Google Wallet arrives in Brazil

Google Wallet arrives in Brazil and replaces Google Pay

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The Google Wallet arrived in Brazil this Wednesday; Find out how it works

Everyone knows that the smartphone It has already become an indispensable item and most Brazilians cannot think of leaving home without it. And to make the most of it, you can use the Google Wallet, that arrived in Brazil this Wednesday (20/07) and brings innovative resources. As well as the Google Pay, the wallet allows payment by approximation, but it goes further and brings new functions such as tickets to events, documents and even vaccination cards.

How does Google Wallet work?

Compatible with Android e WearOS a Google Wallet (Google Wallet, in English) allows you to take credit and debit cards for approximation payments from the main banks: Access Bank, Bradesco, Banco do Brasil, Banestes, Banrisul, BRBCARD, BTG+, Digio, Itaú Unibanco, Inter, Neon, Next, Nubank, Original, Porto Seguro, Wise Brasil, Woop Sicredi and XP Investimentos, in addition to allowing digital payments to other banks, and the Visa, Mastercard and ELO.

The google pay payment service will be maintained and automatically updated to google wallet (playback/internet)
Payment service will be maintained and updated automatically (Playback/Internet)

However, the app's access to credit and debit functions may be limited by each bank, so you must consult the regulations of the bank you wish to register. So far, the features are very similar to those offered by Google Pay, its predecessor. Even those who already had the application need not worry, as the payment service will be maintained and updated automatically.

But new cool features have been added. The application has a partnership with the Ministry of Health, therefore, you will now be able to access your proof of vaccination against COVID-19 directly through the app, facilitating access to various establishments. Another important partnership is with the, responsible for issuing tickets for various events and who will be responsible for Rock In Rio 2022.

Public transport tickets, gift cards and loyalty cards can be stored in the app. And new functions should arrive soon, according to Natasha Litvinov, executive of the strategy and operations team at Google Pay, such as boarding passes and health insurance.

Is it safe to use the wallet?

All the information that you make available on the Google Wallet will be encrypted, will not be saved in the cloud and cannot be shared without your authorization. If your cell phone is stolen or stolen, the Google own the app Find My Device, which in addition to giving you a chance to find your cell phone, also allows all your data to be erased remotely.

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