Steam releases Halloween promotion; see the main games!. Hogwarts legacy and dead space are some of the games that are on sale on Steam, see the full list!

Steam launches Halloween promotion; see the main games!

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Hogwarts Legacy and Dead Space are some of the games that are on sale on Steam, see the full list!

It is not new that Steam is present on commemorative dates with festivals full of discounts. This year, the Promotion Halloween returned, bringing an avalanche of horror games and other genres, such as Hogwarts legacy – which is at its lowest historical price on the website!

However, with such a vast array of offers, it can be easy to get lost, but don't worry! O showmetech researched and prepared a list of the best games on sale. This way, you can make the most of games with unmissable discounts on the platform.

Halloween promotion on Steam has Hogwarts Legacy
One of this year's biggest releases is on sale on Steam! Image: Reproduction/WB

Redeem your free reward in the Halloween Sale

Steam releases Halloween promotion; see the main games!. Hogwarts legacy and dead space are some of the games that are on sale on Steam, see the full list!
Steam launches Halloween promotion; see the main games!

In addition to discounted games, Valve also usually releases some small free rewards for those who don't want to spend a lot during this time of year, but still want to decorate their account. Then, once every 24 hours, it will be possible to redeem a new sticker at no cost in the official store. Susteam Festival.

Games up to R$20,00 on sale

Strange Brigade – R$ 4,70

Strange Brigade takes us to Egypt in the 30s, where the story unfolds around the Sorceress Queen Seteki. After 4.000 years buried in an unnamed tomb, she resurfaces bringing with her powers and an army of mummified monsters. To face this threat and prevent it, the Strange Brigade, a group of fearless heroes ready for adventure.

The game's campaign is rich in exploration of ruins, puzzles and third-person combat. With cooperative mode for up to 4 players, the dynamics of gameplay varies between intense combat, traps and puzzles, ensuring an immersive experience.

For those looking for a combination of adventure, action and mystery, Strange Brigade is currently in promotion on Steam for R$ 4,70. An unmissable opportunity to embark on this journey full of challenges and discoveries.

Fran Bow – R$ 6,99

Frank Bow, developed by Kill Monday Games, is a point-and-click adventure that stands out in the world of horror games. Released a few years ago, it remains a reference when it comes to psychological horror, telling the dark journey of a young girl in search of her parents after facing a tragedy.

Your gameplay environment is based on puzzle and puzzles that challenge the player's mind, while delving into a deep and disturbing narrative. The artistic scenery and meticulously designed sounds accentuate the tense atmosphere, making every moment of the game a unique experience.

Now, for those looking for an intense and immersive experience, Frank Bow is available on Steam for a unmissable value of R$ 6,99. Even though it is an older work, its quality and impact are unquestionable, making it a mandatory choice for anyone who likes the genre or is looking for something unique.

Fear & Hunger – R$ 8,29

Fear & Hunger it is a journey through despair and the unknown. With clear inspirations from iconic titles such as Silent Hill, the game combines elements of psychological horror with classic RPG mechanics, creating a unique experience that challenges both the mind and nerves of players.

Next Susteam Festival, fans of the genre have the opportunity to purchase this obscure pearl for just R$ 8,29. A clear choice for those looking for an intriguing combination of horror and strategy, but we warn you that it deals with different delicate themes, so be careful when playing!

Alice: Madness Returns – R$8,85

Em Alice: Madness Returns, Wonderland takes on dark and twisted contours, moving away from the traditional innocence of the tales. In this environment, Alice emerges as a heroine marked by trauma, exploring a world full of challenges and nightmares. This adventure combines action with a gothic look, providing a bold reinterpretation of Lewis Carroll's iconic character.

Take advantage of the unique opportunity of Susteam Festival and acquire Alice: Madness Returns for only R $ 8,85. It's the chance to delve into this intriguing and dark version of Wonderland.

Outlast - R $ 8,99

Outlast offers a unique horror experience, set in the dark Asylum of Mount Massive. The player takes on the role of an investigative journalist, facing unimaginable horrors as he explores the dark corridors and tries to uncover the secrets of the place. With gameplay focused on survival and the clever use of a night vision camera, the game captures the essence of fear and vulnerability.

If you are looking for strong emotions, Outlast is the right request. Now with an 85% discount, the title is part of the list of games on sale and can be purchased for just R$8,99 on the platform. A bargain for the brave!

