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OpenAI launches ChatGPT Enterprise, version of AI for companies

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More agility and advanced analytics make ChatGPT for companies an optimized AI tool to manage different productive tasks. see more

Seeking to offer a solution that meets the demands of work with Artificial Intelligence (IA), The OpenAI launched the Chat GPT Enterprise, a version of artificial intelligence aimed at companies that is faster and comes with other advantages. The announcement of the novelty came in response to a complaint from several companies that claimed that there was data leakage with the use of ChatGPT. Check out more about the platform below:

What does ChatGPT Enterprise offer?

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ChatGPT for companies arrived with a higher response speed (Image: The Verge/Reproduction).

Not only is it faster, data analysis and answers to more complex questions are also delivered with even better quality in the Chat GPT for businesses. In addition to these features, the AI ​​office system also includes customization options, with the proposal to bring “more creativity and productivity“. Overcoming ChatGPT 3.5, released to be used safely in companies, the new system brings unprecedented capabilities.

That's why the release has a package dedicated to big business: it already comes with a console for managing the AI, monitoring system usage data, Single sign-on (SSO) — direct login to multiple services at once — and domain verification.

Now, the AI ​​tool promises to work twice as fast as the conventional generative chat, also allowing to include documents four times longer in the prompt (command typing box). Therefore, OpenAI indicates that activities from data science, through studies in marketing data, to sharing command models in the system are improved with the launch announced this week. Soon, the tech company hopes to include more options in the AI ​​tool for work:

  • more customization: connection with applications already used in the company's work routine will have space in ChatGPT Enterprise;
  • Availability: smaller teams will have access to the Chat GPT for business, also having greater control over your data;
  • advanced tools: Advanced data analysis (formerly called code interpreter, “code interpreter”, in free translation) and navigation will be even more dedicated to the productive routine;
  • Appropriate solutions for every function: tools for specific jobs and positions will be displayed in ChatGPT for work, helping with tasks such as marketing, customer support, among others.

How is OpenAI working on protecting user privacy?

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An AI system famous for generating quick responses has caused distrust in companies, as there is a risk of leaking sensitive information (Image: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto/Getty Images)

"You own and control your business data on Chat GPT Enterprise. we do not train [the ChatGPT] with the data or subjects discussed in your company“, pay attention to OpenAI in the communiqué announcing the new generative system for work. This point of attention comes as an attempt by the company to dispel any fear that sensitive information, both from companies and ordinary users, can be spread around. The disclosure of the newly launched AI service also includes a note about auditing, as a way of showing the potential of compliance with your systems.

“Our new admin console allows you to easily manage your team members and provides out-of-the-box analytics on systems usage”

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OpenAI targets large companies to offer its new generative system (Image:

Before, some companies even started the development of their own AI tools to help with the productive routine, while other companies preferred to connect to the systems provided by the company that created ChatGPT through cloud storage services, for example. However, some more modest businesses were left behind in this search for AI solutions and, thus, OpenAI sought to fill this gap.

Between June and May of this year, more than 100 ChatGPT accounts had their credentials stolen and sold in marketplaces da darkweb, the least accessible layer of the Internet. The discovery about the fact was due to data from the person responsible for the theft, which was also for sale. As for the nationality of the leaked data, there were several countries, including Pakistan, Egypt, the United States, Indonesia and Brazil, with India leading the list, with more than 12 stolen credentials.

Is ChatGPT for business paid? See how to join the new AI service

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OpenAI launches AI system for companies: now, entrepreneurs can contact the person responsible for the platform and purchase the service for their business (Image: JLL/Reproduction).

In the launch phase, ChatGPT Enterprise is on offer for several companies, which are already using the new chatbot. In this way, these companies have preference and can request the change to the new release of OpenAI, having easier access to the system for productivity.

“We look forward to sharing a more detailed roadmap [on ChatGPT Enterprise] with customer outreach and further evolution of ChatGPT for Enterprise based on your feedback”

OpenAI (via release)

New interested parties, however, will have to wait for the announcement of prices for the AI ​​system for companies: it is already possible to contact OpenAI, to talk to the sales team responsible for the new product.

Outside the business environment, the head of generative AI offers the Chat GPT Plus, which also has advantages: guaranteed access even at peak times, prioritized access to new functions and faster responses; Plus mode is priced at US$20 per month or R$97 direct conversion, with no fees.

Do you work using any AI tools? Have you tried ChatGPT to solve any activity in your productive routine? Tell us here at showmetech!

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reviewed by Glaucon Vital in 29 / 8 / 23.

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