Review: kodak mini shot 3

REVIEW: Kodak Mini Shot 3

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Kodak returned to Brazil bringing a retro camera with printer, the Mini Shot 3. Is it interesting enough to be worth the investment? Check it all out now in our full review

A Kodak finally decided to return to Brazil and the first products she brought with her return were the Mini Shot 2 e Mini Shot 3, models of instant cameras with a built-in printer. In today's review, I will talk in detail about what the Mini Shot 3, if it really brings that nostalgic feeling of the cameras Polaroid and of course, whether it is worth investing your hard-earned money in it. You can Check out all the details about their launch in our full article.


Front part of the Kodak mini shot 3 in white
Front part of the Kodak Mini Shot 3 (Image: Tiago Rodrigues/ Showmetech)

The first thing that caught my attention when I received the Kodak Mini Shot 3 Its design was minimalist and, at the same time, very eye-catching. It is available in colors White e Yellow and in both cases, she is beautiful. At the top, the highlighted color has a smooth texture and at the bottom, where it is black, there is a rubberized material that brings a very cool “tchan” to the design.

Other important elements on the front involve Flash, the company's logo. Kodak, the code of Model at the bottom and of course, the lens right in the middle, next to a mini mirror so you can take selfies. Moving to the top, we have two buttons. One of them is larger and red, used for taking photos. The second is smaller and is used to turn the camera on and off. In the same place, two very small LEDs were also placed, one to indicate the Bluetooth and the other to indicate camera charging.

At the bottom is where the drawer is for changing the photo refills. Just pull the marked location and that's it, you can replace the old one with the new one. On the left side is where the photos are printed, while on the right side there is a button for the reset and a USB 2.0 port. Here it is worth a criticism that it could be USB-C. It even comes with a string already attached to ensure safety in case you try to take photos in a more adventurous way.

Last but not least in this aspect, it also has a panel to have control over the photos. There are 5 physical buttons, one for Print, another for the OK, two for movement and one for the menu. The screen is quite small and not very suggestive, but we will talk about it in detail later. We have another logo from Kodak here too.

In the box, there is only the camera, the USB cable and a cartridge with 30 photos. Cases and other things to make it safer and “prettier” must be purchased separately, if you can find them.

Lens and photos

Image of the Kodak mini shot with focus on its lens and front
Front part of the camera with focus on its lens, right in the middle (Image: Tiago Rodrigues/ Showmetech)

A Kodak Mini Shot 3 has a lens 10MP. This lens can take photos with resolution of 3872 2592 pixels x and in 3×3 size when printed. It's a very simple lens by current standards, but it works perfectly well for its purpose of delivering photos in style. retro. For those wondering, the camera uses a Wide Angle 25,4mm with a sensor OmniVision.

Still thinking about things retro, the experience of taking a photo and being able to print it is super cool and works really well. The quality of the paper and printing is impeccable and makes you want to keep each of the photos we print.

On the other hand, I felt like they could have made some things a little easier. I understand the product's proposal, but I don't see the point in keeping certain things from the analogue era here, since at other points you include super recent things. Let me explain: it is compatible with an app to make edits and even use photos from your smartphone, which have much better image quality. On the other hand, you cannot save a single image in the camera, much less know how many photos you have left on the cartridge you are currently using.

Photos printed by kodak mini shot 3
Some photos printed by Kodak Mini Shot 3 (Image: Tiago Rodrigues/ Showmetech)

These are controversial ideas that currently do not clash and the argument of being something retro doesn't stick. It was completely possible to have all the functions of an analog camera and still guarantee new technologies that make the user's life easier.

To print a photo, simply take the photo and then press the button with the printer symbol. You can make up to 5 copies at once. The process is very cool and works through technology 4PASS dye sublimation. This process passes the photo through color Yellow, after Magenta, Cyan and then through a process of Lamination where it gains protection against water and dirt.

Screen and cartridges

Image focusing on the Kodak Mini Shot 3 screen
The camera screen is not very large and does not have many details (Image: Tiago Rodrigues/ Showmetech)

The screen built into the camera is 1,77 inches and does not guarantee many details, making people question whether or not they have the screen. Some photos look cool on screen and when printed they look weird. Others look strange on the screen and when printed they look good.

It serves more as a reference, but it would be unfair to say that there is nothing here. You can change some system functions using the buttons. You can't do much, but enough to change the outcome of the photos, at least in terms of personalization.

With the screen on, you can define whether a photo will have a border or not, if you want it monochromatic, to add filters, o flash, as well as a timer for taking selfies. There is the option to change the language, but forget Portuguese.

Now about the Cartridges, or refills, as I said before, they work in a very ingenious and interesting way. However, they are a combination of strange things. The main one is that the Kodak Mini Shot 3 It comes with two 30-photo cartridges in the box, meaning there are 60 photos initially. It is a reasonable amount for this type of product, but it is expensive.

To buy new cartridges, they are being sold in kits with 30 photos, worth R$99 Here in Brazil, this value cannot be said to be super affordable. It's the type of product that's excellent for marking good moments, but unless you work with photos, or travel very frequently, its usefulness seems to be lost in a short time.

