Review: warioware: move it! It's crazy fun

REVIEW: WarioWare: Move It! It's crazy fun

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We played Wario's new game and, after hours of fidgeting and moving our bodies, we talk about our experience. If WarioWare: Move It! it is worth it? Find out now!

Fans of insane microgames WarioWare They couldn't be happier. WarioWare: Move It! arrives at Nintendo Switch with the aim of providing good doses of humor, creativity and a lot of embarrassment among friends and family. It is already the second game in the franchise on the hybrid system of Nintendo So the question remains: does it deliver more content and make your purchase worth it? That's what we'll see now.

Holidays with a noisy gang!

as usual, WarioWare: Move It! features a story to the player to make things a little more, let's say, sensible (if that works...). A few minutes after a very immediate plot that shows Wario winning a trip to a paradisiacal island with the right to take 20 more companions, we are transported to a mystical world, with its local traditions pointing to a sacred artifact: (I won't tell and spoil the surprise, but they are stones very similar to a component well known to the owners of the Nintendo Switch). 

At this moment, dear reader, prepare yourself, because this somewhat beachy and, at the same time, ancestral aesthetic will accompany you throughout the adventure of the mustachioed anti-hero. The accompanying gallery Wario on this trip are already old acquaintances of fans of the franchise and include names like 9-Volt, Jimmy T, Mona, Crygor, Orbulon, Ashley, between others. Each of the characters is presented with a brief story — sometimes with a very shallow meaning, in the style of games in the franchise —, inserting them into the mechanics of themed scenarios that will count down the micro games.

Review: warioware: move it
The whole gang together again! Nintendo Source (Reproduction)

About this universe, the mystique Caresaway Island It has tropical and archaeological characteristics, with many aspects of a large island. It brings central, coastal, forest and mountainous areas, all giving their color to each introduction presented in a character's story. Across hieroglyphics, the player will be presented with instructions (coming from a supreme voice, as the game mentions) about what must be done to continue the adventure. 

Review: warioware: move it caresaway island
The idyllic Caresaway Island. Source: Nintendo (Reproduction)

I confess that the entire introduction made in this new WarioWare I liked it, giving an air of vacation and fun in a very relaxed and lively way, typical of some good titles from Nintendo. Despite being simple, the plot goes straight to the point, without worrying about many details, and briefly launches the player into the game itself. On the other hand, moments of instruction of new movements pause the game in the middle of the game frenzy of micro games, breaking the whole atmosphere, but they are necessary and only appear once to the player.

Move your head, arms, etc.

O Nintendo Switch has proven to be the home of games that use and abuse motion sensors. In your debut title 1, 2, switch, the proposal was precisely to show the full potential of Joy-Cons, its possibilities and innovative features — such as HD Rumble, side sensor and gyroscope. Later, other games came, trying to carry on the “Wii” wave of being. nintendo switch sports, Ring Fit Adventure, Everybody 1-2-Switch! e Arms are there to prove it, all doing a good job of bringing more movement into their owners' homes and bringing even more fun to those who frequent their homes.

Review: warioware: move it
Games use and abuse the player… that is, the creativity in the requested movements! Source: Nintendo

WarioWare: Move It! arrives at Nintendo Switch bringing a new dimension after its last release on the same platform,  WarioWare: Get It Together!, but now with commands made entirely through the movements of the JoyCons. You can feel the Wii appearance of being, whether playing or watching it, with a style that reminds us of many games released in the mid and late 2000s — for example: Muscle March, Wii Sports, Rhythm Heaven Fever and himself WarioWare: Smooth Moves.

In this new game, get ready to accomplish about 18 different movements (be sure to put the Joy-Cons Straps), including raising your hands, turning the controls downwards, swaying, staying in awkward positions to better simulate certain movements, among others. Just by the names, you can already feel what's coming: Choo Choo, Sky Stretch, Massage, Crocodile, Ba-KAW… The act of pressing a button is also included here, but it accounts for less than 5% of the entire action, making it a mere detail to complement some more complex movements. 

Review: warioware: move it
One of the most iconic moves to do is the Ba-KAW. Source: Nintendo

I can confirm that I found myself in very bizarre scenes at certain times, always being impressed by how the game manages to innovate increasingly introducing inspiring and unimaginable ways of controlling Joy-Cons through movements in microgames. Still, the HD Rumble — the device's innovative feature of simulating even more types of vibration — makes the experience even more immersive and realistic.

Review: warioware: move it
Feel like you are experiencing the suggested activities. Source: Nintendo

As not everything is rosy, in our tests we had a little difficulties in some rare minigames regarding the correctness of the movements, but which became better understood as time went by. Some movements, such as raising your arms or rotating the Joy-Con may present failures in recognition if the player is not prepared in advance. This could be fixed by adding an option to reset two controls (existing in some other games that use movements) to avoid such frustrations during these minigames.

Review: warioware: move it multiplayer
The game is even more fun in Multiplayer. Source: Nintendo

We also realized that Is it possible to “cheat” the game? and assume movements even while sitting or partially doing what the screen suggests. I confess that this makes the game itself less fun — and can lead to movement errors, which are best executed when we faithfully imitate the suggestions made. However, this “cheating the game” maneuver can be a useful option for times when the player is more tired or does not want to get up.