Alan Wake – BRL 9,49

Alan Wake is an thriller psychological game that transports players to the peaceful town of Bright Falls. The narrative, full of suspense and mystery, follows the writer Alan Wake in his desperate search for his missing wife, while discovering pages from a book he doesn't even remember writing. The dark setting and paranormal events make this game an unforgettable experience.

For those interested in exploring the world of Alan Wake and want to prepare for “Alan Wake I“, playing the first title is a great introduction. And with the Halloween Promotion from Steam, it is available for only R $ 9,49, making this the perfect time to dive into this compelling story.

Don't Starve Together – BRL 9,51

Don't Starve Together is a multiplayer expansion of the famous open-world survival game from Clay Entertainment. Players are thrown into wild environments, facing constant challenges like hunger, weather and strange creatures. The gothic aesthetic and intense gameplay make each session a unique adventure.

In promoting the platform, Don't Starve Together is available with 66% discount, leaving for only R$ 9,51. With Halloween approaching, it's the perfect opportunity to gather friends and dive into nights of trying to survive in this dark universe.

Space Engineers – R$ 11,00

Space Engineers is a simulation game set in space. It challenges players to build, maintain and pilot spaceships and space stations, providing a complete experience in a unique environment. sandbox.

For those looking for a good deal, Space Engineers it is being sold for just 11 reais in the platform's Halloween Promotion. An excellent opportunity to embark on an economical space journey.

Darkwood – R$ 11,74

Darkwood is a perspective survival horror game top-down, developed by Acid Wizard Studio. Set in a mysterious forest in Eastern Europe, it offers an experience without cheap scares, prioritizing an oppressive atmosphere and gameplay surrounding. Exploration of the setting is crucial, as players face nighttime threats and make decisions that shape how the story unfolds.

Currently, Darkwood is being promoted on the platform, with the special value of R$ 11,74. For lovers of the genre, it's an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in a horrifying and intensely atmospheric journey.

Blair Witch – R$ 11,59

Blair Witch, set in the haunting woods of the Black Hills, immerses players in a gripping psychological horror inspired by the acclaimed film the blair witch. The game combines investigation with a dense narrative, involving mysterious disappearances and supernatural forces. The tense atmosphere and nerve-testing challenges guarantee a unique horror experience.

Take advantage of the chance to live this suspense: Blair Witch is among the games on sale, available for just R$ 11,59 on the platform. An unmissable opportunity for lovers of the genre!

Amnesia: The Dark Descent – ​​R$ 11,99

Plunging into the depths of psychological terror, Amnesia: The Dark Descent It's a spine-chilling experience, guaranteeing scares and moments of intense tension. With a meticulously created environment, the game challenges players to explore a world full of mysteries, while fighting to maintain their sanity amid the shadows that lurk around every corner.

No Susteam Festival, for those looking for the best cheap games, this horror masterpiece is available for just R$11,99. A perfect choice for anyone who wants a truly spooky and unforgettable Halloween.

Darkest Dungeon - R $ 14,79

In a world where despair and madness intertwine, Darkest Dungeon stands out for its challenging and strategic gameplay. With a dark, gothic art style, this dungeon-crawling RPG not only tests the characters' strength and skill, but also their sanity, as they face unimaginable horrors.

For those looking for an intense and rewarding experience, this title is a formidable choice. And with an unmissable offer on Susteam Festival, Darkest Dungeon is available for just R$ 14,79, an 80% reduction on its original price, making this the ideal time to face the abysses of mind and heart.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines – R$ 17,49

Vampires: The Masquerade - Bloodlines is a jewel of the action RPG genre, developed by Troika Games. Based on the popular tabletop RPG “Vampire: The Masquerade“, the game transports players to a modern Los Angeles, where they find themselves immersed in a plot of vampire politics, power and betrayal. The gameplay allows for deep choices and distinct personifications, reflecting the different clans and abilities of vampires.

The good news for fans of the series is that a sequel is scheduled for next year, generating high expectations in the gaming community. The sequel promises to expand and improve many of the elements that made the original title so beloved.

For those who want to revisit or experience this classic for the first time, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines is currently with a special price of R$ 17,49 in promoting the Steam. It's an unmissable chance, especially with the games on sale, to prepare for the franchise's next vampire adventure.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – R$ 18,87

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is an acclaimed title that pays homage to the classics of the metroidvania genre. Developed under the vision of Koji Igarashi, the same creative brain behind Castlevania, the game presents itself as a spiritual successor to this legendary franchise. Through stunning graphics, an immersive soundtrack and fluid gameplay, the game offers players a gothic adventure filled with challenges and monsters.

