Best of the week: arrival of iphone 14, apps to make money and more

Best of the week: iPhone 14, apps to make money and more

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Our selection of the best posts of the week is full! From games to new notebook releases, through the main releases of Disney+ and Star+. Come check out the best that happened this week!

Saturday! Another weekend shows up and with it comes our list of best of the week, a compilation of showmetech with the most read articles in the last seven days, created especially for you who didn't have so much time during the week to stay on top of the news or for those who just want to recap the best that happened.

This week we had the launch of the newest notebooks Dell com Intel 12 and plates NVIDIA RTX, which will be available this August. We also did a thorough research to raise probable dates for the launch of the iPhone 14, in addition to preparing a very useful tutorial for you who want to know how to put the operator code in the contacts of Android. Cool huh? Come with us because there is much more interesting stuff in our best of the week!

When does the iPhone 14 arrive?

When does the iphone 14 arrive?
Tim Cook at Apple's Traditional Announcement Event. Reproduction: CNET

Every year big names in technology reveal their news and the Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC), is one of those that have the habit of releasing several new features at least twice a year. The launch of the new line of iPhones is scheduled for 2022, but the most anxious must be wondering: when does the iPhone 14? In this article, we present some patterns that have followed in recent occasions and try to bring an estimate of when the new smartphone from Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC), will face the world. Curious? Then, check out the full post!

The Line, the Arab linear city | TRIO

No Showmetech TRIO this week we talked about the project The Line, a linear city in Saudi Arabia that would be 170 km long, 500 meters high and 200 meters wide. You will also be able to see the curious fact of the TikTok have become a research tool for Generation Z. And finally, we show how scientists are using dead spiders as mechanical claws, giving rise to so-called “necrobatics”. Check out Showmetech TRIO From this week. You can not lose!

Dell launches 4 new notebooks with Intel 12 and NVIDIA RTX Cards in Brazil

Dell launches 4 new notebooks with intel 12 and nvidia rtx cards in Brazil
Dell invited journalists to a press conference during the first week of August, to present 4 models of notebooks made in Brazil (Reproduction/Internet)

A Dell invited journalists to a press conference during the first week of August, to present 4 models of notebooks manufactured in Brazil. In addition to excellent specifications, they have a more competitive price, due to the local manufacture, which eliminates the need for import taxes that make the product more expensive.

All new models presented by Dell will be manufactured in Brazil. This results in shorter delivery time, competitive cost and localization with keyboards for the ABNT2 standard, which Brazilians are more used to. You XPS 13 Plus, Inspiron 13, Dell Alienware M15 R7 e Dell G15 (2022) presented bring the 12th generation of the family of processors from Intel, promising greater performance and speed. Discover all the specifications and news revealed by Dell in the matter that we brought throughout the week.

Be your own Sherlock with mobile mystery games!

Mystery games for mobile are a really cool way to break the ice with friends and pass the time, without too much stress. There are great options to play on the phone among the best mystery games, free and paid, for Android e iOS. We select the best online detective games for mobile in a list with details about each title so you can enjoy the fun. With these games, it will be easier to release the Sherlock Holmes in you!

How to put carrier code in Android contacts

How to put carrier code in android contacts
Learn how to put carrier code in Android contacts (Playback/Internet)

Each telephone company Brazilian has a own operator code to originate long-distance calls, but the convenience of having the bill unified with long-distance calls can come at a price. If you've recently changed your phone company, you must have gone through the headache of changing operator codes for Android contacts one by one. Either the contacts get messed up, or you have to keep changing the number every time you make long distance calls.

However, as is almost always the case, there is an app to solve the problem. In the midst of so many options that promise the same result, and even applications from the operators themselves, the application 9th Leucotron Digit is one of the best ones. In addition to being extremely easy to use, it is very intuitive and straight to the point. Also, it does the job very well. in batches, that is, with several contacts at the same time. Just select the type of formatting you want and the program will take care of applying it to all the numbers of the contacts in your phonebook.

The application is available on the Play Store, it is available for download and can be found under the name 9th Leucotron Digit. To assist you in this process, we have prepared a tutorial that will explain in a practical and fast way to put the operator code in Android contacts.

Discover the best apps to earn money

The pandemic has made many people look for new income options: know that there are several apps to make money. By performing small tasks or reselling products that you no longer use, it is possible to get that money that will help you at the end of the month. Or even anticipate that trip or purchase that you so much want to do.

The best part is that you can easily earn money on PayPal without putting much effort into it. Did you know that there are also ways to make money playing, where you have fun and still guarantee extra money? We've gathered everything you need to know about this topic.o, as well as taking the opportunity to cite options to earn money watching videos.

Activision purchase gives Sony a headache

Activision purchase causes sony headache
Documents point out that Microsoft's purchase of Activision Blizzard has brought Sony headaches. Understand (Playback/Internet)

The gaming world was in an uproar with the purchase of Activision Blizzard from Microsoft. And as this is an action that involves many markets, it is necessary to go through the scrutiny of many countries and their respective trade boards to prevent a monopoly from happening. This process is already underway, and a new chapter unfolded when documents from the CADE (Administrative Council for Economic Defense) were made public. They reveal a concern of Sony with the acquisition of Activision, with several relevant information, both from the Sony, how much of Microsoft. check out everything that these documents pointed out in the post prepared by us.

List of the week: Disney+ and Star+ launches in August 2022

Disney+ and Star+ launches in August 2022
We bring you the list of the main releases of Disney+ and Star+ in August 2022 for you to stay on top of everything that streaming brings this month (Playback / Internet)

We bring the list of main Disney+ and Star+ launches in August 2022 for you to stay on top of everything that streams brothers will bring in this new month that begins. Among the highlights, a new series Star Wars: Andor, and also the She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes, as well as the movie Lightyear make up Mickey's house catalog. already the movie The Predator: The Hunt and the series Mike: Besides Tyson are just some of the productions that are included in the Star+ in august. Check it out!

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