Review: warioware: move it
Have a lot of fun making movements on the screen. Nintendo Source (Reproduction)

Creativity galore!

Self "move” is the keyword of this new WarioWare, creativity is another characteristic that manages to position itself well here, even repeating the successful formula of the micro games saga from Mario's mustachioed rival. Unlike the penultimate game released, WarioWare: Move It! returns to a more traditional line of games in the series, bringing more than 200 microgames of pure madness… (I say) creativity. Some of them very innovative and many others borrowing the best ideas already known, including new arts, ways of controlling, etc.

Review: warioware: move it multiplayer
Laugh out loud with up to 4 players! Source: Nintendo

O silly spirit, Along with the collection of funny/embarrassing moments between friends, it also makes its presence felt here. You won't be able to stop laughing when faced with moments like rolling around breading a shrimp, popping balloons with butts, unblocking a toilet, getting out of a cage, scanning a product, cleaning windshields, Go down a ramp in Super Mario 64 DS, Among others.

Review: warioware: move it
Make the movements of the games and experience the emotions of the characters! Source: Nintendo

As is tradition, micro games are very immediate and generally have a short time of five seconds to complete. Some things can happen along the way, such as the speed being increased, thus increasing the difficulty level of the games. It is also possible to view all videos and microgames already opened in modes Theater e Museum, respectively, giving a new chance to repeat them or to glimpse what still needs to be completed.

Review: warioware: move it
Check out the micro games that need to be completed. Source: Nintendo

A lack of an online multiplayer mode in this game it is a negative factor, but perhaps necessary. After all, this is the type of game that works very well when played in the presence of close friends, amidst laughter and looks. Already the obligation to connect the video game to a TV in multiplayer modes It can be an obstacle for those who want to have a party on the go without a television set at their disposal.

Besides, unlockable extra modes also appear when finishing the game for the first time, delivering some board courses, new microgame sequences, and also a “mimic” mode — where a player, without looking at the TV, must copy the actions of another who performs the actions coming. of the game. There are many options for different moments, whether alone or with friends.

The best WarioWare ever made?

Although each person may have a preference for a game in the series, WarioWare (mine is WarioWare Inc. Mega Micro Game$ of GBA), it can be said that WarioWare: Get It Together! manages to live up to yet another respected title to appear in the long list of games in the franchise (which already totals 11). 

Review: warioware: move it cg
New arts and even more joy complete the package! Source: Nintendo (Reproduction)

Loading elements from the best games in the saga Wario, the quality is implicit Nintendo in this title, with all that magical touch of joy and functionality that the company knows how to do so well. Despite being a national launch, the game does not have a translation into Portuguese other than the cover, which can make some scenes a little confusing for those less accustomed to the foreign language. Luckily, because the game mechanics are super intuitive, it only takes one or two plays to resolve this issue most of the time.

Another point worth mentioning is the game price, which is not that far below other titles considered larger productions. This can alienate a large portion of the public who would only have it for one or another casual jokes between friends, ending up making them miss out on one of the world's greatest releases. Nintendo Switch this year.

Review: warioware: move it
Take advantage of the many lives to win! Source: Nintendo

WarioWare: Move It! 

In conclusion, for fans of Wario and micro games in the series WarioWare, Move It! It's a full plate! The game is a delight for all players looking for a little fun and funny moments with friends. Filled with funny content and brilliant ideas — capable of entertaining both at parties and players looking for a little fun and relaxation — the game fulfills its role well and deserves to be on players' shelves (whether physical or digital).

Review: warioware: move it
WarioWare: Move It. Source: Nintendo

WarioWare: Move It! it's already available digitally on the Nintendo Switch eShop for R$ 249,00 or in physical media (national) for the price of R$ 299,90. It is worth mentioning that the game is part of the “Nintendo Switch Game Coupons” promotionWhich enables save on joint purchases of digital games on the platform, available only to subscribers of Nintendo Switch Online.

Analysis carried out with a copy of the game provided by Nintendo

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WarioWare: Move It!

WarioWare: Move It!
90 100 0 1
Crazy fun! WarioWare: Move It! Bring the party to your living room!
Crazy fun! WarioWare: Move It! Bring the party to your living room!
total Score
  • Recorders
    100/100 Excellent
    Cartoonish images and lots of animated and colorful arts guarantee fun at the highest level.
  • Audio
    85/100 Amazing
    Happy and motivating sounds, with a touch of nostalgia, reminiscent of the era of Wii/Wii U games.
  • History
    90/100 Amazing
    Simple, crazy and straight to the point, the plot of WarioWare: Move It! matches the franchise.
  • Gameplay
    95/100 Excellent
    One of the best uses of JoyCons with motion control on the Nintendo Switch.
  • Fun
    100/100 Excellent
    The madness here doesn't stop and there is always one or another hilarious scene that the game forces you to do.
  • Replay
    85/100 Amazing
    There's a selection of what's been done and what hasn't been done, as well as extra unlockable modes.


  • Perfect for gathering friends or livening up a party;
  • Hilarious scenes and the most embarrassing positions possible guarantee fun;
  • Graphics and sounds that liven up any environment;
  • Another game from the WarioWare franchise for fans.


  • Obligation to use the TV in multiplayer modes;
  • Lack of an online mode;
  • Motion control may fail at times.
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