Review: is starfield the best bethesda game? Yes!. One of the most anticipated games of recent years is beautiful and delivers an epic and sensational journey. Check out our full review!

REVIEW: Is Starfield Bethesda's best game? YES!

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One of the most anticipated games of recent years is beautiful and delivers an epic and sensational journey. Check out our full review!

Exploring Bethesda's space RPG universe, Starfield, we are faced with an ambitious cosmic epic. Through its vast and immersive world, the game promises to redefine the boundaries of intergalactic exploration. However, will this unique undertaking by the company responsible for Skyrim e Fallout translates into a unique and immersive experience?

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O showmetech received the game key in advance for analysis and below you will find out a little more about this adventure that gives us the opportunity to explore galaxies and forge our own journey; The Bethesda it has certainly brought to life an adventure that exceeds our expectations.

So check out our review of the game without revealing plot details!

The game's live action trailer showed a little more about its release!

Starfield is a gigantic game!

character in starfield
Starfield was an ambitious idea! Image: Eduardo Ariedo

Starfield transcends the limitations of words, as its construction reflects decades of experience in Bethesda in the gaming market. The title incorporates improvements in various mechanics developed by the company throughout its history, now at its peak, where veterans and newcomers of this universe can marvel at its immense exploration.

The result of this evolutionary process is a game of vast proportions, filled with captivating locations to explore during the journey. The atmosphere masterfully adapts to each galaxy visited, giving a sense of transition to completely different scenarios, amplifying the diversity of our adventure. Cities with their own cultures and designs, each based on those people who first landed in that system.

In the end, even after hours immersed in Starfield, thoroughly exploring the scenarios and delving into the complexities of the mechanics, side missions and also the main storyline, it remains certain that we have only scratched the surface of the game's wealth of content.

The same way that Skyrim captured the hearts of gamers in 2011, remaining popular for over a decade, Starfield is configured as the pinnacle of the offer of the Bethesda in the market. Its potential is undeniable, suggesting a similar trajectory of enduring success.

Story of epic proportions!

The game's narrative takes unexpected turns!

to narrative of Starfield is remarkably ambitious and undoubtedly stands as one of the most impressive creations of Bethesda so far, solving a chronic problem of the company of creating fantastic universes, but with fragile plots. The intricate plot is enriched by captivating plot twists and meticulously developed characters, resulting in an immersive fictional universe.

This bold story packs a punch, prompting players to venture into uncharted territory. After crucial events that mark the beginning of the journey in the cosmos of Starfield, the protagonist is driven to explore the vast expanses of space and decipher its riddles. Even in the face of a civilization that has already expanded to distant galaxies, many secrets still remain to be revealed, giving a feeling that there is something more in space.

A notable achievement in Starfield it is the harmonization of two distinct elements: the main plot and the exploration. Traditionally associated with less captivating central plots, the Bethesda here demonstrates an admirable ability to weave an engaging narrative with the essence of exploration. Although the start can be considered slow, after a few hours in this saga, simply unexpected events occur, leaving you speechless.

It's a wonderful thing to experience and the writers deserve all the praise they can get. For the first time in my experience with a company game, I was really tempted to stick with the main story quests, wanting to find out what would happen to everyone around me, and that was a rewarding experience. You see, even after spending hundreds of hours on Skyrim ou Fallout 3, defeating Alduin and meeting my father more than three times was more than enough.

side quests

Starfield Side Quests
Side missions are often just as interesting as the main one! Image: Eduardo Ariedo

This lack of interest in the main plot of the developer's other games arises because it unfolds amidst a complex of secondary stories that also deserve our attention. Furthermore, often these optional quests manage to offer more intriguing plots and divert us from the main focus. Well in Starfield, they keep the same old approach – we can have a simple conversation at the bar with someone and suddenly find ourselves with 5 new goals in the diary.

This focus immerses us in an interesting state of immersion, as many of the game's side quests remain captivating. So we find ourselves temporarily abandoning our intergalactic journey through the stars of the universe to assist scientists with their research or resolve local disagreements.

