AndroidMOD: Pays-ROM Froyo Sense A2SD++ (versão 2.2)

Pays ROM Sense desire 2.2  - AndroidMOD: Pays-ROM Froyo Sense A2SD++ (versão 2.2)

Pays ROM Sense desire 2.2  - AndroidMOD: Pays-ROM Froyo Sense A2SD++ (versão 2.2)

Nesta ROM, que consideramos ser a melhor para o smartphone HTC Desire, você encontrará:

  • Android 2.2 Froyo based on 2.09.x.x (FRF91)
  • Superuser access (ROOT)
  • New colorfull icons and smileys
  • Adblocking hosts preinstalled
  • Click-drag Rosie mod
  • SpareParts
  • Busybox (supports Droid Explorer)
  • HTC Clock
  • Sense widgets – Battery / Coin Flip / Dice / Fortune Cookie / Note / Quick Recorder / Sand Timer / Tip Calculator / Today In History
  • Google phone/contacs (skin by mythamp)
  • Adobe Flash
  • OpenVPN
  • Locales Mod added
  • WLAN N
  • Full De-odexed
  • Video Capture, 720p & 480p
  • Added EStrong File Manager
  • Flashlight (use your Desire LED as torch)
  • Super Circle Battery by Fightspit (As addon package with new icons)
  • Apps2SD+ you need a second partition (ext).
  • HTC Bootscreen but without the terrible sound (in /data/local)
  • Genie Widget
  • Google Apps
  • Google Mail 2.3
  • AdFree modified for Desire
  • Jbed Java (as addon package)
  • Some sounds of my magic time
  • YouTube
  • HTC Sense (including Peep, RSS, Weather, etc)
  • PDF Viewer
  • HTC Car Panel
  • Wifi Tether
  • Trackpad Awake
  • Espresso Mod (HTC Lockscreen as addon package available)
  • And what I forgot 🙂

Do pacote original, foram removidos:

  • Stocks
  • QuickOffice
  • Facebook app but not widget support
  • ‘Learn More’ icon
  • Voice Search removed (a new version is in the market)
  • And again what I forgot 🙂


Como instalar:

Antes de começar:

  • O seu smartphone precisa estar “Rooteado“. Aprenda a fazer o procedimento de ROOT, pesquisando em nossa categoria de tutoriais do Showmetech.
  • Você precisa ter a última “RADIO” instalada. Por exemplo, esta daqui: (ou outra mais atualizada).

Instalando a ROM:

  • Faça o download da ROM PAYS (link abaixo) para o seu cartão SD.
  • Inicie seu smartphone em Recovery Mode.
  • Faça os procedimentos de Wipe Data, Wipe Cache, Wipe Dalvik-cache, Wipe SD:ext, Wipe battery, Wipe rotation
  • Instale a ROM. Pronto!

Link para o download desta ROM:

md5: FF8CD01282098314A24E253169F81FBA
sha1: A52C45081CD6BE0D1AECCE45497C928FEABFD204

Downlaod de Addon Packages:

gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== - AndroidMOD: Pays-ROM Froyo Sense A2SD++ (versão 2.2)

Removed apps:
-Stocks + Stocks widgets


Default Lockscreen/Remove Espresso:

Fonte: XDA-Developers – Pays-ROM Froyo Sense A2SD++

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