Check out Sam Altman's 13 tips for achieving success. The ceo of openai is at the forefront of the AI ​​revolution and gives tips for achieving success and building effective and impactful leadership.

Check out Sam Altman's 13 tips for achieving success

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OpenAI's CEO is at the forefront of the AI ​​revolution and gives tips for achieving success and building effective and impactful leadership.

For many entrepreneurs and leaders, the path to success is paved with challenges and valuable learnings. Sam altman, leader of the tree of AIs and CEO of OpenAI, shared 13 fundamental tips that can guide those looking to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. With insights based on his own journey and experience, Sam Altman's tips offer a set of practical and inspiring principles, covering everything from the importance of resilience to strategies for making effective decisions. These tips not only offer a roadmap to success, but also inspire a mindset of growth and perseverance in the face of challenges.

In this article, check out everything about Sam Altman's professional career, as well as his lessons and other valuable insights shared by other technology leaders.

Who is Sam Altman, leader of the AI ​​revolution

Sam Altman's Tips
Sam Altman is a defender of the transformative potential of artificial intelligence.Photo: KACK GUEZ/AFP / Getty Images.

Samuel Harris Altman, known as Sam altman, is an American entrepreneur and investor born on April 22, 1985 in Chicago, Illinois. Married with software engineer Oliver Mulherin, Altman is a prominent figure in the world of technology, with a career marked by innovation and leadership. Despite not having completed his degree in Computer Science at Stanford University, Altman is recognized as one of the most influential minds in the field of technology.

Altman began his entrepreneurial career as co-founder of loopt, a social media startup based on geolocation. Loopt's success caught the attention of the industry, leading to its acquisition by Green Dot Corporation in 2008. This was just the beginning of Altman's journey into the world of technology.

In 2014, Altman assumed the presidency of And Combinator, one of the most renowned startup accelerators in Silicon Valley. At And Combinator, Altman has played a key role in supporting and guiding several successful technology companies, including Airbnb, Dropbox and Reddit, helping to shape the future of technology.

In 2019, Altman assumed the role of CEO of OpenAI, an AI research organization aiming to ensure that artificial intelligence benefits humanity as a whole. Founded by Elon Musk, Altman and other visionary entrepreneurs, OpenAI its mission is to develop and promote AI in an ethical and responsible way.

From Stanford to selling startups

Sam Altman's Tips
Sam Altman has followed a successful path, standing out for his entrepreneurial vision. Photo: Reproduction / Internet.

Sam Altman, together with two friends, made a bold decision to drop out of his course at Stanford University to dedicate himself full time to developing the app loopt, which allowed users to share their location with friends. The startup soon caught the industry's attention and became one of the first to receive funding from the prestigious accelerator Y Combinator. Loopt has attracted interest from operators such as Sprint and was valued at US$175 million. However, despite this initial success, the startup failed to maintain public interest and was sold in 2012 for US$43 million.

After the sale of loopt, Sam Altman and his brother Max Altman created the investment fund Hydrazine Capital, raising US$21 million, including part of the money from the sale of loopt and an investment from billionaire Peter Thiel. With another brother, Jack Altman, the Altmans launched the Apollo fund in 2020, focused on financing companies with revolutionary ideas and exponential growth potential.

In 2014, at the age of 28, Altman was invited by the founders of And Combinator, Paul Graham and Jessica Livingston, to succeed Graham as president of the accelerator. Under his command, the And Combinator consolidated its reputation as the main attraction for entrepreneurs looking to learn how to create a successful company. During his tenure, the And Combinator helped approximately 1900 companies, including Airbnb, Instacart, DoorDash, Reddit and Twitch. Altman stepped down as president in March 2019 to focus on OpenAI, but remained chairman.

In 2015, Altman was included in the list Forbes 30 Under 30 for venture capital at age 29. Also in 2015, Altman was one of the founders of OpenAI, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to benefit humanity. He and Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, were co-presidents of the OpenAI. The organization began with an initial investment of $1 billion from Altman, Musk, Peter Thiel and Amazon Web Services, between others. Altman compared the work of OpenAI to the Manhattan Project, which developed the first atomic bomb, due to the project's level of ambition.

OpenAI, dismissal and comparison with Steve Jobs

Sam Altman's Tips
At OpenAI, Sam Altman faced challenges, being compared, in some aspects, to Steve Jobs. Photo: Reproduction / Internet.

A OpenAI gained prominence in the field of artificial intelligence with the launch of Chat GPT, a revolutionary platform. In November 2022, the company quietly launched GPT-3.5, an artificial intelligence capable of producing a variety of textual materials, functioning as an innovative chatbot.