If you are a fan of the legacy of Castlevania and you're looking for a similar experience, you can't miss it Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. With the Halloween Promotion Steam, the game is available for just R$ 18,87, an unmissable opportunity to enter this dark and captivating world.

Dead by Daylight – R$ 19,99

Dead By Daylight, developed by Behavior Interactive, is an acclaimed online horror game that has a legion of fans around the world. By mixing tense atmosphere with audacious design, it presents a terrifying environment that captivates lovers of the genre.

Na gameplay, the title is focused on survival. One player takes on the role of a ruthless assassin while four others try to escape and avoid capture. Each match is unique, as it combines different characters and scenarios, providing an immersive, adrenaline-filled experience with each playthrough. In addition to being a great choice for those who want to play with friends this Halloween!

For enthusiasts looking for tension and challenges, Dead By Daylight is available at Steam promotion for just R$ 19,99. An excellent opportunity to dive into this dark and pulsating universe.

Games up to R$40,00 on sale

FAITH: The Unholy Trinity – R$ 20,29

On September 21, 1986, at a rural residence in Connecticut, two priests went to investigate a case of demonic possession in the Martin family. From this grim encounter, only two emerged alive. FAITH: The Unholy Trinity is inspired by the era of 8-bit games and the satanic hysteria of the 1980s, creating an atmosphere rich in terror and suspense.

The gameplay of FAITH combines retro elements with a dense narrative. Using a sacred crucifix, players face cultists and perform exorcisms, all in a simple aesthetic that, surprisingly, delivers more effective scares than many games with realistic graphics.

For horror lovers with a classic feel, FAITH: The Unholy Trinity it's at promotion on Steam for R$ 20,29, being an unmissable experience for fans of the genre.

Little Nightmares – R$ 21,22

In a grotesque and oppressive world, nightmares come to life and challenge the boundaries between reality and fantasy. This dark universe, filled with disturbing images and meticulously designed environments, invites players on a unique journey that explores the deepest fears of childhood and the shadows hidden in the human heart.

O gameplay stands out for its balance between puzzle solving and stealth elements. As players navigate intricate environments, they must use their wits to avoid terrifying monstrosities, ensuring an experience that is both tense and rewarding. The game's aesthetics, combined with its challenging gameplay, make it a masterpiece of the atmospheric horror genre.

Now, during the Susteam Festival, enthusiasts of immersive experiences have the chance to purchase this title acclaimed for a special price of R$ 21,22. A perfect opportunity to delve into a dark tale of suspense and discovery.

Phasmophobia – R$ 22,31

In a world where the supernatural is more than a simple legend, players arm themselves with ghost hunting equipment to face entities from beyond. Mixing horror and suspense, the virtual experience takes the bravest through the darkest corners of abandoned houses, schools and asylums.

the essence of gameplay it is cooperation between players. Teamwork is vital, as each ghost has its own signs and ways of manifesting itself. Teaming up with friends and deciphering the clues makes the journey more exciting and challenging, as together, players can adapt to the most unpredictable and terrifying situations.

Taking advantage of Susteam Festival, the game has an unmissable offer of R$ 22,31. An excellent opportunity to embark on this scary adventure with your friends and test your courage against supernatural entities.

Hollow Knight – BRL 23,49

In the heart of an underground kingdom, a deep and engaging narrative unfolds, where insects and heroes intertwine in a dark and captivating atmosphere. The richness of the created universe conveys the feeling of exploring an ancient legend, lost in the depths of a forgotten world.

O gameplay stands out for combining action, platforms and meticulous exploration. Each area presents its own challenges, enemies and secrets, requiring skill and strategy. What really elevates the experience is its impeccable artistic direction: with hand-drawn drawings, fluid animations, and an atmospheric soundtrack, everything combines to create a memorable adventure.

For a limited time, this underground treasure is available at Steam promotion for the incredible price of R$ 23,49. An unmissable opportunity for game lovers of this genre that will make you look forward to the sequel – Silksong.

Registration – R$ 24,99

Considered by many to be one of the best non-competitive cardgames available on the Steam, Incryption masterfully combines the traditional elements of a card game with genres such as roguelike and terror. This innovative fusion provides a unique and immersive gaming experience for players.

Furthermore, it is worth highlighting that, currently, Incryption has an unmissable offer among the games on sale on Steam, being sold for just R$ 24,99. An excellent opportunity to acquire this acclaimed game and immerse yourself in its mysterious and challenging atmosphere.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – R$ 26,76

Inside an abandoned mansion in the heart of Louisiana, a new chapter of horror awaits players. This title brought a renewal to the acclaimed series, returning it to its haunting roots while at the same time offering a fresh, immersive perspective that revitalized its legacy.

