Smart glasses from Meta and Ray-Ban record videos in HD (and there's that). With five microphones and an integrated personal assistant, the new device will allow live streaming of lives on Facebook and Instagram

Smart glasses from Meta and Ray-Ban record videos in HD (and have AI)

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With five microphones and an integrated personal assistant, the new device will allow live streaming of lives on Facebook and Instagram

During the Goal Connect, we learned details about the new smart glasses resulting from the companies' partnership, which is enough to change the category (or at least try to). The second generation, which was also developed in partnership with the famous glasses brand, gained new features and had its design and usage experience completely redesigned. See all the details.

New design for better user experience

Meta and Ray-Ban Smart Glasses
Device was presented during Meta event (Photo: Disclosure)

In partnership with Essilor Luxottica, Meta mentioned at his event that he listened to buyers of his smart glasses to find out what else was considered when buying a device like this. The company also took the opportunity to say that the second generation of the device was developed to be used even at shows and music festivals, as professional cameras cannot be used in this environment.

We redesigned our next-generation glasses from the ground up, listening to community feedback and taking the time to understand what people love about the product – like the sleek, effortless form factor, hands-free convenience, and open audio – as well as areas we could improve, such as overall media quality and comfort. We've improved all the core features of the first generation and added some completely new features that have never been seen in a pair of smart glasses before.

Meta about your new smart glasses.

The company also hopes that its new smart glasses will prevent smartphones from being taken out of your pocket when taking photos and videos.

Personalization is one of the benefits for anyone purchasing the new device. Through the website of Ray-Ban, you can choose from more than 150 ready-to-ship color options, but you can also change the size and style of the frame. A Ray-Ban also prepared the Remix platform to allow customers to create a unique model according to their personal tastes. And the new smart glasses are also compatible with prescription lenses.

For the new generation, three new colors debuted for purchase: Jeans (light blue), Rebel Black (black) and Caramel (light brown). The first generation was previously not water resistant, but this is now present due to IPX4 resistance, which guarantees that the device will not stop working if it comes into contact with water. But it is still not recommended for intense diving.

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses let you take a photo or video clip from your unique point of view – ensuring you not only relive the moment, but truly live in the moment without worrying about the records.

Meta about your new smart glasses.

Recording in FHD quality

Meta and Ray-Ban Smart Glasses
Videos can be recorded in 1080p quality (Photo: Disclosure)

Through the 12 MP ultrawide camera, the Meta claims that it will be possible to record videos lasting up to one minute. Everything recorded with the new smart glasses will be sent to the user's smartphone or tablet, to be shared directly on social networks. The companies also highlighted that this action will be done through the voice command “send a photo” or “send a video”.

How does it count with the Meta AI personal assistant, the company also claims that it will be possible to start a live broadcast on Facebook ou Instagram using the smart glasses camera. Comments can be seen on the lens as soon as the user taps and holds the side of the device, with the interaction happening in real time.

Man wearing meta smart glasses and ray-ban
Lives can be done in real time on Instagram or Facebook (Photo: Disclosure)

The same personal assistant can also control system functionalities for hands-free use. Despite this, the company said that Meta AI will only be available in the US during the launch period.

Audio and microphones

Smart glasses presented during meta connect
There are five microphones for recording videos or live broadcasts (Photo: Disclosure)

The developers of the new smart glasses have placed speakers that guarantee sound isolation so that users can listen to music, podcasts and even make calls in places with loud external noise. For video recording, “there are five microphones ready to capture sounds exactly as you originally heard them – whether in front of you, on the sides, in the back, and even from above“, states Meta.

There is a promise that the speakers emit 50% louder audio, and 2x more powerful bass compared to the first generation. The speakers are located on the stem, near the tips. Information on practical use should be released soon, when the device hits the general market.


Qualcomm Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 Processor
Qualcomm Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 processor was launched with new device (Photo: Disclosure)

Powered by the new Qualcomm processor Snapdragon AR1 Gen1, launched today (27), the Meta confirms that it will be possible to perform better processing of photos and videos in real time, in addition to allowing better battery life for your new smart glasses. A Qualcomm has also confirmed that more companies should use the Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 in its products from 2024 and a large platform is just starting to grow.

At Meta, we are focused on developing the technologies of the future in mixed reality and smart glasses, as well as the fundamental innovations that will one day drive our vision for AR glasses. Building this future computing platform requires an industry-leading partner, and this is where our long-standing collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies is critical. Together, we are defining next-generation technologies that deliver massive advances in power, performance and AI. The latest Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 and Snapdragon AR1 platforms, which power the Meta Quest 3 and our next-generation Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, are further proof of the strength of this collaboration and we are excited for users around the world to try them out. .

Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, CTO and Head of Reality Labs at Meta


Meta and Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Charging Case
Charging case offers up to 8 full charges (Photo: Disclosure)

The continuous use of these devices is one of the most talked about topics. For the new smart glasses, Meta guarantees that it will be possible to use the device for up to 36 hours, with the support of 8 charges in the transport case, which also serves to recharge the battery.

With a single charge, you can use the device for up to four hours. The battery capacity of the new glasses was also not disclosed by the manufacturers, but both state that the carrying case offers 8 full charges before returning to the socket.

Price and availability

Smart glasses presented during meta connect
Device is not yet available in Brazil (Photo: Disclosure)

With pre-sales available from September 27, 2023, Meta's smart glasses will reach the general market from October 17 of the same year. Prices start at $ 299 ($ 1510,22 in direct conversion), with no forecast for sale in Brazil until the closing of this article.

But, if you are interested in testing the new device, you can send it to somewhere in the USA, Canada or any other country that the Meta ou Ray-Ban hand over the device.

Technical specifications

Smart glasses presented during meta connect
Would you wear glasses with cameras like this? (Photo: Disclosure)
Model Meta and Ray-Ban smart glasses
Special featuresFrame Material: BTR600/800 Temple Weapons: TR90
Lens color: G15 Green
There are options for prescription or sun lenses
ConectividadeWi-Fi 6
Bluetooth 5.3
What's in the BoxGlasses, charging case, cleaning cloth, reference guide
Cameras 12 MP ultra-wide
Image framing/resolution:
Standard portrait / 3024×4032 pixels
Standard vertical/1440 x 1920 pixels at 30 fps
Memory Memory
32GB flash storage
100+ videos (30 seconds) and 500+ photos (3 frame burst)
SizeFrame width (mm)
Default: 146,1
Large: 152,2
Frame height (mm)
Default: 46,8
Large: 49,3
Arm length
Short (default) or Long (Large)
Weight :48,6g (standard)
50,8g (Large)
Charging case: 133 grams
Viewing Angle46 º
Warranty1 year
Compatible systemsiOS13.0 and above/Android 8.1 and above

What do you think of the new device? Are you interested in making a purchase someday? Tell us Comment!

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Text proofread by: Pedro Bomfim (27 / 09 / 23)

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