Samsung knox brings security to the connected home in an integrated way. The brand's smart TVs protect your connected home from threats with the Samsung Knox security program

Samsung Knox brings security to the connected home seamlessly

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The brand's smart TVs protect your connected home from threats with the Samsung Knox security program

Known on smartphones, the platform Samsung Knox does much more than keep your photos, videos and passwords completely safe. The functionality also works on more devices in the ecosystem SmartThings for connected devices and keeps your habits and those of your family in complete privacy, with the Smart TV being used as a control center. Understand the details.

What is the Samsung Knox platform?

The work of Samsung Knox is focused on allowing each device to have its information separated and, in the case of a possible invasion or installation of malware, the data will not be accessed. In a simplified way, sensitive information is saved in a separate partition and can only be viewed/copied after validating the users' identity.

Example of Samsung Knox on Samsung smart TVs
Security solution also preserves data from connected home devices (Photo: Disclosure)

In addition to the two-step verification, the Samsung highlights that its platform has deep-level security, frequent operating system updates, encryption key protection, system health review and a team called “hackers do bem”, which look for possible loopholes that can be corrected before malicious people find out.

On smartphones, the solution is widely seen in practice with the use of Safe paste, which made its debut in 2018, at the launch of Galaxy Note 9, and protects photos, documents and applications with an extra layer of security. But the work of the security layer affects all parts of the smartphone: a malware scan is done from time to time and all files are saved in the cell phone's storage. And this also applies to devices such as smart TVs, robot vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning and even the oven.

Use in the connected home

Through the operating system Tizen installed on smart TVs Samsung, the company allows the exchange of data between devices to be carried out safely and without threats. Everything can be shared with complete security, says the company: passwords, usage habits and other data that talk about users' daily lives.

Example of Samsung Knox on Samsung smart TVs
Smart TV is used as a control center and stores all passwords completely (Photo: Disclosure)

And this happens both via hardware and software: in addition to the data being saved in a secure partition of the smart TV's internal storage, there is a second layer of protection that requires identity verification via your PIN. Samsung account. The company emphasizes that the process is carried out whenever someone tries to access the saved data.

O Samsung Knox for smart TVs it is also constantly updated, just like on smartphones: this action means that the latest threats do not become a problem for those who want to keep everything completely safe.

Phishing detection on websites

Smart TVs have browsers for those who want to access websites that do not have their own applications and here lies the danger: hackers can create almost perfect copies of famous pages so that your data can be stolen in less than five minutes. To avoid this, the Samsung Knox for smart TVs it also has a tool that detects these scams and prevents you from entering your data.

Samsung Knox Platform Phishing Detection Solution
Sites that steal information are detected by Samsung's platform (Photo: Disclosure)

Of course, you can't be too careful, but there are sites so well made that protection is more than necessary. Browsing can be done safely and even if hackers try to access your information after the site has been closed, the Samsung continues to keep all your information and that of those who live with you safe.

It is worth remembering that this work is also done on the Korean company's smartphones and, in this way, it is possible to have access to a secure ecosystem at all edges: from the smartphone to the connected home.

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