When does the iphone 14 arrive?

When does the iPhone 14 arrive?

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Despite the various rumors, Apple's standard is to present the new line of iPhones in September. Check out when we can expect the iPhone 14 and what to expect from it.

Every year big names in technology reveal their news and the Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC), is one of those that have the habit of releasing several new features at least twice a year. The launch of the new line of iPhones is scheduled for 2022, but the most anxious must be wondering: when does the iPhone 14? We are going to present some patterns that have followed in recent occasions and try to bring an estimate on when the new Apple smartphone will appear to the world.

Following release standards

Bringing the information from the line iPhone 13, released in 2021, it is noted that Apple usually makes its releases between the first and second Tuesday of September. Last year, the iPhone 13 was announced on the 14th of September, precisely a Tuesday, and its pre-sale was scheduled for the 17th of September, the Friday of the same week. The launch was made on September 24, available for sale at some specific points in the world.

So for the line iPhone 14 — which is an adopted name, because just as we didn't have the 10, but the X, and previously there was also no iPhone 9, this is how we are identifying a possible new name — we can expect it to be announced on the day September 6 or 13, 2022, both dates being a Tuesday. And how the pre sale of the iPhones announced are made on Friday of the same week, it is possible that this year it will be released on September 9th or 16th.

When does the iphone 14 arrive?
Tim Cook at Apple's Traditional Announcement Event. Reproduction: CNET

Sometimes release dates are selected for specific models, especially when introducing a new design or size. Therefore, it is possible that the line iPhone 14 have more than one release date. In addition to this information based on the patterns already seen before, there are also those who make their specific predictions, as is the case of the CNET vehicle.

Based on the 2022 calendar, on account of Labor Day (in the United States) I would place the event of Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC), in September and the launch of the iPhone 14 on Wednesday, September 7, with the release date on Friday, September 16 — respectively. However, the forecast for Labor Day was a week for 2021 and due to the consequences of the coronavirus, about a month in 2020.

What to expect from the 14 iPhone?

When does the iphone 14 arrive? Despite the various rumors, Apple's standard is to present the new line of iphones in September. Check out when we can expect the iphone 14 and what to expect from it.
Some iPhone 14 models are on the internet so we can get an idea of ​​what the final version will look like. Playback: MacRumors

We have already brought here some rumors surrounding the features that we will possibly see in a possible iPhone 14. There are rumors about the models that will come in the new line, in design, screen, cameras, processor and other aspects. In short:

  • There will not be a mini model and inclusion of a non-Pro Max model;
  • The notch will be modified to a flattened “i” shape
  • Possibly there will be satellite connection as a security feature;
  • The screens will be 6,1 and 6,7 inches;
  • The Pro and Pro Max models will have a set of cameras with 48 MP resolution;
  • The iPhones 14 and 14 Max will come with the A15 Bionic processor, while the Pro and Pro Max models will come with the new A16 Bionic;
  • Possibly a subscription service will be available for the purchase of the device.

Another factor that has taken over the world of technology is the Lightning connector, which should be removed and replaced with standard USB Type-C. Despite the possible change, maybe we will only see this in 2023, so for this year we can wait for the lightning entry.

Delay on iPadOS

When does the iphone 14 arrive? Despite the various rumors, Apple's standard is to present the new line of iphones in September. Check out when we can expect the iphone 14 and what to expect from it.
The delay in announcing iPadOS 16 is justified in order to be able to deliver a flawless feature to customers. Playback: 9TO5Mac

Despite the event covering all of the company's major releases, it is likely that the iPadOS stay out of the official announcement. Not that it won't happen, as rumor has it, we'll know all about iPadOS 16 the following month, in October. This is because Apple is experiencing problems with the Internship Manager, a feature introduced this year that helps in managing applications.

During beta testing, the system drew criticism from some developers and users for its bugs, a confusing interface, and lack of compatibility with most iPads. The staggering release schedule will also allow Apple to put more engineering resources into the completion of iOS 16, the software update that will be included with the iPhone 14 in September.


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Source: CNET, MacRumors e 9TO5Mac.

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