KODAK Photo Printer app

Place where photos printed by the Kodak mini shot 3 camera come out
Kodak Mini Shot 3 printer output (Image: Tiago Rodrigues/ Showmetech)

As a complement to the use of the camera Kodak Mini Shot 3, you can use the app Photo Printer to edit any photo from your smartphone and then print it with camera technology. It's an alternative to the lack of the camera's own storage, but it could be better.

The app opens quickly and is very straightforward, which is good. The home screen takes you to the list of most recent photos on your smartphone and at the top right you can tap Albums to choose a specific folder. You can also take a photo directly from the app if you want.

To connect with Kodak Mini Shot 3, you just need to turn on the camera and then tap the Bluetooth until it appears in the list. Accept the permissions and that's it, you can now ask the camera to print the photos from your cell phone.

The interesting thing about using the app is working with the photo editing part. When choosing one of the photos from the gallery, you can tap Edit&Print to edit the photo. Unlike what the camera settings offer, here we have more options. When choosing a photo, the option Edit will become available. There, you can crop, rotate and among other photo resizing functions. Filters, borders and even stickers are also available, allowing you to be very creative here to give your photos a new look.

Despite the good functions, I think the user experience lacks a touch. The app tends to leave photos out of angle when we start applying borders and effects and fixing these details simply doesn't work. There's no fine-tuning of things, you know? Considering that you want to print something that looks super cool, it doesn't seem like it takes much effort for you to use the app so well. The resources exist and that's it.

And this is the saddest part of the whole set, after all the camera could have the same hardware, but with much more functional and interactive software. It's a sin for a product of this size to falter with such simple things that have already been established on the market for a few years. You are left with the luck of the draw for each tool, each photo and this ruins the final experience.


Front and side of Kodak Mini Shot 3
The Kodak Mini Shot 3 is very beautiful and that is undeniable (Image: Tiago Rodrigues/ Showmetech)

The 2-in-1 instant camera Kodak Mini Shot 3 It's interesting because it's nostalgic, but it fails at a crucial point, which is giving a real sense of everyday usefulness. It has an excellent design and certainly attracts attention in a good way, but when it comes to using it, we see its problems as something dated.

It gives the impression that, because it is something retro, the brand chose to also bring with it the difficulties and difficulties of a product from many years ago. There are basic things missing here, such as being able to see the number of photos available on the cartridge, an internal memory option and other things that make the consumer more relaxed about using the product.

I had a specific case where I took a photo and when it was time to print, the cartridge ran out. The message appeared on the screen and that photo was lost. It's not a question of luxury, it's a question of actually being useful. Why would I buy a product that can't even save a photo when a warning appears? What if it was the best photo? You just lost for nothing. I think you understand the point here.

And when we move on to replacing cartridges, that's another particular dilemma of mine. The standard here in Brazil is the 30-photo cartridge, sold by R$99. It's not cheap, but I think that's not the biggest problem, but rather that the entire set is completely disposable. I believe that if it had been created in such a way that it worked with refills like a conventional printer, it would have a much greater appeal. As it is, the cartridges become an accumulation of unnecessary waste that has a very low yield.

In short, the Kodak Mini Shot 3 It's a camera that can deliver photos that feel really cool when printed, but it always seems like something is missing, or that those things aren't 100% optimized.

As for values ​​and availability, it arrived in Brazil with exclusive sales through Fast shop in the amount of R$1.499 on pix. Cartridges, in a box of 30 units, can be purchased for R$99, also by Fast shop.

Technical specifications

Model Mini Shot Retro 2 1-in-3 Instant Camera
Type Smart camera
Sensor quality10 megapixels
photo resolution 3872px x 2592px
Printed photo size3 × 3
Memory Internal Memory: 16MB
Memory Card Slot: No
FabricScreen Size: 1,77 Inches = 2,54 cm
Ressources Sensor: OmniVision sensor 1.4um x 1.4um pixel 
Spring Lens Type: Wide Angle 25.4mm
Opening: 01:12,7
Flash and focusFlash Modes: Flash On, Flash Auto, Flash Off
Flash Range: Recycle time: 0,2 s to 6 s (with new batteries); Effective flash range: 0,6m – 2,7m
Focus Range: 0,6 m – ∞
Shutter Speed: 1/60 s
Other Features ISO: 800
Power: Mini USB and internal lithium battery (AAA battery)
Menu Languages: English, Korean, Japanese and Mandarin
Dimensions and weight  With packaging (HxWxD): 81x137x35 mm
Product weight with packaging: 0,278 kg
Items included in the box 01 Instant camera
01 Handle strap
01 Mini USB Cable
02 Supply Boxes with 30 photos each
Instruction Manual in Portuguese with warranty certificate
Price BRL 1.599 at Fast Shop
Availability in Brazil As of February 28, 2024

And this was our review of Kodak Mini Shot 3. What did you think about her? Are you thinking about investing your money in a camera like this or would you prefer something 100% digital? Comment below and take the opportunity to check out our other articles.

reviewed by Glaucon Vital in 15 / 3 / 24.

REVIEW: Kodak Mini Shot 3

REVIEW: Kodak Mini Shot 3
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    9/10 Amazing
  • Lens and photos
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  • Fabric
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  • Cartridge
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