Soon afterwards, in December 2022, Steven Tey and Dom Eccleston developed an extension for the Chat GPT No. Chrome, further expanding its presence and usefulness. In February 2023, the OpenAI launched the Chat GPT Plus for a monthly fee, marking the beginning of the monetization of the technology. In the same month, the Microsoft integrated GPT into the Bing, improving search engine efficiency.

In March 2023, the OpenAI presented the GPT-4, a significant evolution in its product line, with new features, including image and text understanding. Initially, this version was only available to users of Chat GPT Plus.

However, in November 2023, Sam Altman would face a turbulent period in the company he led and helped found, being abruptly removed from his position as CEO, but reinstated shortly afterwards. This unexpected change generated several speculations and questions about the reasons behind this decision.

The rise of Chat GPT since its release has placed Altman in the spotlight of the rapid commercialization of generative artificial intelligence. His role as one of Silicon Valley's leading voices on the promises and risks of this technology helped transform the OpenAI in a world-renowned company. Altman's dismissal situation was compared to Steve Jobs' departure from Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC), in 1985, when the company's board decided to diminish Jobs' leadership role due to concerns about his leadership style. Jobs left the company but returned in 1997 and resigned in 2011.

Political skills and investments in hard tech

Sam Altman's Tips
With sharp political skills, Sam Altman invests in hard tech, contributing to significant technological advances. Photo: Reproduction / Internet.

Sam Altman is known not only for his achievements in the field of technology, but also for his political skills and investments in hard tech. In 2017, he received an award from NGO Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) for his work in promoting LGBT diversity in technology. This award highlights Altman's commitment to social issues and his ability to positively influence the political and social environment.

Altman is an advocate for diversity and inclusion, and his actions and investments reflect that commitment. He is known for supporting startups and initiatives that seek to solve difficult problems with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and biotechnology.

As an investor, Altman has an impressive track record of identifying and backing innovative companies. Your experience in And Combinator and OpenAI has made him a respected leader in the world of technology, with a unique insight into the future of innovation and the role technology will play in society.

Altman accumulated much of his wealth through significant investments in venture capital funds. According to regulatory filings, he invested about $1,2 billion in Hydrazine Capital, a network of venture capital funds. Additionally, Altman has approximately $434 million in funds in Apollo Projects, a company dedicated to seeking innovative technological solutions. These investments reflect its strategic vision and commitment to advancing technology and innovation.

Furthermore, Sam Altman is recognized for his political skill, which played an important role in his career. His ability to build relationships and influence strategic decisions has made him an influential figure in Silicon Valley and beyond. His political skills and investments in hard tech demonstrate his commitment to innovation and the search for solutions that can positively impact the world.

How to achieve success, according to Sam Altman

Through his personal blog and other media outlets, Sam Altman regularly shares valuable lessons and insights about his career and experiences in business and technology. Altman is known for his frank and practical approach to discussing topics such as entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation. Next, we will see 13 tips that the CEO of OpenAI gave on how to achieve success.

Be optimistic when starting ventures

Sam Altman's Tips
To achieve success, Sam Altman advises being optimistic and confident. Photo: Reproduction / Internet.

Sam Altman emphasizes the importance of seeking opportunities for exponential growth in both your career and business. He highlights that companies and careers that grow exponentially become huge in a short time, and encourages thinking about an upward life trajectory. Altman also highlights the importance of always having a high learning curve and seeking forms of leverage, such as capital, technology and people management.

Most people get bogged down in linear opportunities. Be willing to let go of small opportunities to focus on possible radical changes.

Sam altman

The CEO of OpenAI highlights the importance of taking a long-term view and a broad understanding of how different systems in the world come together. He believes that thinking long term is a great competitive advantage in business and in your career, allowing you to identify and take advantage of opportunities that most people don't see. Altman ends by encouraging people to trust in the potential of exponential growth, to be patient and to be positively surprised by the results.

Self-confidence is the keyword

Sam Altman's Tips
Self-confidence is the keyword for Sam Altman. Photo: Reproduction / Internet.

Sam Altman highlights the importance of self-confidence as a powerful driver of success. He notes that the most successful people often believe in themselves almost to the point of delusion, and encourages cultivating that confidence from an early age. Altman emphasizes that self-confidence is essential to allow opposing ideas about the future and to face the challenges that arise along the way.

The CEO of OpenAI shares a remarkable experience with Elon Musk, in which he observed Musk's absolute certainty regarding sending large rockets to Mars. This experience highlighted to Altman the importance of conviction and self-confidence in achieving great things. Altman also addresses the need to balance self-confidence with self-awareness, and recognizes that the search for truth can be difficult and painful, but is essential to avoiding self-delusion.