In this way, we are graced with a variety of content during our journeys, which enriches the experience, while also leaving us undecided about which of those missions we should continue next.

interesting characters

Sam coe next to another character in starfield
Sam Coe is just one of the wonderful characters in the game! Image: Eduardo Ariedo

Em Fallout 4, a Bethesda had already introduced us to a cast of characters with interesting stories. They were no longer seen as just someone who was there to help with items, as was the case with Lydia or any other companion in Skyrim. Fortunately, the company has continued to enhance this concept, and our travel partners play a key role.

They go far beyond mere supporting players on our journey, as most of them are endowed with depth and distinct personalities, which are evident when they express opinions and interact with other NPCs during missions. An action performed by them might please one character while irritating another.

These interactions not only add layers of realism to the game world, they can also translate into lines of dialogue that directly assist in solving challenges or solving complex problems. For example, being with the right person at the right time can offer alternative approaches to tackling challenges, such as facilitating negotiations or providing answers to riddles.

Review: is starfield the best bethesda game? Yes!. One of the most anticipated games of recent years is beautiful and delivers an epic and sensational journey. Check out our full review!
Sarah Morgan is another deep character in the game. Image: Eduardo Ariedo

Em Starfield, this approach stands out, as the characters are not limited to just accompanying us. Their personal stories are as engaging as the main narrative itself, with individual motivations for embarking on the journey. This creates a complex web of relationships. The possibility of getting close to these characters, understanding their yearnings and influencing each one's destiny adds significant emotional depth to the experience.

Comparing with earlier approaches to Bethesda, it's clear that this game takes interactivity with secondary characters to a whole new level. They're not just extras; play active and impactful roles in plot construction and mission development. This evolution in character building reflects the ambition to create a gameplay experience that goes beyond the surface, encouraging players to engage more deeply with the fictional universe and its inhabitants.

gameplay and exploration

combat in starfield
Playing with firearms is cooler than melee! Image: Eduardo Ariedo

A Bethesda did not seek a complete innovation in the gameplay of Starfield. While the combat and exploration mechanics may feel similar to other games in the developer's portfolio, those who have been following the game for a longer time will realize that this represents a deftly implemented evolution.

Each encounter comes to life through new built-in moves and realistic animations. However, it's unfortunate that the melee combat can still feel somewhat off-putting for those used to more complex titles. On the other hand, the gameplay of gun battles demonstrates a high standard of excellence.

This is one of the ways Bethesda has progressed the most in the game, especially compared to Fallout 4 or Fallout 76. It's possible that the increasingly leaning approach to an action game style, to the detriment of a more traditional RPG, could disappoint some players. However, this direction made it possible for an even wider audience to have access to the developer's masterpieces.

Starfield it doesn't stray from the standard set by games created by the company, and exploration remains one of the key pillars here. The usual freedom to roam the map is maintained, but what gives this game a truly magical touch is that, unlike in the past, we are no longer restricted to just exploring the mountains that our eyes can reach and climbing their slopes.

Character sitting on his starfield ship
fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars! Photo: Eduardo Ariedo

Now, if we are in a certain place and, when looking at the sky, we see a moon or even another planet that captures our attention, we can go there. Such celestial bodies were not inserted merely as decorative elements to enrich the scenery; they are tangible destinations where we can seek out adventures, uncover secrets, or simply follow the intrinsic curiosity of exploration.

Play your way

Starfield character near his ship
See you, Space Cowboy! Image: Eduardo Ariedo

If you were worried about the freedom offered by Starfield, keep calm. The game provides a wide range of possibilities, allowing you, on many occasions, to choose to ignore a mission for hours while you dedicate yourself to other activities, and then return to it without this having consequences for the character's narrative.

This freedom of choice is also reflected in the options available when creating your character, which range from a wide variety of weapons to space suits, allowing you to explore the cosmic vastness of the universe in unique ways. Want to play a pistol-wielding Space Cowboy or would you rather be a stealthy sniper?

