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Nintendo Direct, Super Bowl trailers, ChatGPT and more – ShowmeCAST 130

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In this week's episode we comment on the news that impacted the month of February. Listen now to ShowmeCAST 130!

On this week's ShowmeCAST 130, Daniel e Dacius talk about the news for the second month of 2023 with news about pop culture, technology and video games. We talk about ads Nintendo Direct with trailer of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, shadow drop de Metroid Prime Remastered and around Level 5 to the West. In addition, we discuss the impacts of Chat GPT in people's lives and, mainly, in the market and how this path can modify or end with several jobs. We end the episode with the announcements of the Super Bowl and the show Rihanna No. halftime show.

Check below a summary of our episode with the main news of the month of February.

What's new from Nintendo Direct

Nintendo direct, super bowl trailers, chatgpt and more - showmecast 130. In this week's episode we comment on the news that impacted the month of February. Listen now to showmecast 130!
New Zelda was presented in more detail and promises to further expand the world of Breath of the Wild. (Image: Playback/Nintendo)

At ShowmeCAST 130 we talked about the Nintendo Direct February with big announcements in yet another event that has become the company's trademark in recent years. The new The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom received a trailer that showed more details of the story and gameplay with new areas, mechanics, enemies and with a hint of hope regarding the return of the dungeons franchise classics.

In addition, the event featured new content from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 with a first expansion that we will be able to see more of the main story of the trilogy being developed and we have also seen the return of Level 5 with new Professor Layton, the announcement of DECAPOLICIZE and the relaunch of Fantasy Life i: The Girl Who Steals Time, a game of life sim with RPG elements that was in the Nintendo 3DS and we will see for the first time in Nintendo Switch.

One of the great surprises of the event was the announcement to be launched on the same day as the Metroid Prime Remastered, which in turn proved to be a true remake with new models and complete recreation of all stages of the game, which made all fans of the franchise – and especially Dacio – very happy.

The good and bad side of ChatGPT

Nintendo direct, super bowl trailers, chatgpt and more - showmecast 130. In this week's episode we comment on the news that impacted the month of February. Listen now to showmecast 130!
ChatGPT arrived to make life easier for many people, but there is a danger that needs to be discussed as soon as possible. (Image: Playback/Internet)

In this week's episode we also talked about the new sensation in the world of technology called Chat GPT. As explained in more detail in a january post, the software launched in November 2022 aims to talk to the public through commands and is an artificial intelligence that has proven to be very efficient in seeking the necessary information through a complex reinforcement learning system.

O Chat GPT stood out during the month of February for its high applicability in different areas, helping many people with automated tasks and has proven to be a useful tool that can facilitate work. However, we discussed at ShowmeCAST 130 all the socioeconomic impacts that this type of technology can cause in different markets and how a greater debate on this subject is needed and how the automation of tasks can generate a job crisis on a global scale.

Rihanna, trailers and a little football

Nintendo direct, super bowl trailers, chatgpt and more - showmecast 130. In this week's episode we comment on the news that impacted the month of February. Listen now to showmecast 130!
Rihanna performed at State Farm Stadium with a setlist that showcases different musical eras of her career. (Image: Internet/Getty Images)

To wrap up the episode, we talked about all the big announcements in the Super Bowl. We talked about the show Rihanna which had the collaboration of a Brazilian artist in a remix of his song Rude Boy. In addition, we comment on some of the main trailers and spots of the intervals such as Creed 3, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Rebels, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Indiana Jones and the Relic of Destiny, Super Mario Bros. – The Movie, Transformers: Dawn of the Beasts and many others.

How to help: Rains in the north of SP

In addition, we commented on the episode about the sad situation that takes place in the north of the state of São Paulo. The huge volume of rain has so far left 49 dead in the state in one of the biggest environmental tragedies in the Southeast. As a way of contributing, we will leave below some institutions and organizations that have collected donations for those affected:

  • Citizenship Action

Created by Betinho, one of the most traditional NGOs in Brazil is raising money through PIX [email protected]. It is also possible to make a transfer to the NGO's account at Banco do Brasil (branch 1211-4 current account 500.537-X).

  • Cufa (Central Única das Favelas)

The Central Única das Favelas (CUFA) is a Civil Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP), created in the favela of Cidade de Deus, in Rio de Janeiro. Today, it is present in more than 15 countries on the planet, in addition to all Brazilian states. Together with the National Anti-Rascist Front, they are organizing the “SOS São Paulo” campaign and receiving donations via Pix in [email protected].

  • São José dos Campos Social Fund

With more than 20 product collection points, the fund is collecting objects such as water, clothes and hygiene items. In addition, donations of items such as beds, sofas and appliances are being made at the distribution center at Avenida Olivo Gomes, 100, Parque da Cidade, Complexo da Tecelagem Paraíba or by scheduling via Whatsapp (12) 996336786.

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