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Vivo announces exclusive button on the Rappi app to purchase products

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Now, Rappi users can purchase products at Vivo stores directly on the App. The partnership also offers exclusive benefits for customers of the Vivo Valoriza program

A Living and the colombian Rappi closed a strategic partnership that aims to benefit the consumers of both companies. O showmetech exclusively obtained the first details of the agreement that will bring a series of joint actions in the coming months.

To our report, the telephone company informs the creation of an operator button within the Rappi, in which users will be able to access the company store to buy accessories, such as: chargers, headphones and power banks, for example. After the consumer chooses the product, the delivery person Rappi goes to a store Living, picks up the order and delivers it within an hour, promises the companies. the system is similar to buying other products. The difference is in the exclusive button.

The partnership aims to acquire live products within the rappi app. For now, they limit the use to são paulo and the customer must be within a 5 km radius of participating establishments
The partnership allows the user to purchase products from the operator within the Rappi application. For now, they limit the resource to São Paulo

The service will include some stores in the city of São Paulo. The button will only appear for the user with the Rappi within a radius of 5 km from participating establishments. The companies plan to expand the resource in the coming months, but they do not say whether the novelty will only serve São Paulo or also other regions of Brazil.

Benefits for Vivo Valoriza customers

Still with the partnership, the customers of Vivo Values will have exclusive promotions with Rappi. the operator promises to offer—once a week—discounts or special benefits to customers. O Vivo Values is an operator's loyalty program that provides benefits at restaurants, half-price tickets at cinemas, theaters, concerts and discounts on travel.

To use this advantage, the customer Living You can access the Meu Vivo Móvel application, then click on the “Services” tab and “Vivo Valoriza”. There, you can redeem the coupon and insert it into the Rappi (available at Apple Store e Google Play).

Vivo Value customers will have exclusive Rappi benefits every week
Vivo Valoriza customers will have exclusive Rappi benefits every week

“The partnership allows us to offer one more service to our users and further reinforces our position as a super application. Like us, Vivo is constantly seeking to offer the best consumer experience and, with this agreement, we will be able to deliver even more practicality and benefits to our customers”.

Eduardo Sodero, director of CPGs and Special Stores at Rappi in Brazil.

Rodrigo Gruner, director of Digital Services and Innovation at the telephone company, says that this is the beginning of a relationship that will clearly provide many positive surprises, adding that more news will be announced in the future.

In addition to these initiatives, it is planned to offer a Living for the delivery partners of Rappi assets on the platform, offering differentiated price and benefits.

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