Regardless of your preference, both approaches can be accurately expressed in the game. From the fine tuning of weapon modifications to the selection of outfits that define your character's aesthetic, it's worth playing. Starfield just for being a playground for creativity.

Average space exploration

space exploration in starfield
There's not much to do other than orbit the planets and some combat! Image: Eduardo Ariedo

Starfield it has several notable qualities, and space exploration has its charm, but it's not the game's best mechanic. During the time I invested in the game, I realized that this exploit could be improved to further elevate the experience. This doesn't mean that controlling the ship is a tedious or uninteresting task; it's actually quite fun. However, there is an underlying feeling that something is missing.

For example, even considering the warnings of the Bethesda on that issue, it is undeniable that there was a loss of potential by not granting the player full control over the ships. Although we manage to customize them in different ways, whether according to our preferences or inspired by science fiction classics, the absence of direct control over intergalactic travel is noticeable. We can only control them by the orbits of some planets and nothing else.

This is not a factor that completely ruins our gameplay and journey through Starfield, but generates a sense of desire for more depth. This is even more evident when we traverse the stunning scenery and spot planets in the sky, creating a genuine desire to head towards them without the limitation of a fast travel mechanism. Unfortunately, this wish often cannot be realized.

epic space combat

starfield space combat
Starfield's space combat is amazing! Image: Eduardo Ariedo

Although space exploration may seem somewhat incomplete due to some choices made by Bethesda, which were perhaps influenced by processing power limitations, there is no reason to criticize the combat between ships. In this aspect, the action becomes frantic, providing several possibilities.

For example, engaging an enemy ship or someone you want to loot isn't just about shooting until it disintegrates in space, allowing you to collect the spoils of victory. Instead, you can target your shots at specific points, weakening the enemy vehicle and making the situation more favorable for your side.

Additionally, by compromising a vessel's engines enough during the engagement, you have the option to abandon the aerial dogfight and instead opt for personal combat against the enemy tribulation!

Starfield ships in photo mode
Starfield's photo mode allows us to take pictures even on the ships!

This raiding mechanic provides a considerable amount of fun, especially since indoor combat often takes place in confined spaces. In this scenario, the chaos of trying to hit opponents while dodging attacks creates an intense atmosphere. Despite the challenges, the feeling of reward is rewarding, since depending on the damage inflicted on the enemy ship, you can take control of it for yourself and expand your fleet.

construction of ships

Starfield shipbuilder
This is Discovery in the constructor. Image: Eduardo Ariedo

One of the most robust tools and also with the greatest potential of all Starfield is the crafter of ships. During the review, I used it a few times and there are several options for you to customize your vehicle – either in a useful way, like new weapons and cargo compartments or even with modifications that are just aesthetic, to customize it your way.

It's a function that, in the hands of creative players, can bring amazing results, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the community's top creations in the coming weeks. Some attempts are already obvious to happen in the game of Microsoft, such as the reproduction of iconic movie ships, including the Millenium Falcon by Star Wars or the USS Enterprise from Star Trek, but also, what original can be created from this?

Spaceship in the game
Discovery ingame. Image: Eduardo Ariedo

I confess that in my attempts to make a beautiful ship that reflected the personality of my character, affectionately called Spike Spiegel because of the anime Cowboy Bebop, I wasn't very successful, but that's because I lacked creativity and also money when putting them together!


neon city in starfield
Neon is a city straight out of Cyberpunk! Image: Eduardo Ariedo

A Bethesda always demonstrated mastery in creating rich and immersive environments for his scenarios. On the Serie The Elder Scrolls, for example, it is evident how each kingdom is distinctly shaped by its culture, even within the context of medieval fantasy. In Fallout , we witness the reconstruction of society after a nuclear apocalypse.

Starfield follows this tradition, offering a remarkable diversity of experiences, which is surprising when considering the uniqueness of each region explored. The cities that the player visits, either during the main story or in side quests, seem to have a life of their own.