Think with your head

Sam Altman's Tips
Sam Altman highlights the importance of originality and autonomy of thought. Photo: Reproduction / Internet.

Sam Altman highlights the difficulty of teaching entrepreneurship due to the complexity of original thinking, which is essential in this area. He notes that schools are often not equipped to teach this type of thinking and, in fact, often reward the opposite. Therefore, he emphasizes the importance of cultivating original thinking on your own.

Altman highlights the importance of thinking from first principles and generating new ideas, highlighting that it is a fun skill to develop. He emphasizes the need to find quick and easy ways to test these ideas in the real world, recognizing that failure is part of the entrepreneurial process. The CEO of OpenAI highlights the importance of learning to deal with seemingly unresolvable situations, as this strengthens the belief that solutions can be found. He points out that courage comes from the ability to get up after failure and keep trying.

Know how to sell your ideas

Sam Altman's Tips
Sam Altman highlights persuasion skills as the key to success. Photo: Reproduction / Internet.

Sam Altman highlights that self-confidence, although essential, is not sufficient on its own. He highlights the importance of being able to convince other people of your ideas and plans. Altman notes that all great careers, at some point, become sales jobs, requiring inspirational, charismatic, and executive communication skills.

The CEO of OpenAI emphasizes the importance of becoming good at communication, especially written communication, as a valuable investment. He advises making sure your thinking is clear and using simple, concise language to communicate clearly.

Altman points out that the best way to be effective in sales is to genuinely believe in what you are selling. He compares improving sales skills to improving any other skill, highlighting that anyone can improve with deliberate practice. Altman also emphasizes the importance of showing up in person whenever it counts, sharing experiences where doing so led to defining moments in his career.

Embrace the risks

Sam Altman's Tips
For Sam Altman, it is essential to embrace risks when undertaking, being bold and not fearing the unknown. Photo: Reproduction / Internet.

Sam Altman highlights the importance of taking risks and how most people tend to overestimate the risk and underestimate the reward. He emphasizes that it is impossible to be right all the time and that you need to try many things and adapt quickly as you learn more.

Altman notes that it's easier to take risks early in your career when you don't have much to lose and potentially much to gain. He advises looking for small bets where you only lose once if you're wrong, but win 100 times if it works, and then make a bigger bet accordingly.

Starting a business is like riding a wave between life and death. If you can hold your ground long enough, you will surely succeed.

Sam altman

However, Altman cautions against saving for too long, citing issues with founders who spent too much time working at companies like Google or Facebook. He notes that people have an uncanny ability to match their lifestyle to next year's salary, making it difficult to leave a comfortable, predictable life behind. Altman emphasizes the importance of keeping life cheap and flexible for as long as possible so you can follow your hunches and dedicate time to really interesting things.

Don't underestimate focus

Sam Altman's Tips
Don't underestimate the power of focus, advises Sam Altman, who highlights the importance of directing your efforts towards achieving your goals. Photo: Reproduction / Internet.

Sam Altman highlights the importance of focus as a force multiplier at work. He notes that many people would do better if they spent more time thinking about what to focus on, as it's more important to work on the right thing than to work long hours. Altman points out that most people waste most of their time on things that don't matter.

Once you figure out what to do, Altman emphasizes the importance of being relentless in getting small priorities done quickly. He highlights that he has yet to meet a slow person who is very successful.

Work more if necessary

Sam Altman's Success Tips
Sam Altman highlights the importance of dedication and effort to achieve your goals. Photo: Reproduction / Internet.

Sam Altman points out that to reach your maximum potential in your field, you need to work both smart and hard. He highlights that he will compete with other very talented people, who will have great ideas and will be willing to work hard. Altman emphasizes that extreme people get extreme results and that working hard brings great rewards in life, as well as being a source of fun and fulfillment.

The CEO of OpenAI mentions that it's important to find work you enjoy doing with people you enjoy spending a lot of time with so you can work hard without burning out. Altman also notes that it's easier to work hard early in your career, as the benefits accrue like interest, and it's easier when you have fewer responsibilities.

Be bold

Sam Altman's Tips
Sam Altman highlights the importance of not being afraid to leave your comfort zone. Photo: Reproduction / Internet.

Sam Altman highlights that he believes it is easier to do a difficult startup than an easy startup. He argues that people want to be part of something exciting and feel like their work matters. Altman points out that if you're making progress on an important problem, you'll have a constant stream of people wanting to help you. It encourages you to become more ambitious and not be afraid to work on what you really want, even if it's different from what others are doing. Altman encourages following your curiosity, as things that seem exciting to you will often seem exciting to other people as well.

