Sony starts testing streaming ps5 games in 4k

Sony starts testing streaming PS5 games in 4K

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The PS5 streaming game service started its beta with high-resolution game tests for premium players

With a bold step into the future, Sony announced the long-awaited start of testing of streaming games from PS5. In this new era of interactive experiences, players will be able to explore a vast world of possibilities without the need for lengthy downloads or complex installations. Combining the power of your next-generation console with the convenience of streaming, Sony is increasingly chasing lost time without investing in the cloud to compete at the same level against Xbox Game Pass, which is a consolidated service during the last few years.

The arrival of PS5 games via the cloud

User playstation 5 screen that presented the new game streaming option
New game streaming option appeared on PlayStation 5 for some players selected for the test. (Image: Playback/ArashiGames via ResetEra)

In June of this year the Sony announced that it intended to bring gaming via the cloud to the PlayStation 5, as is done by Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to Xbox CloudGaming and apparently this promise is slowly coming true. The beta version, which appears to be being made available at random to users of the PSN, makes it possible for gamers to stream certain games directly from the cloud to their consoles. This service will be incorporated into Playstation Plus Premium as soon as it is officially released.

The public relations manager of Sony, Mary Taing, said the company has no additional details to release to the press. Therefore, we will not know if this service will be available anywhere to play, as with the Xbox CloudGaming, where you can play games Xbox through the cloud on your computer or smartphone, just having access to the internet and installing the application Game Pass. So far, testing has been exclusively on consoles. PlayStation 5 of random players who were selected to try the new feature.

On the popular gaming forum ResetEra, some users who were chosen for the beta reported that it is possible to choose between 720p, 1080p, 1440p and even 2160p (4K) resolution, depending on the internet speed in your region. It is not completely clear whether this resolution also covers the frame rate per second, which is normally fixed at 60 frames per second transmitted over the internet every second. Theoretically, the PS5 is capable of supporting up to 120 fps, which could further increase the demand on internet bandwidth during gameplay.

Furthermore, it was said by gamers that games make loading automatic dos you know carried out in the cloud, that is, if you have played God of War up to a certain point and saved your progress in the cloud, if you try to play this same game on this new service, you will continue from where you left off previously. While cloud saves may seem like a standard feature, this was not always the case as in early versions of the cloud gaming service PlayStation Now da Sony, there was no initial way to import game saves from your PlayStation 3.

God of war ragnarok running via streaming on a playstation 5
Users report that the games are running in very high quality with great definition and promises good experiences for the future. (Image: Playback/ArashiGames via ResetEra)

Another point not yet elucidated by the company, it is not possible to determine whether the maximum resolution of 4K refers to the rendering resolution, which directly impacts the gameplay graphics, or if it extends as the image streaming resolution. What differs these resolutions is that the first one promises to increase the quality of the game, while the second one can help in the quality of the image cloud transmission.

Images need to be compressed considerably to be transmitted quickly over the internet at 60 frames per second or more. This compression often results in a sort of unwanted blurring over what under normal conditions would be a perfectly playable game. Streaming in 4K resolution helps solve this problem, even for those who don't have a screen of this quality.

according to user ArashiGames, on ResetEra, some of the games that are available in the test are: God of War: Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, Fortnite, Fall Guys, Destiny 2, Returnal, Demon's Souls, Death Stranding, Sackboy A Big Adventure, Destruction All Stars e Fall Guys, plus demos of Resident evil village e Demon Slayer.

Finally, the Sony has not yet announced whether the arrival of the game streaming service via the cloud has anything to do with the its new handheld console that was recently announced at a PlayStation Showcase: PlayStation Q.

The advantages and disadvantages of streaming games on PlayStation 5

Game streaming coming to PlayStation 5 represents a significant shift in how gamers can access and enjoy their favorite titles. One of the main advantages of this model is accessibility. It allows gamers with less powerful hardware to experience high quality games, eliminating the need to invest in expensive equipment. In addition, streaming offers the convenience of not having to download or install games, saving time and storage space.

Sony starts testing streaming ps5 games in 4k. The ps5 streaming game service started its beta with high-resolution game tests for premium players
PS5 games via the cloud could be an important step by Sony to go head-to-head with Xbox Game Pass. (Image: Playback/Guerrilla Games)

However, game streaming also presents notable challenges. Reliance on a robust internet connection is one of the main drawbacks. Playing via streaming requires a stable and fast connection to avoid delays and interruptions, which can be a hindrance in areas with poor internet connections. Furthermore, visual quality and frame rate may be compromised, especially compared to local games, which may affect the player's experience.

Another point to consider is ownership and availability issues. When playing via streaming, players do not own physical or digital copies of the games, making them dependent on the streaming platform. If the service is stopped or the game is removed from the library, players may lose access to the title they purchased. Also, the monthly costs associated with streaming services can add up over time, potentially making it more expensive than a traditional game purchase.

In conclusion, game streaming offers a number of advantages such as accessibility and convenience, but it also presents challenges including reliance on a quality internet connection, visual quality issues and ownership. Each gamer must carefully weigh these pros and cons to determine whether game streaming is the best option for their individual needs and preferences.

Source: ResetEra e The Verge.

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