O gameplay stands out for its first-person perspective, providing an intensely personal and claustrophobic experience. Every dark corner hides danger, and the intricate puzzles require both cunning and courage. It was through this game that resident evil reaffirmed its status as a true horror franchise, winning back old fans and attracting new admirers.

Currently, there is a unique opportunity during the Susteam Festival: the game is available for just R$ 26,76. An almost irresistible invitation for everyone who wants to face their fears and rediscover what made them resident evil a legend of the genre.

Vampyr – R$ 27,98

Vampyr, launched by Dontnod Entertainment, transports players to the dark and foggy post-World War I London, a perfect setting for a vampire tale. The engaging narrative is intertwined with a city devastated by the Spanish flu, where each citizen has their own story and can be saved or sacrificed depending on their choices.

The highlights of Vampyr go beyond its narrative. Gameplay mixes intense combat with supernatural abilities and difficult moral choices. Furthermore, the game features unique mechanics, where the amount of blood you consume directly influences the character's evolution and the outcome of the story.

Among the current games on sale on the site, Vampyr appears as an excellent opportunity. Currently at its lowest price on Steam, the title can be purchased for just R$27,98. An unmissable chance for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in this very interesting vampire tale.

Subnautica – R$ 28,99

Deep in the ocean on an alien planet, the fight for survival becomes a journey filled with wonder and danger. In Subnautica, exploring this underwater environment is not just a matter of collecting resources, but also of unraveling the mysteries of an exotic ecosystem, where the line between mesmerizing beauty and unexpected terror is thin.

With Halloween approaching, the Susteam festival offers a chance to dive in this terrifying adventure for just R$28,99. For the brave, it's the perfect opportunity to face underwater scares and discover the hidden secrets of the abyss.

Control Ultimate Edition – R$ 32,25

Controller Ultimate Edition is a masterpiece of Remedy Entertainment, located in the same enigmatic universe as Alan Wake. The story follows Jesse Faden, who, while searching for his missing sister, finds himself in the middle of supernatural events within the mysterious Federal Bureau of Control.

A gameplay offers a dynamic mix of combat and paranormal abilities, allowing players to manipulate the environment to their advantage. With stunning graphics and an engaging narrative, Control provides an immersive experience that challenges the boundaries between reality and the supernatural.

For those who want to delve deeply into this universe and understand all the franchise's connections, the opportunity is now. Controller Ultimate Edition is in Halloween promotion for just R$32,25. An unmissable offer for lovers of intense narratives and for those who are excited about this entire universe of games.

Devil May Cry 5 + Vergil – R$ 32,96

Devil May Cry 5 + Vergil marks the triumphant return of one of the most iconic franchises in the gaming world. This edition not only continues the thrilling demon hunter saga, but also includes the enigmatic Vergil, adding depth and new dimensions to the already captivating narrative.

The game stands out for its agile gameplay and stylized combat, offering players the chance to unleash incredible combos in challenging battles. Redesigned graphics bring the DMC universe to life, presenting every character, environment and confrontation with stunning detail and unparalleled fluidity. In the presence of Vergil, with its unique abilities, adds a new layer of complexity and replayability.

For action and adventure lovers, Devil May Cry 5 + Vergil is available on Steam for a special price of R$32,96. An unmissable opportunity to enjoy one of the best combat experiences today.

Resident Evil 2 Remake – 34,97

Immerse yourself in the dark streets of Raccoon City, where chaos reigns following the outbreak of a devastating virus. “Resident Evil 2 Remake” is not just a remaster, but a complete reimagining of the horror classic, elevating the suspense and adrenaline to unimaginable heights.

The game delivers an intensified horror experience, combining stunning graphics with enhanced mechanics. The highlight is the trajectory of Leon S. Kennedy, the rookie police officer whose iconic journey begins in this title, crossing a world infested with zombies and facing deadly challenges.

Now, for fans and new players, there's an unmissable chance: the game is with a special price of R$34,97 No. Festivla Susteam. A perfect opportunity to discover or relive this landmark of the franchise.

Cult of the Lamb - R $ 38,97

Behind a charmingly unusual aesthetic, a disturbing narrative emerges. Voted indie of the year in 2022, this title captivates with its duality: while it features lovable characters, the atmosphere and plot are permeated with macabre elements. The story follows a possessed lamb, saved from death by an enigmatic entity, now tasked with the monumental task of creating and leading a cult in honor of its savior.

