Transfers via doc will be discontinued in 2024. The great adoption of the pix in 2022 led to the decision by febraban that it will also discontinue tec, a transfer modality for multiple accounts

Transfers via DOC will be discontinued in 2024

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The great adoption of Pix in 2022 led to Febraban's decision that it will also discontinue TEC, a transfer modality for multiple accounts

The success of Pix caused transfers via DOC were left aside. In addition to immediacy, the threshold for using the newer transfer medium is much higher. With this fall, the FEBRABAN (Brazilian Federation of Banks) agreed that it is time for just the Pix and the TED remain available to the Brazilian population. Check the details right now. 

Pix has been chosen more by Brazilians 

Released in November 2020, there's no denying that the Pix arrived to revolutionize the way we transfer money and make payments on a daily basis. And such mobility meant that transfers via DOC and TEC, implemented in 1985, were left aside. 

Transfers via doc will be discontinued in 2024. The great adoption of the pix in 2022 led to the decision by febraban that it will also discontinue tec, a transfer modality for multiple accounts
PiX was much more popular among Brazilians in 2022 (Photo: Reproduction/FEBRABAN)

Data from FEBRABAN show that throughout 2022, 59 million operations via DOC were carried out throughout Brazil. Although the number seems expressive, this represents only 0,09% of the total of 63,062 billion operations carried out in the year. Check the amount made by other channels: 

  • Check: 202,8 million;
  • TED: 1,01 billion;
  • Ticket: 4 billion
  • Debit card: 15,6 billion:
  • Credit card: 18,2 billion
  • Wise App or PayPal (+ taxes): 24 billion.

In addition to transfers via DOC, Brazilian banks have reached a consensus that companies that pay their employees via Special Credit Transfer (TEC), which allows scheduling transfers to multiple accounts at the same time, will need to adapt to TED or Pix.

TED and Pix will remain available 

A FEBRABAN decided to keep transfers made via TED and Pix. Those who use TED make transfers at no cost and made in a maximum of one business day. However, the maximum amount that can be transferred via TED is R$ 4.999,99, a value that also applies to DOC.

Data on transfers via doc made by Brazilians in 2022
How many transfers via DOC have you made since the launch of Pix? (Photo: Reproduction/FEBRABAN)

At Pix, there are no restrictions on values ​​from 06:20 to XNUMX:XNUMX, as long as the transfer balance is in the account. However, each person can set a maximum amount to be transferred from their account in their application.

Another great benefit of this modality is the possibility of paying for purchases at establishments by reading a QR code, which helps in everyday life and helps stores in different sectors receive the purchase amount at the time of payment.

Febraban and the banks are constantly evaluating the modernization and updating of all means of payment used in the country, in order to improve convenience for customers. With the emergence of the PIX and the high level of bank transactions with lower fees, both TEC and DOC are no longer the first option for customers, who have given preference to PIX, as it is free and instantaneous.

 Isaac Sidney, president of Febraban.

When will everything be finished?

Banks and customers must organize themselves now so that the end of transfers via DOC and TEC happens in the most natural way possible. Financial institutions must offer the issuance and DOC schedule until January 15, 2024, at 22 pm. It will be possible for an amount to be transferred until February 29, 2024, but the scheduling needs to happen by 15/01/2024.

Animation to signal bank transfers
Banks have about 7 months to adapt to the changes (Photo: Reproduction/Serasa)

All banks can carry out TEC processing until the day February 29, 2024. This is the final date by which financial institutions must finalize the least currently used means of transfer.

Nowadays, which means of transfer do you use the most in your daily life? Tell us us Comment!

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