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YouTube Music launches podcasts in Brazil and more countries

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YouTube Music launches support for podcasts, offering unique features for listeners and looking to compete with Spotify in an open and diverse way.

O YouTube Music, a leading music streaming service, is expanding its capabilities by launching support for podcasts in more countries around the world, including Brazil. The company recently announced the availability of the feature in multiple regions, allowing users to access and enjoy a wide range of podcasts directly on the platform. This update represents an ongoing effort by YouTube Music to provide a comprehensive entertainment experience for its users.

What do you need to know?

YouTube is a video sharing platform that allows users to watch, upload and share audiovisual content of various genres.
YouTube Music is a music streaming service that offers users access to a vast catalog of music tracks from different genres. / Image: bloomua DepositPhotos

Support for podcasts YouTube Music is being rolled out internationally gradually. This expansion comes after a period of testing and enhancements in the United States, where the feature was initially made available in April. Now, users from several countries around the world — including Brazil — will be able to explore and enjoy the vast catalog of podcasts offered by the platform.

The new feature gives users a convenient way to access and listen to their favorite shows without having to resort to third-party apps like Spotify. O YouTube Music becomes an all-in-one destination for audio entertainment, allowing users to seamlessly switch between music and podcasts in a single app.

YouTube Music Podcasts brings a number of additional features to enhance the user experience. Among them, the ability to subscribe to podcasts, receive notifications about new episodes and add episodes to the playlist stands out. In addition, users can browse different categories and genres, making it easy to discover new content.

The new features of YouTube Music

Google music streaming is introducing new functionality to its home tab, giving users quick access to their favorite podcasts. It is now possible to find a unique filter for Podcasts, featuring a personalized feed of recommended episodes and topics of interest. Additionally, in the tab Explore, there is a dedicated section just for podcasts located at the top of the page. Plus, discover podcast recommendations and find unfinished episodes in the tab Home. To customize the suggestions, just tap Podcasts at the top of the home screen.

With support for podcasts, youtube expands its content offering by allowing users to access informative and engaging audio programs directly on the platform.
With the support of podcasts, YouTube Music allows users to enjoy a wide range of audio programs directly on the platform, making it an all-in-one destination for audio entertainment. / Image: Maria Luiza via Showmetech

Just like in the US, YouTube Music users can enjoy on-demand podcasts in the background or even without an internet connection, regardless of whether they are free users or YouTube Premium subscribers. In return, YouTube Music will provide host recognition and sponsorship messages to all listeners of podcasts on the platform.

The presentation format of podcasts

Youtube offers a wide range of content from entertainment videos, tutorials, live event coverage to educational videos and much more.
In addition to offering music, YouTube Music also has advanced features like personalized recommendations and themed playlists to create a unique music experience. / Image: Mehaniq DepositPhotos

Audio shows are also available for playback while streaming live on YouTube and users have the option to switch between audio and video versions. However, only podcasts that have a video version can be uploaded to YouTube Music. Alternatively, the podcasters have the option of adding a still image or other dynamic video format to the podcast to allow for upload.

Despite this, YouTube has stated that in the future, creators will be able to exclusively upload audio podcasts via RSS feeds, which should have been the standard format from the beginning.

Listen and discover new podcasts

Podcasts on YouTube offer a convenient way to explore and enjoy a variety of topics, providing users with an enriching and diverse listening experience.
Podcasts offer an engaging and informative way to consume audio content. / Image: Google Help Center

In the “Explore” tab, you can find new podcasts to expand your library. In addition, you will receive recommendations for podcasts and episodes that are trending in your region, you will also be able to browse categories such as:

  • Business
  • Comedy
  • Games
  • health and fitness
  • Music
  • society and culture
  • True Crime

The addition of podcasts to YouTube Music aims to strengthen the competition with Spotify. However, unlike Spotify, YouTube is not interested in signing exclusive deals with podcasters. The platform chooses to offer unique features to listeners, aiming to provide a diverse and open experience for podcast fans.

These improvements to YouTube Music demonstrate the platform's commitment to becoming an all-in-one destination for audio entertainment, meeting the needs of users who want to enjoy music and podcasts in a single app.

O YouTube Music has become an even more attractive option for music and podcast enthusiasts around the world with the launch of support for podcasts in several countries. This update allows users to easily access a wide variety of programs, offering a comprehensive and convenient entertainment experience in a single application. With additional features like new episode notifications and category browsing, YouTube Music seeks to captivate users and effectively compete in the music streaming and podcast market.

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