The challenge lies not only in forming and managing this growing cult, but also in facing action-packed moments in gameplay. roguelike. This unique experience, which combines strategy, resource management and revenge, is available for a special price of R$ 38,97 during the Susteam Festival. A tempting proposal for those who want to be seduced by this balance between charm and horror.

Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition – R$ 39,84

Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition revives one of the most acclaimed space franchises in video game history. This edition brings together the first three games in a modernized package, offering players the chance to experience an epic saga that challenges the limits of the galaxy and human morality, now with improved visuals.

The truly immersive gameplay takes players through complex plots and decisions that shape the fate of entire civilizations. With redesigned graphics, each planet, character and battle is presented in spectacular detail, ensuring an unparalleled experience full of exciting moments.

For fans of intergalactic adventures, the Steam is making this available masterpiece for just R$ 39,84 on sale. A tempting offer to dive into the vastness of space and rewrite the history of the galaxy.

Metal: Hellsinger – R$ 39,54

Metal: Hellsinger It was a very well executed idea when launched last year, presenting an innovative proposal among so many traditional titles. Furthermore, it also served to show how developers are capable of surprising, mixing already known formulas with new mechanics, creating something unique.

Although reminiscent of the classic DOOM in design and environment, Metal: Hellsinger stands out with its emphasis on rhythm. The gameplay requires that shots and movements be synchronized with the pulsating soundtrack, creating an electrifying and musical dynamic.

For those looking for a musical experience coupled with frantic shooting, this game is an unmissable offer. At the moment, Metal: Hellsinger is on sale at Steam, at its lowest historical price since launch last year, leaving for R$39,54. An excellent opportunity to enjoy this mix of rhythm and violence.

Games up to R$100,00 on sale

Resident Evil Village – BRL 55,96

Resident evil village is the new chapter of the renowned horror series from Capcom. Continuing the story of Resident Evil 7, players follow Ethan Winters into an enigmatic village, facing terrifying threats in a visually stunning setting.

The evolution of the gameplay and the engaging narrative are just two of the many highlights of Resident evil village. The varied enemies, from hostile villagers to formidable village lords, provide unique challenges. Furthermore, the game incorporates elements of exploration and puzzle solving, maintaining elements that are tradition in the series.

Now, as one of the best cheap games on Steam, Resident Evil Village is available for just R$55,96, its lowest price on the platform, which allows you to take advantage of the Halloween promotion with one of the great titles of recent years.

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series – R$62,37

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series takes players on an emotional journey into the zombie apocalypse. Through the choices made, each individual shapes their own narrative, navigating the complexities of human relationships and the challenges of surviving in a world in ruins.

The highlight of the package is the complete saga of Clementine, which spans four captivating chapters. Additionally, the set includes the additional “400 Days"and "The Walking Dead: Michonne“. In total, there are more than 50 hours of gameplay spread across 23 exclusive episodes, providing an immersive and unique narrative experience.

This collection is currently available on Steam for just R$62,37, marking its lowest price on the site. For those looking for a rich and engaging narrative, this is an unmissable offer, as well as being one of the best productions in the universe of The Walking Dead.

It Takes Two – BRL 69,95

It Takes Two offers a unique co-op experience, immersing players in a captivating and emotional narrative. Developed to be played by two people, each player takes on the role of one of the two protagonists – Cody and May, two dolls that represent a couple going through a divorce, transformed by a spell.

With innovative gameplay that combines puzzles, platforms and adventure elements, the title is acclaimed for its well-designed cooperation mechanics and a well-told story, perfect for couples. Therefore, the game stands out as an ideal option for those who, this Halloween, are looking for a shared adventure instead of the traditional scares of this date.

In the Halloween promotion of Steam, this game has become an even more attractive choice. Reaching your lowest price on the website, is available for R$ 69,65, representing an unmissable opportunity for those who want a collective and exciting experience during the season.

The Quarry – R$ 87,47

The Quarries transports players to a suspenseful night at the end of a summer camp. The idyllic setting changes drastically when the teenage prefects' celebration turns into a nightmare, as they are hunted by mysterious threats.

Inspired by classic horror films, the game shines with its rich narrative, where each decision influences the fate of the nine monitors. The plot offers multiple outcomes, with characters being able to become heroes or face tragic fates.

For those looking for a thrill this Halloween, The Quarries it's at promotion on Steam for R$87,47, the lowest price ever seen on the platform, thus becoming one of the best offers on the market. Susteam Festival and a must-have title for anyone who is a fan of the horror genre.

