Samsung's new campaign focuses on showing how technological its home appliances are. Created by cheil, the action aims to educate consumers about technologies such as powervolt, windfree and artificial intelligence for refrigerators and washing machines

Samsung's new campaign focuses on showing how technological its home appliances are

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Created by Cheil, the action aims to educate consumers about technologies such as POWERvolt, WindFree and Artificial Intelligence for refrigerators and washing machines

This September the Samsung debuted a new advertising campaign focused on its range of household appliances. The project consists of two videos that highlight the main distinctive features of the refrigerator line Evolution and the company's wide selection of washers. The first video, lasting 30 seconds, focuses mainly on refrigerators, while the second, lasting just 15 seconds, highlights the advantages of the company's washing and drying machines. Both videos present a dynamic and fun communication approach, conveying the message and a promise that, regardless of the product chosen, the Samsung is always the best option.

The Evolution refrigerator line with POWERvolt technology

In the first video of the advertisement, the Samsung publicizes your line of refrigerators Evolution and highlights technology POWERvolt. This new feature works uninterruptedly and allows the device to withstand a minimum of 90v of energy and peaks of up to 310v without stopping working or burning its components.

Furthermore, by having a technology Digital Invert, the line received the maximum energy efficiency rating. To do this, the model automatically adjusts the compressor speed, according to the need and the Evolution ensures more energy efficiency and minimizes noise, unlike conventional refrigerators. Up to 40% savings on your energy bill, in addition to the 20-year warranty on the compressor.

The company highlights other features as major advantages of its devices. For example, the deodorizing filter is mentioned, which is made with natural fibers and activated carbon, promising to keep the interior of the refrigerator free of unwanted odors. Furthermore, the devices are equipped with technology All around cooling, which includes strategically positioned air vents to ensure a stable temperature in all corners of the refrigerator, preventing fluctuations. This helps to keep all items equally refrigerated, which helps preserve food.

Among the options available to the consumer, models such as Duplex Inverse BAROSA of 435 liters (R$ 4.110 at Magazine Luiza), offer the ability to adapt to different kitchen styles due to their reversible doors. With this functionality, it is possible to maximize space in the area, configuring the doors to open in any desired direction.

An extensive catalog of washers and washing machines and dryers

The second video released by the South Korean company in the advertising campaign emphasizes its range of washers and washing machines and dryers. With a wide selection of choices, Samsung presented models with different capacities, including the largest on the market, capable of washing up to 23kg of clothes in a single cycle.

The line also includes smart models with AI Control, which can connect to the internet through the application SmartThings. This allows users to schedule washing times, receive recommendations for ideal cycles, and even get tips and expert assistance to keep equipment running efficiently, making the washing process smarter. Another notable feature of washer and dryer models is that they are true 3-in-1 devices, as they wash, dry and dry sterilize clothes, eliminating odors and eliminating up to 99,9% of bacteria.

One of these smart models is the Washer and Dryer WD14T QDrive, which washes 14 kg of clothes and dries 9 kg. With it, you receive recommendations for washing cycles depending on the clothes that are going to be washed, and the function QuickDrive reduces washing time by up to 50% with the feature Q-Bubble, which creates bubbles to rinse clothes faster. The model is available from BRL 7.789 at Magazine Luiza.

Aligning with the company's ESG principles - which are principles referring to environmental, social and governance criteria that companies adopt to measure their sustainable impact and corporate responsibility - the brand also offers a selection of washing machine models and dryers with a capacity of 11kg. These models stand out as leaders in water savings within their segment, consuming less water per wash cycle compared to similar products available on the market.

New Samsung campaign highlights the home appliance line
Samsung promises to be the best choice thanks to its 20-year warranty. (Image: Samsung)

The line of Samsung home appliances continues to grow and, with this new campaign, our aim is to show the versatility of the products and their high technology. In addition to the differences, such as the 20-year warranty on refrigerator compressors and washing machine motors, thanks to Digital Inverter technology, the films are able to highlight in a fun and objective way why the consumer only benefits from equipping their home with our unique solutions. .

Thiago Cesar, marketing director at Samsung Brazil's Consumer Electronics Division

The videos were released on digital platforms from August 29th and will be shown on television during the months of September and October in a campaign that was developed by the agency Cheil Brasil Communications.

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