibilities (Image: Microsoft/Disclosure).
  • Excel: Data analysis in spreadsheets will be easier with the Copilot, according to what has already been disclosed by the company. With the tool, the search for patterns and trends in databases will be faster, and it will also be practical when creating visualizations;
ai tool in excel t atl
After using the AI ​​tool in Excel, it is possible to obtain quick solutions to analyze data in spreadsheets (Image: Microsoft/Disclosure).
  • Power point: Need help creating a presentation from scratch? Office's AI co-pilot is also able to provide pointers on how to create a sequence of slides, both from practical commands and from information found in documents;
ai tool powerpoint talt
The copilot as an AI tool in PowerPoint: when indicating a computer file to the personal assistant, the result is the creation of presentations in an instant (Image: Microsoft/Disclosure).
  • Microsoft Teams: meetings with the team in video calls or conversations in chat channels can be automatically summarized in information documents, work points (bullet points, in English) or presentations. AI can understand what each user says, whether by voice or text, to organize information in a simple and practical way.
ai t alt teams tool
Microsoft Teams will also have the AI ​​tool, to help get information from virtual meetings (Image: Microsoft / Disclosure).
  • Whiteboard: the board app for meetings (useful for sketching, drawing diagrams, among other common uses of a common physical office board) starts to help define ideas and plans. With the AI ​​tool, participants can come up with a slogan from a few words suggested to Copilot, or even create images from a few instructions;
Microsoft 365 copilot whiteboard
In action on the Whiteboard, Microsoft 365 Copilot streamlines the production of drafts to arrive at new ideas more quickly (Image: Microsoft/Disclosure).
  • semantic index (Semantic Index): this is a special point of Copilot, as it provides the basis for its internal functions. That is: thanks to the index, the AI ​​tool allows a simple search for a file to already meet predictable solutions, such as searching for information in a spreadsheet. Through the personal assistant's chat, you can ask the system for more actions with the requested file;
ai t alt index tool
The AI ​​tool also has an index that allows for streamlined interpretations, to facilitate the use of different files (Image: Microsoft / Disclosure).
  • OneNote: Need to take quick notes? The support of the Copilot assistant can also serve for this and other tasks, providing support in highlighting important points present in some text, also indicating ideas related to the content;
ai tool onenote t alt
Notes are more agile with the AI ​​tool, as it is present in OneNote to create quick solutions (Image: Microsoft/Disclosure).
  • Microsoft Loop: if you are developing a project together, Microsoft Loop can help with the summary of what is being developed. Inserting itself in this function, Copilot also provides other details, indicating the relevant contexts to understand what was produced and creating a list of essential points (a practical way of showing how a project is being done to a member of the team);
ai loop tool 2108
The AI ​​tool is in the Microsoft Loop: in the app, the assistant indicates summaries to the participants (Image: Microsoft/Disclosure),
  • Microsoft Live: Have you ever imagined having a learning diary? Copilot, combined with Viva, manages to help organize a routine, providing greater precision about what is included in your available time. Tasks like learning collections, organized by days in your agenda, or understanding some specific topic, can be adjusted in your schedules with the support of AI assistant;
ai t alt viva tool
Microsoft Viva has the AI ​​tool to have a more useful and helpful calendar, in various routine tasks (Image: Microsoft / Disclosure).

When will Microsoft 365 Copilot be available?

AI copilot helps in t alt meetings
If your need is to be agile in resolving routine issues with other members of your team, the AI ​​co-pilot also helps in meetings (Image: Microsoft/Disclosure).

There is still no set date for the official launch of the Microsoft 365 Copilot. For now, the Microsoft is only making a test version of the tool available to subscribers in its Early Access Program.

As for the tests, the company went so far as to inform that around 600 people were included in the experimental group of the Copilot. Companies like Chevron, Goodyear e General Motors are participating and already indicate that the tool is promising in improving the work routine, adapting to common activities and helping in meetings.

While this story is being edited, the site updates for Microsoft 365 indicates that there are 527 updates in development. But it is believed that the launch will take place only in 2024.

How much will Microsoft 365 Copilot cost?

Office ai is in power point t alt
Creating presentations will have a new advantage: since Office's AI tool is in Power Point (Image: Microsoft/Disclosure).

A month ago, the Microsoft that using the new features will require a monthly subscription to a US$30 plan (approximately R$150 in direct conversion).

The company also reported that the Copilot will be present in different packages of the programs of the Microsoft 365Such as Business Standard e Business Premium.

Would you subscribe to the Copilot service? Check out the co-pilot in action below and let us know, here at showmetech!

Watch the Microsoft 365 Copilot demo video

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reviewed by Glaucon Vital in 18 / 8 / 23.

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