The Callisto Protocol – R$ 99,60

The Callisto Protocol presents itself as a good horror and survival game. Set on Jupiter's moon Callisto in the year 2320, it invites players to explore a maximum security prison, where they must uncover terrifying secrets and confront unknown alien threats.

With a suspenseful atmosphere and a captivating plot, it stands out for its meticulous design and innovative mechanics. In the Halloween promotion of Steam, The Callisto Protocol has a special discount, costing R$ 99,60, making it an unmissable choice for enthusiasts of the genre.

Games over R$100,00 on sale

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered

Do you want to discover how the web-head's adventure began on consoles in this edition of the game for PC? At the moment, the game is available on Steam for $ 149,94, its lowest price since launch.

A highlight of this version is that it does not start with the traditional story of Peter Parker. This means that certain canonical events in the character's life have already occurred. Now, he is an experienced hero who, however, continues to struggle to balance his personal dilemmas with the safety of the inhabitants of New York, all while facing the series' signature villains.

Furthermore, the game features refined computer visuals, incorporating graphic settings that enrich and make gameplay more immersive and fluid, as you move through the air of the metropolis on a mission to rescue the next citizen in trouble. The game is also a good choice for those waiting for its sequel, Considered one of the best superhero games ever released, arrive on other platforms.

Resident Evil 4 – R$164,34

One of the great qualities of Capcom, in addition to good quality games, is also in the company's affection with its older releases, creating remakes that modernize the entire gameplay of the game and please both older and younger fans – this was not the case with 3, but the company learned from its mistakes and brought the fourth and most popular franchise in a magnificent way!

Here, six years after the events and the biological disaster in Racoon City, Leon S. Kennedy is still one of the survivors and now more experienced, he also needs to try to rescue the president's daughter. A reinterpretation of the classic, which maintains many elements of the original, but at the same time, modifies others so that they make more sense.

The game is a must for fans of resident evil or for those who want to know the franchise now and in promoting the Steam, you can find it for R$164,34.

Returnal™ – R$ 167,43

Introducing an acclaimed third-person shooter, Selene's roguelike odyssey now arrives on PC, promising an adventure full of twists and challenges. Dive in return, which in addition to its main core, has offered modes such as Suspend Cycle, Photo, Cooperative and the Tower of Sisyphus since its launch.

After crash-landing in an ever-changing world, Selene finds herself isolated among the ruins of an ancient civilization. Confronted with death repeatedly, she and the players discover an environment that renews itself with each cycle, bringing challenging combat and darkly beautiful settings that alternate between desolate and lush.

The version for PC de return offers a visually enriched experience and features progress monitoring, achievements and performance metrics, so for those who want to dive into this universe, the game is available on Steam for R $ 167,43.

Dead Space Remake – R$ 149,40

Dead Space is a classic of horror games and a must-order for anyone who likes a good scare during Halloween. Now with its new version remade and on sale for Halloween at Steam, it becomes an even more essential game for fans of the genre.

Here, you are Isaac Clark, an engineer with no combat training who aims to repair a mining spacecraft, but it doesn't take long for things to go wrong. The entire crew there was massacred and the protagonist's wife was lost somewhere in the environment. Now, you have to survive and find out what happened, using only your engineering tools.

It doesn't matter if it's the version released more than 10 years ago or the current one, Dead Space is a classic and if you were interested in Remake, the time has come to acquire it, since in Susteam Festival, the game is available for R$ R$ 149,40.

Hogwarts Legacy – R$ 174,99

2023 has been a milestone in the video game industry. With a flurry of notable releases, it's easy to let some titles slip by unnoticed. However, released in February, Hogwarts legacy It certainly started the year in style.

Set in the magical universe of Harry Potter, Hogwarts Legacy provided players with an unprecedented experience. Unlike previous games, this one does not follow the plot of Harry, Hermione, Ron Weasley and other iconic characters from the saga. Instead, we are taken to early XNUMXth century Hogwarts, allowing us to explore a castle that is both recognizable and full of novelty. The immersive gameplay allows us to interact with the environment, learn spells, and unravel the school's ancient mysteries.

And for those who haven't purchased it yet, good news: Hogwarts legacy is having a Halloween promotion at Steam, leaving for R$174,99. An unmissable opportunity.

And these are just some of the amazing games that are on sale this Halloween on Steam! Which ones did you buy? Tell us in the comments.

reviewed by Glaucon Vital in 29 / 10 / 23.

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