For example, in one moment, it is possible to walk through the muddy streets of a planet that adopted the culture of the Old West as a base. In addition to the thematic constructions, this ambiance extends to the clothes worn by the locals and even to the distinct accents that permeate the interactions.

new atlantis in starfield
The two cities exist in the same game, each in its own way! Image: Eduardo Ariedo

However, upon entering our ship and traveling to another galaxy, we are transported to an entirely different environment. It can be a cosmopolitan city full of political dilemmas or even a Cyberpunk aesthetic, incorporating all the characteristic elements of this genre. This diversity is surprising and reflects the effort made by the developers to give players the genuine feeling of being in completely different places on each trip. This intrinsic aspect of the game enhances the sense of discovery and exploration that is central to the space theme.

In fact, this variety creates a dynamic experience, where the feeling of venturing into new territories is constant. The surprises that the space reserves never fail to reveal themselves, keeping curiosity alive about what the next destination has in store. This atmosphere of constant discovery reflects the very nature of space exploration and contributes to making Starfield an exciting and ever-evolving journey.

The planets

starfield alpha centuri system
There are several systems, each with its particularities and planets! Image: Eduardo Ariedo

Furthermore, it is important to note that, despite the immersion provided by exploring different planets, Starfield implements limits on this exploit. Each planet cannot be traversed in its entirety, being divided into huge blocks. While this restriction might seem limiting, for as long as I've played the game, I haven't lacked the ability to explore them end-to-end.

Todd Howard himself, executive producer of Bethesda, promised that approximately one thousand planets would be available for players to explore along their journey in Starfield. This immense variety is the result of both the direct work of the development team and the procedural generation carried out by Creation Engine 2.

As you get involved with the game, the distinction between the places carefully created by the developers and those generated organically through the game's graphics engine is noticeable. This difference becomes more evident in relation to content and setting. Some planets offer impressive but isolated landscapes, without many significant activities or missions, conveying the feeling of being destinations to contemplate the solitude of the universe.

On the other hand, in some regions, we are treated to an enormous amount of content, which instantly attracts our attention and encourages us to spend hours exploring every possible corner of the map. Even after long game sessions, there's always something to be discovered in these places, like forgotten quests or unexplored buildings.

Therefore, anyone who expects that these thousand planets promised by Todd Howard, all have the same quality and content, may be disappointed. However, this leaves room for the modders of the game take this opportunity to fill these empty spaces according to your own vision.

The Nasapunk Genre

Weapon and Food in Starfield
The nasa-punk genre was created for Starfield and it blends in very well with the atmosphere of the game! Image: Playback/Bethesda

Starfield, the latest foray into Bethesda in the world of space exploration games, it shines brightly thanks to the stylistic innovation known as Nasa-Punk. While embracing fantastical elements, the title deftly orchestrated by the developer stands out for its unique ability to bring authenticity to space settings.

The Nasa-Punk genre approach enriches the experience of Starfield, infusing it with a tangible sense of realism in a futuristic environment. By harmonizing science and imagination, the game transcends the boundaries of traditional science fiction and takes on an almost palpable quality.

One of the most notable feats is the way Nasa-Punk style celebrates our history and legacy of space exploration. Intergalactic ships, while reverberating with current technology, evoke glimpses of the near future. The aesthetic becomes an eloquent tribute to the past, while simultaneously projecting an innovative and exciting vision of the future.

Consequently, Starfield stands as a show of aesthetics and atmosphere, where the familiar harmoniously intertwines with the extraordinary. The shrewd blending of the known and the imagined creates a universe that is both evocative and fantastical. The intergalactic journey through the game unfolds in a panorama that, despite its grandeur, captivates by its coherence and verisimilitude.

High or low gravity?

gravity in starfield
Some planets have different gravities and experiences. Image: Eduardo Ariedo

There are a number of space adventure games available, however, what really sets them apart Starfield as a masterpiece within this genre is the masterful way in which it integrates diverse elements, gravity being the main one. It is indisputable that, when we leave the Earth and go to the Moon, our body reacts differently, isn't it?