Don't give up on your ambition

Sam altman
Sam Altman encourages not to give up on ambition, believing that it is fundamental to achieving great achievements. Photo: Reproduction / Internet.

Sam Altman points out that a big secret is that you can bend the world to your will a surprising percentage of the time, but most people don't even try and simply accept that things are the way they are. He highlights that people have an enormous capacity to make things happen, but often self-doubt, giving up too soon and not trying hard enough prevent them from reaching their full potential.

Altman encourages asking for what you want, even if rejection is painful, because when it works, it works surprisingly well. He highlights that persistent people, who continue until something works, are more likely to succeed. Altman cites the airbnb as an example of persistence, mentioning the difficulties that the founders faced before achieving success. He believes that to be strong-willed, you need to be optimistic, and that this is a personality trait that can be improved with practice, noting that he has never met a very successful pessimistic person.

Don't negotiate your competitiveness

Sam altman
Sam Altman believes it is essential to always be ready to compete and stand out. Photo: Reproduction / Internet.

Sam Altman points out that, just as companies are more valuable the more they stand out, the same goes for individuals. If what you do can be done by someone else, eventually it will be, and for less money.

He highlights that the best way to become more competitive is to increase leverage, whether through personal relationships, building a strong personal brand, or becoming an expert at the intersection of several different fields. Altman notes that following the mimetic behavior of most people is a mistake, because if you are doing what everyone else is doing, it won't be difficult to compete with you.

Build a network of talented people

Check out Sam Altman's 13 tips for achieving success. The ceo of openai is at the forefront of the AI ​​revolution and gives tips for achieving success and building effective and impactful leadership.
Sam Altman and the OpenAI senior management team (Image: Time)

Sam Altman highlights the importance of teams for good work, emphasizing that developing a network of talented people is essential for a great career. He points out that helping people as much as possible over time often results in significant career opportunities. Altman also highlights the importance of building a reputation for taking care of the people you work with and placing them in roles where they can succeed.

There are three things I look for when I hire people. Are they intelligent? Can they get things done? Do I want to spend a lot of time with them?

Sam altman

Altman advises defining yourself by your strengths rather than your weaknesses, recognizing weaknesses but not letting them stop you from doing what you want. He emphasizes the importance of identifying undiscovered talents and finding eminent people to invest in you at the beginning of your career. Altman concludes by highlighting the importance of spending time with positive people who support your ambitions.

Wealth comes from things

Sam Altman's Tips
For Sam Altman, wealth comes from experiences and achievements. Photo: Reproduction / Internet.

Sam Altman shares that the biggest economic misunderstanding of his childhood was the belief that people get rich with high salaries. He points out that, with exceptions like artists, almost no one on the Forbes list got there based on high salaries. Altman emphasizes that true wealth comes from owning things that increase in value quickly, such as part of a business, real estate, natural resources, intellectual property, or other assets. He highlights the importance of owning an equity stake in something rather than just selling time, as time scales linearly. Altman concludes that the best way to create value quickly is to do things people want at scale.

Be authentic

Sam altman
Be authentic in your actions and decisions, advises Sam Altman, highlighting the importance of being true to yourself and others. Photo: iStock.

Sam Altman highlights that most people are primarily externally motivated, seeking to impress others. He argues that this external motivation can lead to working on consensual ideas and career plans, preventing truly interesting work from being done. Furthermore, worrying about keeping up with others can lead to errors in risk calculations.

Altman notes that intelligent people seem to be especially at risk for this externally motivated behavior. In contrast, the most successful people he knows are primarily internally motivated, doing what they do to impress themselves and because they feel compelled to make something happen in the world. Altman emphasizes the importance of internal motivation and highlights that defining success means doing excellent work in areas important to the person.

Leadership tips from other CEOs in the tech industries

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

Sam Altman's Tips
Satya Nadella took over as CEO of Microsoft on February 4, 2014. Photo: Reproduction / Internet.

Satya NadellaCEO of Microsoft, is a reference in leadership and its guidance has been valued by several business leaders, such as Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen, who sought advice from Nadella at a time of difficulty in the company. In a brief 15-minute conversation, Nadella shared some valuable tips on how to achieve success.

Avoid being a “know-it-all”. Nadella emphasizes the importance of not allowing yourself to be carried away by arrogance, even in moments of success. He warns that believing that we know everything can lead to the downfall of companies, societies and civilizations. It is essential to be open to continually learning and be willing to take risks and make mistakes as opportunities for growth.

