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Panono: the spherical camera that takes pictures when thrown into the air

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The Panono camera is capable of taking 360 degree panoramic photos. The difference is the way the images are made: just throw it up.

Launched in a crowdfunding campaign, the camera Panono is able to take panoramic photos in 360 Graus. The difference is the way the images are made: just throw it up and wait for the result.

Conceived by the German Jonas Pfeil, the Panono has 36 cameras and generates images of 108 megapixels. A super sensitive accelerometer is responsible for identifying when the ball reaches the highest point and then releasing the shutter.

The positioning of the cameras, combined with the sensor, ensures that the images don't come out blurry or create the famous ghost effect of panoramas. Indoors, you can place the Panono on a tripod or press the device's central button to take pictures.

The captured images are automatically sent to the mobile (iOS or Android) via WiFi connection. If there is no network availability, the camera has 16 GB of internal storage, enough space for about 400 photos.

Despite the recent appeal to 360-degree videos, the device just focus on the pictures. According to the creator of the gadget, the technology available today does not allow offering both functions in high quality. However, there are already options on the market such as 360Fly and Ozo for recordings focused on virtual reality.

Available in black or green, Panono is on sale on the official website of the company by US$ 599 (approximately R$ 2.400 at the current price, excluding import fees).

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