Male romances annoy players in baldur's gate 3. Apparently, having someone of the same sex hit on you is an annoyance to players.

Male romances bother players in Baldur's Gate 3

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Apparently, having someone of the same sex come on to you is a nuisance for players.

Baldur's Gate 3, one of the most awaited games by the community and Table RPG fans, finally launched and while many take the opportunity to explore the game's rich universe, others have a very heated complaint. Some users are unhappy with how male characters flirt with them.

They claim that this breaks immersion in the game's story, even though, during these dialogues, there is an option that allows you to deny these advances. Some even raised the possibility of Larian Studios, developer of the game, put an option to choose your sexual orientation and prevent these interactions from happening.

Romances in Baldur's Gate 3

Shadowheart in Baldur's Gate 3
There are several romance options in the game and you can enjoy them all!

The heart of the controversy lies in the fact that, in Baldur's Gate 3, male characters interact romantically with playable characters, regardless of gender. This means that male players can get advances from same-sex characters on their quests, and that alone is enough to make some uncomfortable.

It is worth remembering that in the last few weeks leading up to the launch of the game for computers, the developer even commented a little more on the different romance options that would exist in the game. In addition, with the official release, other options were also discovered by players and we guarantee that men hitting on the character is completely normal and peaceful.

Is Baldur's Gate 3 laceration?

Squirrel at Baldur's Gate 3
Some novels in the game are to leave everyone with their mouths open. Image: Playback/Larian Studios

Baldur's Gate 3 follows the great trend of making games more open and inclusive so that all audiences can enjoy the story. Therefore, the developers took the opportunity to give a more dynamic approach, where the available characters do not have a defined sexuality and can have everyone. This is a different approach than other titles, for example, like Cyberpunk 2077, which has some exclusive same-sex romances.

However, contrary to what a portion of the community is saying, Baldur's Gate 3 it's not laceration. Larian does a masterful job of adding inclusion and representation to the worlds it creates, and the diversity of characters and stories enriches the players' experience, making it more relevant and connected to our reality.

Steam post complaining about baldur's gate 3
One of the posts complaining about the game. Image: Playback/Steam

Baldur's Gate 3 is loved by the community

Baldur's Gate 3 ranked ninth among Steam's most played games
Baldur's Gate 3 is among the most played games in Steam history! Image: Playback/SteamDB

A Larian Studios Should I be concerned about these criticisms, since, as the saying goes, “who seals, does not profit”? Baldur's Gate 3 it has only enjoyed increasing success during its launch week. Its captivating storyline, immersive gameplay and stunning graphics win the hearts of many gamers around the world. The game transcends barriers and becomes a remarkable experience for all audiences, breaking the bubble that few of its genre have achieved.

Loved by critics, with a score of 95 on the Metacritic and breaking records for concurrent users, breaking into Steam's top 10 with 814,666 concurrent players. For comparison purposes, he is ahead of GTA V e The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but behind some market giants such as CSGO e DOTA2.

Furthermore, these numbers consider only the computer version, advanced by the developers to prevent Baldur's Gate 3 compete for space on the players' agenda with Starfield, launch of Microsoft which promises to be the highlight of September. So, it still needs to be released for PlayStation 5 on the 6th of next month, and its pre-sales have taken off in the last few days and also for Xbox Series S | X, but still no date for that platform.

How has your journey through the game been? Tell us more about your character and the adventures he has in the Forgotten Realms via our comments!


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  1. I don't think it would be prejudiced to have options to make players more comfortable, that's not prejudice, it's individuality. At no point did he ask for the game to feature only straight relationships, but rather a selection in the game to include everyone and make EVERYONE comfortable. If someone's comfort means prejudice for you, I think the biggest problem isn't with the guy, but maybe with you.
    As a woman, I don't care at all about homosexuality, but I've had some experiences in which the woman kept insisting on me, there were few of course, but it was enough to make the interaction at the party very uncomfortable for me. Just as I've had angry friends fall on top of friends of mine who are gay, insisting and making him uncomfortable.

    1. Um… you can imagine that gays and lesbians also had experiences where the straight person, who kept insisting, was quite uncomfortable, right? Is not the same thing? We imagine that the game is just trying to be more faithful to reality, whether you are straight or not.

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