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WhatsApp crashed? Check if the service is down or having problems

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WhatsApp Messenger faced some instability issues and left users confused about where the problem was; learn how to find out if whatsapp crashed

O WhatsApp fell out? Many users have noticed great instability when trying to use the WhatsApp Messenger and certain other services operated by Mark Zuckerberg. Since then, countless people have wondered if the problem was with the internet connection, the device, or a general glitch with the App.

What happens is that, at first, users are usually not aware if there is a bug with the WhatsApp, or if it's an issue with your ISP — the first symptoms are common problems like that image you don't want to upload/download, an unsent message, and an unseen reply.

Whenever you notice that the App is not sending/receiving messages, images and videos, or even if it is completely down and you don't know what the real reason is, we have put together some very welcome tips to help you detect such errors in the future:


O Downdetector is a site that gathers information from various sites and services, such as social networks Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, all the big banks, messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram, as well as government websites and email services.

When opening the Downdetector, you can search the homepage for the service you want to check, or click on the search bar and search by the name of the website, app or service.

Whatsapp page in downdetector showing whatsapp problem notifications.
WhatsApp Messenger page on Downdetector

Right from the start we have the number of problem notifications within the last 24 hours. As people notify complaints, the site gathers information and produces a real-time graph with the numbers.

Below the chart, there is how to report the errors the service is currently experiencing, check the most reported issues by users, and look at past issues.

Access Downdetector website.

Google trends, an excellent tool from google can also help confirm whatsapp status.
Google Trends, Google's service to check popular searches.

O Google have a service called Google Trends, which shows the most searched terms worldwide. This service serves both to check the popularity of specific terms and to check the most searched terms of the moment. It is worth checking if there is a lot of research on the WhatsApp Messenger, combined with other terms, such as “WhatsApp has problems”, “WhatsApp crashed”, “Bugs with WhatsApp” ou “WhatsApp is not working”.

Whatsapp with problems appearing the most searched term of the day.
More than 200 people searched for the term WhatsApp with problems on Google.

Using Twitter

Another tool that can be used as a thermometer is the Twitter. Whenever users of some service are in trouble, they often use the social network as a portal for complaints and memes. So if you think your App If you're having trouble, sometimes searching Twitter can help you confirm if it's a global issue or a problem with your connection.

Twitter is a good thermometer to check if whatsapp crashed.
Memes and complaints on Twitter about the fall of WhatsApp Messenger.

O WhatsApp Messenger is the most used messaging app in Brazil. According to a survey carried out by the IBGE at the end of 2018, 98% of Brazilians use their cell phone to access the internet, with the messaging app being the main reason. The drop in service directly affects the daily lives of Brazilians, and with the instability of the Instagram and Facebook, an even larger share of people are affected by service and social network problems.

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    1. I can't open wathssap. When opened it closes automatically. Will this be resolved? What's the forecast?

  1. since yesterday whatsapp is taking a long time to get back messages sent. this complicates agents who have distant relatives. to be without news is too bad.

  2. I can't get into my zap but why? My n was banned because, I don't understand because

  3. Good evening, my name is Fabrício Brandão, when I updated WhatsApp in the play store APP, a bug started when the message arrives, it has a green screen, they need to fix it.

  4. After the last update, messages are not in order of arrival, they are disorganized, making it difficult to find messages from people that we have been without contact for a few days.

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