This perspective is also vividly portrayed in the latest release of Bethesda. Each planet we explore boasts its own gravitational pull, a characteristic that manifests itself in tangible ways as we interact with our environment. The simple act of walking or jumping can be completely transformed depending on the place visited.

Interestingly, this seemingly complex mechanic managed to be remarkably incorporated. Abrupt changes in character movement could, in theory, cause discomfort to players. However, during my gaming experience, I found this feature to be genuinely ingenious, to the point where I didn't mind if my jumps reached different heights depending on the location.

A particularly exciting example is the astute use of gravity during engagements against the variety of enemies found in the game's universe. The gravitational force can be manipulated in our favor, reducing the probability of being hit, or even against us, as is the case with the recoil of a shotgun that throws us backwards!


Review: is starfield the best bethesda game? Yes!. One of the most anticipated games of recent years is beautiful and delivers an epic and sensational journey. Check out our full review!
Starfield provides beautiful scenery. Image: Eduardo Ariedo

None of the elements of Starfield could receive due prominence if it weren't for its impressive graphic quality. The game turns out to be a veritable visual feast, especially when the power of the market merges with a cleverly conceived artistic direction. In this way, the end result is not only exceptional, but also escapes the trap of generality.

The locations unfolded along the journey, whether in bustling cities or in more remote settings, such as majestic mountains and lush forests, are so visually stunning that they provoke the irresistible desire to stop any activity just to contemplate them. Happily, Starfield graces itself with a complete photo mode, allowing players to capture a variety of stunning and immersive images.

Many notable details have been achieved thanks to the retirement of Creation Engine by the Bethesda, after more than two decades of use. In its second version, this tool has been greatly improved and Starfield emerges as their first release. The results achieved are truly dazzling, especially when it comes to creating sets and manipulating lighting, both of which are exceptional. Characters also gain a new level of beauty, with incredibly vivid facial expressions, proving that the evolution of the Graphics Engine was a long overdue necessity.

This high graphic quality not only enhances the Starfield, but also sharpens even more expectations for The Elder Scrolls 6. In the second title to use the Creation Engine 2, the Bethesda will have accumulated a wealth of experience with the platform, which is sure to be reflected in even more impressive and engaging results. The future looks bright for players eager for visual explorations and immersive storytelling.


starfield performance
The only dips below 60 frames were in cities. Image: Eduardo Ariedo

The newly released title of Bethesda features a wide range of content, and game performance varies depending on the region the player is in. In confined environments, such as various caves, spaceships or other locations that are discovered during the journey, the frame rate per second tends to be substantially higher, often exceeding 60 frames per second.

However, in cities or other large areas, where a number of elements occur concurrently with the gameplay, these FPS values ​​tend to decrease more noticeably. Despite this, in the tests carried out with the 4070 TI video card, the gameplay remained fluid, above 50 FPS.

A question I also asked myself during the analysis is whether Starfield it runs on a weak computer and I tested an RX 580 from AMD itself. For a model that is well below the recommended for the game, it did a good job, managing to maintain a stable 30 FPS for more than 30 minutes of play with everything at minimum. Sometimes it dropped one or two frames, but for those who don't care so much about the graphics – which are still beautiful in this quality – and want the experience of simply playing, it's a good alternative.

Even with limitations, an RX580 supported the game!

To optimize the experience in Starfield, Bethesda established an exclusive partnership with AMD to implement graphics enhancements for the line Radeon 7000. As a result, holders of these card models will be able to take advantage of these advantages, with particular emphasis on FSR2, the company's upscaling technology.

However, this news may bring disappointment to users of the NVidia, since the game will not include, at its launch, technologies such as DLSS, which may impact performance on certain models. Unfortunately, it will be necessary to wait for any solutions coming directly from the Bethesda or the game's modder community to address this issue.


starfield bug
Even with the engine update, some old bugs remain!

