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Especial: fotos twittadas direto do espaço!

E não é que o serviço twitpic pode agradar até aos astrônomos e outros apaixonados pelo espaço?

Veja as incríveis fotos postadas pelo astronatura Douglas H. Wheelock (@Astro_Wheels) direto da Agência Espacial Internacional:

Douglas H. Wheelock: “Out over the central Atlantic, just before another spectacular sunset, with the spiral bands of Hurricane Earl visible in the setting sun. An interesting view of the life-giving energy of our sun. The solar arrays on the port side of the Space Station as well as Hurricane Earl…both gathering the last bit of energy before they fall into eclipse”.

Douglas H. Wheelock: “‘Aurora Borealis’…We’ve enjoyed the beauty of the Southern Lights over the past several weeks. Now with increased solar activity and as the Summer slowly wanes into Autumn, the Northern Lights are beginning to dance across the skies. The Earth just never ceases to amaze us. Color…Motion…Life…Blessed Days…Sacred Nights…”

Douglas H. Wheelock: “I have been enjoying the stunning and unique landscape of South America, and often find myself without words to describe the beauty. Here is a photo of Peru, Bolivia, and Chile with the majestic Andes stretching the length of the continent. Lake Titicaca takes center stage in this photo, on the border of Peru and Bolivia.”

Douglas H. Wheelock: “Of all the places on our glorious planet, few rival the brilliant colors of The Bahamas. Here is a view of our Progress-37 re-supply spacecraft, with the islands of The Bahamas as a backdrop. What a wonderful world!”

Douglas H. Wheelock: “‘Fly me to the Moon…let me dance among the Stars… I hope we never lose our sense of wonder. A passion for exploration and discovery is a noble legacy to leave to our children. I hope we set our sails and venture out one day. That will be one glorious day…”

Douglas H. Wheelock: “It is the season for viewing Polar Mesospheric Clouds, and with our high beta-angle we were able to capture this thin layer of noctilucent clouds at sunset.”

Douglas H. Wheelock: “Took the Soyuz spacecraft out for a little spin, to re-locate to the MRM-1 port on the nadir side of the Station. This is our ship ‘Olympus,’ Soyuz TMA-19, on final approach to our new port on the Russian ‘Rassviet’ (‘Sunrise’) module.”

Douglas H. Wheelock: “Beautiful atoll in the South Pacific through a 400mm lens. About 1200 miles south of Honolulu . In the ‘Line Islands’ along ‘Christmas Ridge,’ either ‘Teraina’ or ‘Tabuaeran?'”

Douglas H. Wheelock: “Island of Oahu in the State of Hawaii. A few clouds, but you can clearly see the capital city of Honolulu, Diamond Head crater, and Pearl Harbor. Capturing the beauty with a camera is tough, wish my eyelids were shutters and I could tweet those images. Breathtaking beauty…”

Douglas H. Wheelock: “Another breathtaking sunset…we get 16 of these each day in Earth orbit, each one a treasured moment. That beautiful thin blue line is what makes our home so special in the cosmos. Space is cool…but, the Earth is a raging explosion of life in a vast sea of darkness.”

Douglas H. Wheelock: “‘River of Ice’…there are countless places on the Earth that remind us that the Creator is still working around us…better yet…in spite of us. Here is a look at the stunning landscape of the Coastal Mountains, in British Columbia, Canada. The Silverthrone Glacier through a 400mm lens.

Douglas H. Wheelock: “We are just caretakers of a priceless Masterpiece. Words escape me, as I watch the Earth dance…’Starry, starry night…Flaming flowers that brightly blaze…Swirling clouds in violet haze…Reflect in Vincent’s eyes of china blue…Colors changing hue…morning field of amber grain…Weathered faces lined in pain…Are soothed beneath the artist’s loving hand…’”

Douglas H. Wheelock: “Exiting the airlock on EVA 2 in the daylight. The colors of the Earth just explode at you as you exit toward the planet. Notice what looks like scorch marks on the hatch thermal cover, the effect of vacuum and atomic oxygen on the threads and thread sealant used on the thermal cover. The ‘smell’ of space follows suit, I’ve heard it described like burnt cake or cookies, or like the smell of an extinguished match.”

Douglas H. Wheelock: “An explosion of color, motion, and life painted on the canvas of our wonderful world. This is a section of the Great Barrier Reef off the eastern coast of Australia, captured through a 1200mm lens. I think even the great Impressionists would be awestruck with this natural display.”

Douglas H. Wheelock: “To all of my friends and teammates on the ‘Space Coast’…a beautiful summer day over Cape Canaveral, Florida . This is a magical place…an inspiring display of nature and technology in complete harmony. Launch Complex 39 sitting proudly in the middle of a thriving wildlife refuge. A unique place that launched a generation of scientists, engineers, explorers and dreamers. We cannot let this place fall silent…”

Douglas H. Wheelock: “My 100th Tweet!…Of all the beauty of our planet, I am completely awestruck when I get a chance to watch the dance of Aurora …simply breathtaking… ‘Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel?… I can only imagine…'”

Douglas H. Wheelock: “‘Hurricane Danielle’ – as we passed directly overhead this evening in the central Atlantic. I’m not a tropical storm expert by any means, but Danielle looks very well-organized with a very well-defined eye. The storm looks spectacularly peaceful from this vantage point…but, I can only imagine the tempest below those clouds. Many thoughts and prayers from space for a favorable path.”

Douglas H. Wheelock: “‘The City That Never Sleeps’… New York , New York on a clear summer night.”

Douglas H. Wheelock: “At the southern end of South America lies the jewel of Patagonia. The awe-inspiring beauty of rugged mountains, massive glaciers, fjords, and the open sea collide in a breathtaking display. I have dreams of this place and wonder what it would be like to breathe this air. Pure majesty!”

Douglas H. Wheelock: “The ‘Cupola,’ attached to the nadir side of the Space Station, gives a panoramic view of our beautiful planet. Fyodor took this picture from the window of the Russian Docking Compartment (Airlock). Here I am in the Cupola preparing a camera for our late evening Hurricane Earl flyover…trying to capture the moment…”

Douglas H. Wheelock: “The beauty of Italy, on a clear summer night, stretching out into the Mediterranean Sea. You can see many of the beautiful islands lit up and adorning the coastline including Capri, Sicily, and Malta. The city of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius stand out along the coast. Viva Esperia!”

Douglas H. Wheelock: “Just moments after the previous photo…caught this image of the eye of the storm as we flew over Hurricane Earl just to the east. It looks like magnificent chaos from up here on the Space Station…an incredibly breathtaking sight to see this storm. Many prayers from space going out to those in the path…please stay alert.”

Douglas H. Wheelock: “The Isles of Greece during a clear night pass over Europe. Athens shining brightly along the Mediterranean Sea. A very surreal feeling to view the splendor of this ancient land from outer space.”

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