How to use dall-e 3 to create images with artificial intelligence on bing

How to use DALL-E 3 to create AI-powered images on Bing

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Tool was implemented in the Microsoft search engine and allows free photo creation, see how to do it!

In February of this year, the Bing gained an interesting enhancement to be an even more complete search engine, with the integration of artificial intelligence. Now, the tool Microsoft can also generate images due to integration with the DALL-E3And showmetech shows you how to use it for free right now.

What is DALL-E 3

Photo created by dall-e 3 from open ai
This photo appears to have been taken in real life, but it was created by artificial intelligence (Photo: Reproduction/OpenAI)

With the boom in artificial intelligence at the end of 2022, several companies started to integrate these tools into their services as a way to deliver a more complete experience. O Chat GPT is very complete, but it doesn't stop there: there are many AIs that can also create images through text commands and the DALL-E3 is one of them.

The novelty appeared on the internet on January 2021, XNUMX in its first version (DALL-E) and was developed by OpenAI, the same company that created the Chat GPT.

Dall-e 3 by openai
The tool is now in its third generation (Photo: Reproduction/OpenAI)

You must be wondering why the Microsoft has this tool for creating images with artificial intelligence in its search engine. But the answer is easier than we imagine: the company founded by Bill Gates was one of the financiers of OpenAI since its founding and, sooner or later, we would see tools integrated into the company's products Microsoft.

How to create images with artificial intelligence on Bing

To be able to generate images from scratch, you need to have an account with Microsoft and access the official website of the company's search engine. See the step by step right now.

Via the Bing website

Step 1: First, access the Bing website and click on the option Cat To start sending text commands:

bing home screen with ai
Bing home screen with AI (Screenshot: Victor Pacheco/Showmetech)

Step 2: On the next screen, simply type in the type of image you want, and that basic rule applies here: be as explanatory as possible so that the artificial intelligence understands what you want. In the example below, we asked for a photo of a caramel dog to be created by Bing with AI:

Bing photo creation through dall-e 3
Chat option also creates images (Screenshot: Victor Pacheco/Showmetech)

Step 3: the tool always sends four options according to the text command you entered and to save one of them (or all), just click on your favorite image and wait for the redirection to be made to a separate page. On this new screen, there is a button to download the image created by artificial intelligence.

Photo of a dog created by dall-e 3
Photos can be downloaded for free (Photo: Victor Pacheco/Showmetech)

With this, simply share the image wherever you want, but remember to indicate that it was created by artificial intelligence.

By the official Bing image maker website

Another way to create images with artificial intelligence is to access the official website of the Microsoft tool, which has DALL-E 3 integrated. The font will be the same, but on this new screen, you will have access to a new interface. See the screenshots below.

Step 1: access the official website of Bing image generator. You will need to log in with your Microsoft account to use the tool. See the home screen:

Bing home screen with dall-e 3
Own website also creates images for free (Screenshot: Victor Pacheco/Showmetech)

Step 2: So, just type the text command that comes closest to what you want and press the button Create, highlighted in pink:

Bing home screen with dall-e 3
Process takes less than five minutes to complete (Screenshot: Victor Pacheco/Showmetech)

Step 3: Immediately afterwards, four photo options will be sent according to the text command you just entered. The results below were created using the command “Create a photo of a black dog smiling and wearing a hat”.

Bing home screen with dall-e 3
Let your creativity run wild (Screenshot: Victor Pacheco/Showmetech)

Before explaining how to download the photo, let's explain what impulses are: these are credits that speed up the creation of images if the website has many simultaneous accesses. Each Microsoft account gets 100 boosts and after spending it all, you can earn more via Microsoft Rewards.

Step 4: to save the photo on your computer, just click on your favorite to be redirected to the new page. A download button will appear and then the photo will be saved on your internal storage.

Photo download page created by dall-e 3
Photos can also be created for free (Photo: Victor Pacheco/Showmetech)

Check out the image created by DALL-E3:

Photo of a black dog wearing a cap, created by dall-e 3
Photo of a black dog wearing a cap, created by DALL-E 3 (Reproduction/Bing)

Be careful when creating photos with AI

Here, it's important to let creativity happen to create cool photos through text commands. To be even more assertive, we recommend that you also indicate the type of photo you want, such as “realistic photo” or “animated photo” of a person.

Bing results screen with dall-e 3
Artificial intelligence no longer creates photos of famous people (Screenshot: Victor Pacheco/Showmetech)

We remember that, due to the use of copyright and also to avoid the creation of fake news, a tool that blocks the creation of images with famous people was implemented in DALL-E3. So start creating your images right now and share them with all your followers!

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