Starfield represents the culmination of the Bethesda, considered his most high-profile release to date. The game maintains all the characteristics that consolidated the company in the market, however, refined and improved. Despite the vast development experience, throughout my gaming experience, I came across some technical problems.

Such issues seem to be reminiscent of past patterns by the developer, since these drawbacks, predominantly related to visual aspects, appear in virtually all titles it releases. Facing situations in which enemies or even allies behave unexpectedly in certain areas of the scenario, failing to carry out crucial actions during missions, is something that happens with some regularity.

Also, at some point in my journey, I also noticed that my character was unable to fire firearms. No matter what equipment I chose, the weapon simply refused to work as it should. I considered that it could be a physical condition of the character, but looking at his file, there was no problem and the situation was even more strange when knives, axes and melee weapons were used without problems.

I still don't know what caused this bug, but due to the game's autosave functions and also my lack of attention, I almost lost about 20 hours of progress, as the most recent “unbugged” file was from the beginning of my journey. , when he was still a rookie astronaut. Fortunately, console commands for games from Bethesda work the same way and I was able to reset the character, restoring his combat actions. After that, I was able to continue my journey without any problems.

Despite this problem that really bothered me, as I felt that I might lose my progress, Starfield it has no other serious problems. At least, during my hours during the analysis, I didn't need to reload the game or use some kind of code because, simply, the character was not in the place where it should be.

Requirements to play Starfield

Operational system: Windows 10 version 21H1 (10.0.19043)Operational system: Windows 10/11 updated
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X, Intel Core i7-6800KProcessor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X, Intel i5-10600K
Memory: 16 GB of RAMMemory: 16 GB of RAM
Video card: AMD Radeon RX 5700, NVIDIA GeForce 1070 TiVideo card: AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080
DirectX:  12 VersionDirectX: 12 Version
Storage: 125 GB available space (SSD)Storage: 125 GB available space (SSD)


Review: is starfield the best bethesda game? Yes!. One of the most anticipated games of recent years is beautiful and delivers an epic and sensational journey. Check out our full review!

If you purchased the Premium version of Starfield, the game will be released on August 31st at 21:XNUMX pm Brasilia time, both for PC and Xbox Series S | X. For those who want to play it for Game Pass or bought the conventional edition of the game, it will be available on September 5th, also at 21pm!

Na Steam, you can find both versions for R$429,00 (Premium) or R$299,00 (game only). You can also find it on Microsoft Store, with minor price changes, but it is a Xbox Play Anywhere, which can be played on both console and computer with the same copy!

If you are interested in playing it on console, you can find the Xbox Series X from R$ 4.274,05 No. Magalu, while the S series costs R$ 2.117,55. Remember that the game is exclusive to Microsoft and therefore not available on PlayStation 5 ou Nintendo Switch.


2023 is being a wonderful year for the world of games, even with some problematic releases, we still have several excellent titles released and Starfield it is one more that joins this glorious shelf. The game has enough potential to be in the main awards of the year and also be a strong competitor to receive the title of Game of the Year, but the competition is heavy.

For anyone who is a fan of Bethesda and has the company as one of your favorite developers, you can find in this space journey everything you've ever dreamed of in a game. Great exploration potential, different planets that really have a unique atmosphere between them and fun that can last for hours, all accompanied by a main story that will keep you interested to know its developments!

And if you've never given this style of play a chance, give Todd Howard's game-making formula and philosophy a chance, you might find that Starfield is good and it is an excellent gateway to the other productions of the Bethesda. The company always offers a unique experience in terms of the setting of its worlds and captivates players with its story.

Bold and grandiose, Starfield invites us to brave a vast universe, where exploration transcends the simple act of discovering, becoming an epic science fiction journey.

In the end, the game marks the debut of a new intellectual property, with the potential to be expanded in different ways and position itself as one of the great brands in the industry!

And that was our review of Starfield. Now, it's up to you, the reader, to experience this epic journey through galaxies not so far from us, but before embarking on the adventure, tell us in the comments what your first character will be like!


Starfield is not the only one game coming in september, see the complete list!

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