Have clarity as a leader. A good leader is able to transmit clarity and cohesion to the team. Nadella highlights that leadership is about bringing clarity to ambiguous and uncertain situations. He advises leaders to make sure their teams understand the purpose of meetings and expectations regarding project assignments for group efficiency and productivity.

Energize your team. Nadella highlights the importance of leaders energizing their teams, bringing them together and creating positive chemistry. Even if team members are talented individually, it is crucial that they work well together to achieve superior performance.

Take responsibility. True leaders, according to Nadella, focus on their own actions rather than blaming their teams. He emphasizes that leaders must be examples, as bosses' actions directly influence employee behavior.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Sam Altman's Tips
Tim Cook took over as CEO of Apple on August 24, 2011. Photo: Reproduction / Internet.

Tim CookCEO of Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC),, is known for his leadership and management skills, especially when taking on the challenge of keeping the company on top after the death of Steve Jobs. His approach has been praised for its ability to maintain the brand's success while innovating.

He chose to keep what was working in the Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC),, preserving innovation and brand reputation rather than implementing radical changes. Even when the Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC), went through periods of inactivity, Cook remained focused on his strategies. He ignored the criticism and went ahead with plans that proved successful, such as the share buyback program.

Ignoring criticism and staying focused on his strategies, Cook led the company to new successes, such as the share buyback program. His authenticity also stands out, as he did not try to imitate Jobs, but found his own way of leading, showing a balance between kindness and determination, which made him effective in different leadership situations. Cook didn't try to imitate Steve Jobs' leadership style. He kept some aspects but found his own approach, being authentic in his leadership.

Cook is praised for his assertive and well-thought-out decisions. He takes risks, but in a calculated way, seeking opportunities for growth and innovation for the company. Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC),.

Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA

Sam Altman's Tips
Jensen Huang has been co-founder and CEO of NVIDIA since its creation in 1993. Photo: Nvidia / Cambridge Independent.

Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, was elected the best CEO of 2023 by The Economist,, a well-deserved recognition for his exceptional leadership. As co-founder of the chipmaker, he demonstrated a remarkable ability to face challenges and drive the company's growth. Under his leadership, Nvidia saw an impressive 245% share increase in 2023, reaching a market cap of $1,2 trillion.

One of Huang's strengths is his resilience in the face of obstacles. He was able to lead the NVIDIA successfully through significant crises such as the speculative tensions of 2002 and the bubble of 2008. His ability to overcome these challenges and develop effective strategies for the company's success is remarkable. Furthermore, the company stands out for its constant technological innovations, launching increasingly advanced and efficient chips, in addition to collaborating with specialized companies to complement its capabilities.

The main lesson that Jensen Huang leaves is the importance of resilience and innovation for business success. He demonstrated that, even in the face of major challenges and crises, it is possible to maintain focus, find creative solutions and continue moving forward.

Lisa Su, CEO of AMD

Sam Altman's Tips
Lisa Su took over as CEO of AMD on October 8, 2014. Photo: Reproduction / Internet.

lisa suCEO of AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), is recognized for its visionary leadership and innovative strategies. One of his most important success tips is passion for work. Lisa Su emphasizes that passion is fundamental to overcoming challenges and maintaining motivation. Furthermore, she highlights the importance of having a clear vision of the future and consistently working towards achieving it.

Lisa Su also values ​​mistakes as learning opportunities and encourages professionals to learn from their failures to improve in the future. Her resilience in the face of challenges throughout her career serves as inspiration, highlighting the importance of persisting and remaining firm in pursuit of goals.

Morris Chang, founder and former CEO of TSMC

Sam Altman's Tips
Morris Chang was the founder and CEO of TSMC from its founding in 1987 until his retirement in 2005. Photo: Stringer / Imaginechina via AFP.

Morris Chang, the renowned CEO of TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) between 1987 and 2005, is an iconic figure in the business world, known for his wise success tips. One of his main lessons is the importance of constant innovation. Chang emphasizes that companies must always seek new technologies and ideas to remain relevant and competitive in the market.

Furthermore, Chang highlights the need to focus on the customer. He advises companies to understand their customers' needs and wants and adapt their products and services to serve them in the best way possible. Another crucial point for Chang is flexibility. He believes that companies must be agile and able to quickly adapt to market changes to ensure long-term success.

Chang also values ​​a strong organizational culture. He encourages companies to cultivate a positive, collaborative work environment where employees feel valued and motivated. Finally, like Lisa Su, Chang believes that mistakes are opportunities to learn. He encourages entrepreneurs not to fear failure, but rather to learn from it and use these experiences to grow and develop.

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