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TAG Heuer's first smartwatch goes on sale today in the US

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The TAG Heuer Connected is the Swiss manufacturer's first smartwatch and was developed in partnership with Google and Intel.


Smartwatches are really the gadgets from the moment. If anyone still believes that smartwatches are just a passing fad, the TAG Heuer has just provided yet another counterargument with the announcement of the start of sales of the Connected, the first smartwatch to bear the brand name of the prestigious Swiss watch manufacturer. the new device was developed in a partnership between Google e Intel.

The exchange between companies had already been announced in March of this year and until now there was great expectation to know when the TAG Heuer Connected would finally hit the market. The mystery was solved with the announcement of the beginning of sales. As of this Monday, part of the initial batch of 1000 units of the smartwatch will be available in stores in the United States.


As was to be expected, the TAG Heuer Connected enters to compete in the premium smartwatch market. According to the company's CEO, Jean-Claude Biver, the company's first smartwatch will cost U.S. dollar 1.500 (about 5700 reais). Biver stated that despite the Connected have resources similar to those of Apple Watch, the two products are not direct competitors. "We are a watch brand. I forbid my colleagues to say that Apple is our competitor“, he declared.

To produce the Connected, the partnership between the companies involved a clear definition of roles. O design and manufacturing were under the supervision of the TAG Heuer, while the Intel made available SoC platform (System-on-a-chip), that is, the technology for the digital functions of the device. already the Google joined the project with its platform A and technical support for the development of  .


The sales of Connected go to the United Kingdom, Germany e Japan No. 12th of this monthBesides TAG Heuer, other Swiss watch manufacturers have already partnered with the technology to create products bearing their name, as was the case with Swatch, Breitling, Montblanc. Frederique Constant. It remains to be seen whether the tradition of excellence in watch production present in Switzerland will be maintained in smartwatches. Check it out!

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