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Pokémon Presents announces Scarlet/Violet DLC dates and more

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Mew and Mewtwo back in the main games, DLC news and animations are the big news of the event!

Through a Pokemon Presents held this Tuesday (08), the The Pokémon Company presented several novelties for the franchise! Information about game DLCs, new animations and games coming to Nintendo Switch Online are some of the contents presented. Check out all the details below!

Pokémon Presents focuses on new DLCs

Pokémon DLC was the main focus of the presentation!

In this first DLC of Pokémon, we are introduced to two fascinating new characters: Carmine e Kieran. These exceptional trainers bring with them their own stories, unique abilities and, of course, a variety of new monsters or even old ones that will be added to the options available in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet.

The core of this expansion is an engaging narrative, rooted in folktale lore. In a fairytale setting, we follow a thrilling quest to rid the land of an evil threat. This story, which echoes the magical and mysterious elements of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, promises to bring an interesting narrative to the first expansion, The Teal Mask.

One of the most memorable experiences of this expansion is the opportunity to participate in the exciting “Festival of Masks”. This colorful and lively event allows players to celebrate the central myth of the narrative, interacting with ancient creatures and uncovering long-forgotten secrets.

In addition, other novelties will be added to the game, such as a selfie stick to take better pictures of your character during adventures in the new area of ​​the game and a minigame!

The first of two planned expansions for the franchise will arrive on September 13.

Mew and Mewtwo arrive in Pokémon Scarlet/Violet

Mew and Mewtwo in Pokemon Presents
The addition of legendaries is new to Pokémon Image: Playback/The Pokémon Company

Mew and Mewtwo, one of the most well-known rivalries of the entire franchise, will now be present in pokemon scarlet/violet and can be captured for your team.

The little monster known to have the DNA that gave rise to all the other creatures in the universe can be added to the team in a simple way: just add the code GETTYOURMEW on the flap Mystery Gifts of the Nintendo Switch game for him to join. Remember that Mew will have a random Tera Type and can be redeemed until September 18th.

Mewtwo will come through Tera Raids and its battles will be added to the game on day 1 of September.

New Pokemon anime: Paldea Winds

Paldea Winds was one of the new animations from Pokémon Presents!

Ready for an experience full of emotions and learning? Pokémon: Paldea Winds is a new web series that focuses on the journey of Trainers looking to improve their Pokémon training skills. Get ready to immerse yourself in immersive adventures, inspiring encounters and valuable lessons on dedication, friendship and overcoming obstacles, all set in the Escola de Trainadores introduced in pokemon scarlet/violet!

The series is scheduled to premiere in September 6, so mark this date on your calendars and be ready for another journey in this universe.

Pokémon: Path to the Peak is another animation!

new pokemon anime
With children's animation, the series will focus on the card game! Image: Playback/The Pokémon Company

For the most avid fans of the Pokémon Collectible Card Game, a novelty from Pokemon Presents is an animated series focused on the game: Pokemon: Path to the Peak. Get ready to delve into the TCG's cunning strategies as the short anime shows us that card battles are exciting too!

The world premiere will take place around the same time as the Pokémon World Championships. It's the perfect opportunity for you to learn a little more about this branch of the franchise and also collect letters.

Pokémon Horizons: The Series gets new trailer

Liko the new pokemon protagonist
Liko will be the new face of the franchise! Image: Playback/The Pokémon Company

Ash retired as the main character of the anime with the end of the last saga and, in his place, Liko became the new protagonist. Soon, we will know a little more about your new journey in this universe.

Despite not revealing much information, we were able to have a glimpse of the Paldea region and its landscapes adapted from the games for the animation of the franchise. Unfortunately, there is still no official date for the release of the new episodes.

pokemon world championship 2023

Despite being a franchise born in Japan, worldwide Pokémon tournaments have never been hosted in the country. However, in the coming days, this situation will change, as the World Championship this year will be held there! In addition to the competitions, the city of Yokohama will be decorated with various arts so that competitors and visitors can feel immersed in this event!

The biggest competition of the event, as always, will be the main games of the franchise, pokemon scarlet/violet. However, there will also be Trading Card Game, Pokémon Unite and GO tournaments to attract the attention of all fans of the game.

Detective Pikachu Returns

Detective Pikachu was one of spin-offs of Pokémon originally released for Nintendo 3DS and captivated fans' attention for its unique approach. Originating as an immersive adventure game, the title quickly evolved into a movie by turning into a movie. live action. Combining the charm of the Pokémon universe with the suspense of an investigative mystery, the film pleased many fans.

Whether in games or movies, the adorable Pikachu, who has a deep voice, is not only a skilled detective, but also a coffee addict. His affinity for the liquid stimulant became a signature trait, adding a layer of humor and uniqueness to the storyline. Which creates an interesting environment, as we don't expect Pokemon to be addicted to our world's drinks.

Now, after a few years of its release, the series will receive a new game with Detective Pikachu Returns, which will launch on the day October 6, exclusive to Nintendo Switch and will have physical media sold in Brazil. However, there is still no confirmation if the game will be available in our language.

Paldea arrives in Pokémon GO!

Pokémon presents announce dates for scarlet/violet dlc and more. Mew and mewtwo back in the main games, dlc news and animations are the big news of the event!
Pokémon Presents announces Scarlet/Violet DLC dates and more

The region of Paldea is about to invade the world of Pokémon Go next month, bringing an array of amazing creatures and exciting encounters to the mobile game. Explore the region around your city and strengthen your team with new unique companions to join your team.

They will be available in the game on early september.

Nemona arrives in Pokémon Masters EX

The first representative of Paldea, the latest region added to the Pokémon universe, will be Nemona! The player's rival during the events of Scarlet/Violet is considered by many players to be one of the most interesting characters ever created for the franchise.

In addition to having the opportunity to see her interact with trainers from another region that are present in the game, Nemona will also be accompanied by Pawmot, one of the cutest little monsters in Paldea.

New Pokémon games come to Nintendo Switch Online

Pokémon presents announce dates for scarlet/violet dlc and more. Mew and mewtwo back in the main games, dlc news and animations are the big news of the event!
Pokémon Presents announces Scarlet/Violet DLC dates and more

O Nintendo Switch Online it's a good opportunity for fans of the company to enjoy old games without having to buy consoles and the necessary cartridges. Now, one of the biggest Pokemon news is that two new franchise games will be added to the service.

Pokémon Trading Card Game will be the first, in which your goal is actually to build a deck of cards to compete against other players. Despite being old and only containing first generation options, the game has interesting mechanics for fans of the genre!

Beyond, pokemon stadium 2, Nintendo 64, will also be added to the Nintendo Switch Online service. Focused on battles, we will be able to assemble teams with creatures from Kanto or Johto to play against gym leaders controlled by the machine or challenge our friends in combats and fun minigames.

Check out the full presentation

And for you, what are the most exciting novelties of the franchise? Tell us in the comments!


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SOURCE: The Pokémon Company

Text proofread by: Pedro Bomfim (08 / 08 / 23)

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