Adobe presents new features in the use of AI for its tools

Adobe presents new features in FireFly, Sensei and

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Services integrate Creative Cloud and facilitate content creation with team collaboration. Understand.

The event Adobe Max 2023 brought together the main news and releases for your applications with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Only in the year 2023, the use of IA grew up in 1.070%, making life easier for students, university students and businesspeople around the world. Even with the controversies and ethical questions surrounding the tool, we can benefit from optimizing projects and establishing new goals for employees. With these innovations in mind, today we will discuss the latest developments in Adobe to 2024 and how the Artificial Intelligence could be an important step for the future. See below!

The Firefly engine in Adobe Creative Cloud

The Firefly engine is present in Creative Cloud applications (Reproduction/Adobe)

With the help of Adobe and the most technological tools on the market, the Creative Cloud received the mechanism Firefly, responsible for facilitating video edits, generating color variations with vector art, generating images through interactive positioning with 3D elements, creating images through a text description, generative filling and much more.

Using the mechanics of Generative AI: Firefly responds to human-created text commands to generate high-quality results with realistic images, immersive videos, logo creations for companies and school projects, and 3D content. O Photoshop is one of the company's most used tools and has received an update that allows users to use a text prompt that adds or removes the content of any image with just one command entered by the user. You can make small cuts and drag the object to fill the scene or image. IA.

O Illustration also received great new features, generating vector graphics that can be customized by users, creating descriptions with texts, icons, social graphics and logos. It is important to note that the tool is still under development and new updates will be available soon!

These mechanics were created due to the irreversible advancement of Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives. In this way, the company adhered to the model for the development and creative process efficiently. A Adobe follows its ethical and moral principles, respecting users' privacy and encouraging creativity through human thought.

Adobe Sensei: the right hand of Creative Cloud

Adobe presents new features in firefly, sensei and frame. Io. Services integrate the creative cloud and facilitate the creation of content with team collaboration. Understand.
Sensei uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to facilitate the development process. (Reproduction/Adobe)

O Sensei uses machine learning techniques, Artificial Intelligence, image recognition and similar technologies for analyzing large data sets. With the implementation of this system in the applications of Creative Cloud, it is possible to obtain creative solutions, develop content and pieces for physical or digital marketing and manage the user experience. In short, the tool uses efficient learning algorithms to analyze large streams of data and learn from this information.

One of the biggest implementations and promises of Adobe for 2024 is the improvement of this tool to benefit users to develop in applications such as Photoshop, Illustration e InDesign. The feature is now available to all users who have an active account through Creative Cloud with a monthly subscription. the ideal software for collaborative work

Adobe presents new features in firefly, sensei and frame. Io. Services integrate the creative cloud and facilitate the creation of content with team collaboration. Understand. is ideal for making changes to videos for small and large content producers. (Reproduction/Adobe)

One of Adobe's big news is the acquisition of software, responsible for the efficient sharing of media and feedback for small and large content producers! With its recent arrival on the market, users will be able to upload media and video files without the need to move the team, in addition to sharing and making edits with small commands through the application.

In the app or on the computer, we can communicate in real time and inform the team about possible changes needed in the videos. With the help of IA, we can create watermarks to prevent the project from being plagiarized or the authorial content from being edited.

The application is only available for iOS and will be released in the future Android.

Suggested package prices

Adobe presents new features in firefly, sensei and frame. Io. Services integrate the creative cloud and facilitate the creation of content with team collaboration. Understand.

The value of the package Creative Cloud It may vary depending on the plan and tool the user is looking for. Divided into 4 categories, plans offer individual applications or the complete package with all 27 tools (including Firefly e Adobe Stock). Check it out below:

Personal use

  • Creative Cloud with all Apps for R$139,00/month or R$1.668,00/year (limited time promotion with 49% discount).


  • Creative Cloud with all Apps for R$400,00/month or R$4.800,00/year (individual license);
  • Individual application for R$ 169,00/month;
  • Adobe Substance 3D Collection for R$480,00 or R$5.760,00/year (individual license).

Students and teachers

  • Creative Cloud with all Apps for R$95,00/month or R$1.140,00/year (exclusive value for the first year).

schools and universities

  • Creative Cloud with all Apps for R$165,00/month (individual license);
  • Adobe Stock for R$139,00/month

Compare all prices Creative Cloud and choose the best option for your budget!

In a connected world full of news with Artificial Intelligence (AI), a Adobe has been adapting to make tools even more efficient and accessible for users. O Firefly, Sensei e are already present on the market and will soon change the lives of many editors with the new implementations made in Creative Cloud!

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