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Rumor: Amazon is working on a $50 tablet

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Amazon is planning to launch a new tablet, aiming to boost year-end sales. The company may adopt the aggressive pricing strategy.

A Amazon failed to enter the high-end device market, since the Fire Phone it was a sales failure. However, the company managed to achieve great success in selling its tablets a below average prices and with good quality hardware. Apparently the company wants to bet once again on this strategy.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Amazon is preparing a super cheap tablet for the summer season christmas sales. The device would have 6 inches e would cost $ 50; half the price of the current 6-inch Fire HD and cheaper than the low-end Kindle, which costs $79.

With such a low price, one can imagine that the company will save as much as possible in hardware. There is still no speculation about the technical specifications, but the company may explore some strategies to pull the price down without compromising the user experience.

One of these strategies is the use of advertisements on lockscreen, which already appear on current Fire HD tablets. In addition, they may choose to restrict sales markets, as they have done with some hardware products.

A Wall Street Journal report also says that the company intends to launch two other tablets at the end of this year; one with an 8 inch screen and the other with a 10.

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